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40th Foot.-H. Gillman, Gent. to be Ensign, by p. vice H. T. Bowen, who retires.

* 430 Foot.-Hon. C. R. West, to be Ensign, by p. vice H. W. Bunbury, prom.

47th Foot.-Lient. W. Skipwith, from the 4th Light Drag. to be Lieut, vice F, C. Fyers, who exch.

54th Foot. - Lieut. P. Clarke, to be Capt. without p. vice R, Stewart, dec.; Lieut. R. T. R. Pattoun, to be Adjut. vice Clarke, prom.; Ensign S. Reed, to be Lieut. vice Pattoun, app. Adjut. ; Cornet 4. Macdonald, from the h. p. 15th Light Drag, to be Ensign, vice Reed.

55th Foot.-H. Edwards, Gent, to be Ensign, by p. vice A. Campbell, whose app. has not taken place.

60th Foot-Capt. T. Crombie, from the 79th regt. to be Capt. vice C. H. Churchill, who exch.; H. Maitland, Gent, to be Second Lieut, by p. vice Kerr, prom, in the 7th regt.

goth Foot.- Capt. W. Cotton, from the Cold. stream Guards, to be Capt, vice Mathew, who exch.

79th Foot. - Capt. C. H. Churchill, from the 60th regt. to be Capt. vice Crombie, who exch.

80th Foot.- Ensigu J. Scully, to be Lieut, by p. vice Thomas, who retires; G. D. Pack, Gent. to be Ensiyn, by p. vice Scully.

Unattached. - Ensign II. W. Bunbury, from the 43d regt. to be Lieut, by p.

JULY 30. Royal Sherwood Foresters, or Nottingham Militia. - John Sherwin Sherwin, Esq., to be Major; Henry Porter Lowe, Esq. aud John Bagshaw Taylor, Esq. to be Captains.

6th Foot - Ensign F. S. Prittie, to be Licut. without p. vice Cockcraft, app. Adjut, ; Gent. Cadet R. W. Hopkins, from the Royal Mil. Coll. to be Ensiyn, vice Prittie; Lieut. W. W. J. Cockcraft, to be Adjut. vice Ross, prom.

820 Foot. --Lieut. W. S. Rawson, to be Capt. by p. vice E. G. Stokes, who retires; Ensign J. G. Holmes, to be Lieut, by p. vice Rawson; E. B. Hale, Gent. to be Ensign, by p. vice Holmes.

83d Foot. - Ensign E. D Alton, to be Lieut. by p. vice J. J. E. Hamilton, who retires ; T. R. Derinzy, Gent. to be Ensign, by p. vice D'Alton.

86th Foot.- Capt. H. W. Wigmore, from the 20 West India Regt. to be Capt. vice W. Lyon, who retires upon the h. p. of the 6th West India Regt.

2d West India Regt.-Capt. T. Tait, from the h. p. 6th West India Regt. to be Capt. vice Wigmore, app. to 86th regt.

Hospital Staff.-C. Pine, Gent to be StallAssist. Surg. vice J. R. Taylor, app. to the 55th regt. ; K. M'Caskill, Gent, to be Staff-Assist.. Surg, vice D. Leonard, prom. in the 11th Foot.

Memorandum. --The date of Lieut. II. D. Sibt's promotion in the 48th regt, is the 231 March, instead of the 21st April.

The name of the Ensign who has retired from the 40th regt. is W. B. Bowen, and not H. T. Bowen, as stated in the Gazette of the 26th July.

OFFICE OF ORDNANCE, Aug. 6. Royal Regt, of Artillery.-Second-Capt, and A ljut. Basil Robinson Heron, to be Capt. vice Parker, retired on h. p. ; First-Lieut. Robert Longmore Garstin, to be Second-Capt. vice Heron ; Second Lieut. Gilbert John Lane Buchanan, to be First-Lieut, vice Garstin.

DOWNING-STREET, Aug. 1. The King has been graciously pleased to nominate and appoint Lieut.-Gen. Sir Thomas Dallas, of the East India Company's army, Knight Commander of the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath, to be a Knight Grand Cross of the said Order,

WAR-OFFICE, Aro, 2. 5th Drag. Guards.-Cornet E. T. H, Chambers, to be Licut. by p. vice R. S. Wardell, who retires ; G. Colquilt, Gent, to be Cornet, by p. vice Chambers,

11th Foot, - Staff-Assist.-Surg. D. Leonard, to be Surg. vice Moore, dec.

32d Foot.-Ensign R, Campbell, to be Lieut. by p. vice A. R. G. Thomas, who retires; J. E. W. Inglis, Gent, to be Ensign, by p. vice Campbell.

34th Foot.-Ensign R. W. Byron, to be Licut, without p. vice J. Arnold, drc.; Gentleman Cadet W. E. James, from the Royal Mil. Coll. to be Ensign, vice Byron.

48th Foot. - Lieut. w. Codd, to be Capt. without p. vice J. W. Duke, dec.; Lieut. R. Woodhouse, to be Capt. without p. vice Codd, whose prom. has not taken place; Ensign W. A. Hicks, from h. P. of the 98th regt. to be Ensign,

vice Daly. 50th Foot.-H. Stapleton, Gent, to be Ensign, by p. vice G. Fosketi, who retires. 55th Foot. -- Capt. T. Harrison, from h. P.

of the 3d West India Regt, to be Capt. vice R. N. Boyes, who exch.

58th Foot.-Staff-Assist. Surg. J. R. Taylor, to be Assist.-Surg. vice J. Huggins, who retires upon h. p.

69th Foot - Gentleman Cadet W. Walker, from the Royal Mil. Coll. to be Ensign, without p. vice Mundell, app. Adjut. ; Ensign St. John Mundell, to be Adjut, with the rank of Lieut. vicc Newell, dec.

WAR-OFFICE, Arg. 9. Scots Fusilier Regt. of Foot Guards.-Capt. Hon. John Craven Westenra, to be Capt. and Lieut. Col. by p. vice Sir Arch. J. Murray, Bart, who retires ; Lieut. Mark James Gambier, to be Lient, and Capt. by p. vice Westenra: Ensign Henry Bertie Tollemache, from the 47th foot, to be Ensign and Lieut, by p. vice Gam. bier ; Quartermaster-Serjt. Joseph Aston, to be Quartermaster, vice Charles Weston, who retires upon h. p.

Ist Foot.-Capt. Thomas Arthur Blair, from the h. p. unat, to be Capt. vice John Ross, who exch. rec, the dif.

15th Foot.-Ensign Geo. Parker, to be Lieut. by p. vice Sockett, who retires ; Henry Grierson, Gent, to be Ensign, by p. vice Parker.

38th Foot. - Lieut. Nicholas Horsley, from the h. p. of the 91st foot, to be Lient. vice Henry Ozle Lewis, who has retired, receiving a commuted allowance for his commission.

40th Foot. - Ensign William Balfour, from the 820 foot, to be Ensign, vice Henry Gillman, who exch.

420 Foot - Ensign Andrew David Alston Stewart, to be Lieut. by p. vice Graham, prom. to an unat. company; Atholl Wentworth Macdonald, Gent, to be insign, hy p. vice Stewart,

47th Foot-Henry Arkwright, Gent, to be Ensign, by p. vice Henry Bertie Tollemache, app. to the Scots Fusilier Guards.

48th Foot.- John Moore Ross, Gent. to be Ensign, by p. vice Cromwell Hicks, who retires.

50th Foot.--Lieut. George Willoughby Dary O'Hara, to be Capt. by p. vice Henry Shum, who retires; Ensign Andrew Baxier, to be Lieut, by p. vice O'Hara ; William Knowles, Gent to be Ensign, by p. vice Southcote Man. serghi, who retires.

55th Foot.-Capt. James Watson Boyes, from the h. p. unat. to be Capt. vice Thomas Harrison, who retires.

56th Foot.- Patrick Fleming, Esq. on a retired allowance as Surg. to be Paymaster, vice Grant, app. to the 80th regt.

73d Foot-Capt. John Robert Budgen, from h. p. of the Rille Brigade, to be Capt. vice Francis Barrallier, who exch.

820 Foot --Ensign Henry Gillman, from the 40th regt. to be Ensiyn, vice Balfour, who exch,

85th Foot.--Ensign Henry Rowles, to be Lieut. by p. vice John James, who retires; Arthur John Pack, Gent, to be Ensign, by p. vice Rowles.

94th Foot.-Capt. Corbet Cotton, from the 2d West India regt. to be Capt. vice Ilon. Ilenry Booth Grey, who retires upon h. p. unat.

98th Foot.-Lieut. James Bell Kingsley, from the Ceylon regt. to be Lieut. vice Boltou Edw. Stretch, who retires upon h. p. of the 7th regt.

20 West India Regt.--Capt. Chas. Andrews, from h. p. unat, to be Capt. vice Cotton, app. to the 94th regt.

Ceylon Regt. - Lieut. James Wallis Loft, from h. p. of the 7th regt, to be Lieut. vice Kingsley, app, to the 98th regt.

Unattached --Lieut. Thomas James Graham, from the 42d regt. to be Capt. by p.

Cape Mounted Riflemen.-Ensign Thomas Donovan, to be Lieut. without p. vice Knight, deceased ; Robert Manners Sparks, Gent, to be Ensign, vice Donovan.

Memoranda.-The Christian names of Cornet Colquit, of the 5th Drag. Guards, are Goodwin Charles.

The Christian names of Ensign Arkwright, of the 47th foot, are Ferdinand William, and not Henry.

The app. of Capt. Blair, to the 1st foot, on the 9th of August, 1833, should have been vice John Cross, and not John Ross.

The name of the Lieut. from the 420 foot, app. Capt. unat, on the 9th of August, 1833, is Thomas Graham.

OFFICE OF ORDNANCE, AUG. 9. Corps of Royal Engineers.-Gentleman Cadet William George Hamley, to be Second-Lieut. with temporary rank ; Gentleman Cadet Andrew Beatty, to be Second-Lieut. with temporary rank,

WAR-OFFICE, Avo. 16. 7th Regt. of Drag. Guards.--Lieut. Robert Richardson, to be Capt. by p. vice Eltou, who retires.

To be Lieutenants by p. Cornet John Hope Gibsone, vice Atkinson, who retires ; Cornet James William Hunter, vice Richardson.

To be Cornets by p. :-Frederick John Wm. Viscount Kilcoursie, vice Gibsone; Edward Codrington, Gent, vice Hunter.

12th Regt. of Light Drag.-Capt. Christopher Thomas Bird, from the h. p. of 22d Light Drag. to be Capt. vice Frederick Moore, who exch.

Ist Foot.--Lieut. Alexander Barry Montgomery, to be Capt. by p. vice Blair, who retires ; Ensign Francis Gregor Urquhart, to be Lieut. by p. vice Montgomery; Lieut. Jolin Gordon, from the 6th foot, to be Lieut. vice Lucas, who exch.; Gentleman Cadet Henry Draper Neville, from the Royal Mil. Coll. to to be Ensign, by p. vice Urquhart.

341 Foot ---Lieut. George Mackay, from the h. p. of the 824 regt. to be Lieut, vice Urquhart, whose app. has not taken place.

6th Foot.--Lieut. Francis Lucas, from the Ist foot, to be Lieut více Gordon, who exch.

50th Foot.-George Cobban, Gent, to be Ens. by p. vice Baxter, prom.

69th Foot.—Edward Hemphill, Gent, to be Ensign by p. vice Sutton, who retires.

79th Foot-Lieut.-Col. George Macdonell, from the h. p. of Inspecting Field Officer of Militia, to be Lieut.-Col. vice Sir Neil Douglas, K.C.H. who exch.

2d West India Regt.-Serjeant Major John Potts, to be Quartermaster, vice John Whitty, deceased.

AUG, 23. 3d Regt. of Light Drag.-Lieut. Theophilus Lerett, to be Capt. by p. vice Richardson, who retires ; Cornet J. Drummond Baring. to be Lieut. by p. vice Levett; Walter Cnett, Gent. to be Cornet, by p. vice Baring.

10th Light Dray.---Capt. Ilon. F. Petre, from h. p. unat. to be Capt, vice Hon. Wm. Horsley Beresford, who exch.

Light Drag.–Lieut. Hon. Chas. Robert Weld Forester, to be Capt. by p. vice Bird, who retires : Cornet Algernon Peyton, to be Lieut. by p. vice Forester; Hon. Robert Needham, to be l'ornet, by p. vice Peyton.

Ist or Grenadier Regt. of Foot Gds.-Lieut. and Capt. C. Stuart, to be Adjut. vice Douglas, who resigns the Adjut. only.

ist Foot.-Capt. Thomas Graham, from the h. p. unat, to be Capt. vice John Tracey Hole. brook, who exch. rec. the dif.

3d Foot.---Lieut. James Talbot Airey, from the 30th regt, to be Lieut, vice Thorpe, who exch.

7th Foot.-Paymaster Stephen Blake, from the 42d regt, to be Paymaster, vice Macdougall, who exch.

- 30th Foot.---Lieut. Wm. Thorpe, from the 31 regt. to be Lieut. vice Airey, who exch.

36th Fout.--Staff-Surgeon William Pinkstan O'Reilly, from h. p. to be Surg. vice Walker, app. to the 92d regt.

42d Foot.-Paymaster Wm. Adair Macdongall, from the 7th regt, to be Paymaster, vice Blake, who exch.

64th Foot. - Licut. Geo. Duberley, to be Capt. by p. vice Walsh, who retires ; Ensign Charles Norris, to be Lieut. by p. vice Duberley; James Logan, Gent. to be Ensign, by p. vice Norris.

73d Foot.--Capt. Wm. Atkin, from h. p. unat. to be Capt. vice Budgen, who retires.

79th Foot -Ensiga James Cockburn, to be Lient, by p. vice Boyle, prom. ; R. F. Orde, Gent, to be Ensign, by p. vice Cockburn.

92d Foot.- Surg. J. H. Walker, M.D. from the 36th regt. to be Surg. rice A. Anderson, M.D, who retires upon h. p.; Stall-Assist.. Surg. A. M'Gregor, to be Assist-Surg.

Unattached.-Lieut. Hon. R, Boyle, from the 79th regt. to be Capt. by p.

Hospital Staff.—Breret Inspector J. Erly, M.D. to be Inspector-General of Hospitals in the West Iudies only, vice Dr. Baxter, who has retired upon h. p. : Deputy-Inspector-Ge. neral Sir Andrew Halliday, M.Dİ. from the h.

p., to be Deputy-Inspector-General of Hospitals, vice Dr. Erly:

Memorandum.- The appointment of StaffAssist - Surg. M'Gregor, to be Assist.-Surg. in the 12th foot, as stated in the Gazette of the 5th ultimo, has not taken place,


BIRTHS. Feb. 24, at Poonamallee, the Lady of Lieut. A. H. M'Leroth, 38th regt, of a daughter.

At Corfu, Lady Woodford, wife of Major. General Sir A. Woodford, K.C.B. of a son.

June 1, at Glasgow, the Lady of Lieut. Ilugh Price, R.N. of a daughter.

July 9, at St. Anne's, Barbadoes, the Lady of Lieut.-Col. Wilson, 65th regt. of a son.

At Banagher, the Lady of Capt. G. Vandeleur Creagh, 81st regt. of a daughter.

At Shepperton, county of Clare, the Lady of Capt. John Gabbott, h. p. of 88th regt. of a daughter.

At Richmond House, Templemore, the Lady of the Hon. Lieut.-Colonel Ellis, 60th Rifles, of à son.

At Kilrush, county of Clare, the Lady of Capt. Pack, 8th regt, of a son.

At Woolwich, the Lady of Lieut, and Adjut. Philips, R.M. of a son.

July 30, at Hampton Court Palace, the Lady of Capt. Baird, 15011 Hussars, of a daughter.

Aug. 5, at Northbrook House, near Exeter, the Lady of Major Hodgson, of a daughter.

Aug. 6, at Weymouth, the Lady of Lieut. Carey, R.N. of a daughter.

Aug. 8, at Geneva, the Lady of Capt. Basil Hall, R.N. of a son.

Aug. 20, at Chelsea, the Lady of James Sparshott, Esq. R.N. of a daugliter.

At St. Mary's Church, Bryanston Square, Capt. Philip Sandilands, R.H.A. to Caroline Arabella, daughter of the late W. T. Corbett, Esq. of Elsham, Lincolnshire, and Darnhall, Cheshire.

Aug. 3, Capt. P. Durnford, 68th Light In. fantry, second son of Colonel Duruford, Royal Engineers, to Angusta, second daughter of the late S. Sewell, Esq. K.C. of Montreal, Lower Canada, and niece of the Hon. the Chief Justice of that Province.

Aug. 4, by special license, at the Royal Hospital, Dublin, Lieut-Colonel Arbuthnot, eldest son of the Right Hon, Charles Arbuthnot, to Charlotte Eliza, eldest daughter of Lieut.-Gen. the Right Hon. Sir Hussey Vivian, Bart. K.C.B. Commander of the Forces in Ireland.

Aug. 6, at Trinity Church, Marylebone, Capt. E. Gordon Douglas, Grenadier Guards, brother to Earl Morton, to Juliana, daughter of G. H. Dawkins Pennant, Esq. of Penrhyn, Carnarvon.

At Lisnadill Church, Lieut. James M-Kean, R.N, to Miss Eliza Neal, of Armagh.

At St. Mary's, Bryanston Square, Lieut, H. B. H. Rogers, 82d Regt. to Mary Ann, only daughter of Thomas Dehany Hall, Esq. of the Island of Jamaica.

Aug. 7, Capt. Watson, 14th Regt. to Elizabeth Catherine, second daughter of Stephen Masters, Esq. of Craigin, county Galway;

Aug. 8, at Newton Valence, Capt. Lempriere, R.N. to Frances, daughter of W. Dumaresq, Esq. of Pelham Place, Hampshire.

At West Wratting, Cambridgeshire, Lieut. Alexander Cotton, RN to Marianne, youngest daughter of Sir C. Watson, Bart, of Wrasting Park.

At St. George's, Bloomsbury, Capt. Bishop, R.N. to Sarah, widow of the late Giuseppi Cipriani, Esq.

Aug. 15, at St. George's, Hanover Square, Capt. Charles Hamlyn Williams, R.N. to‘Harriet, youngest daughter of the late Sir Nelson Rycroft, Bart,



July 25, Ballingall, late of R.M.


MARRIAGES. At Calcutta, Capt. G. R. Carmac, 3d Buffs, to Miss H. Maling.

Feb. 27, at Madras, Capt. C. L. Boileau, Rifle Regiment, to Amelia, only child of the Right Hon. Sir Frederick Adam, Governor of Marlras.

June 13, at Malta, Capt. Thomas R. Baker, 7th Royal Fusiliers, to Mary Frances, youngest daughter of the late Colonel Anderson Morshed, Royal Engineers.

At St. George's, Hanover Square, Capt. T. F. Strangways, R.H.A. to Sophia, daughter of the late B. Harene, Esq. of Footscray Place, Kent.

July 22, Lieut. Edward Crean Lynch, 14th Regt. to Catherine, eldest daughter of the late Maurice Lynch, Esq. of Mount Delvin, county Galway.

At Jersey, Lieut. O. B. D'Arcy, 73d Regt. to Martha, eldest daughter of the late (apt. Richard Buck, R.N. nephew to Sir Richard Keats, Gorernor of Greenwich Hospital.

July 25, at Boulogne-sur-Mer, Capt. James Wigston, R. N. to Mary Theodora, only daughter of the late Major-General Sir John Chambers, K.C.B.

July 31, at Limerick, David Charles Pitcairn, Esq. Assist.-Surg. 83d Regt. to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Willian Johnson Westropp, Esq. of Roxborough, near Limerick, and niece to Lord Viscount Guillamore.

At Newhaven, Capt. James Morgan, R.N. of the Coast Guard Service, to Eliza, daughter of T. C. Faulconer, Esq. of Newhaven.

At Montrose, Major Campbell, 46th Regt. to Margaret, daughter of Capt. Thomson, late of the same Regt.

At Trinity Church, St. Marylebonc, Major Hall, of the 1st Life Guards to Jemima Caroline, daughter of J, P. Carew, Esq.

July 9, Count Daniel O'Connell, late Irish Brig., Meudon, near Blois.


March 26, Aly, h. p. 2d Huss. Germ. Leg.

June 9, William Holland, late 1st Royal Vet, Batt.

CAPTAINS. March, Duke, 48th Foot, at sea.

May 23, Richter, h. p. 21 Light Inf. Batt. Germ. Leg July 15, R. Stewart, 54th Foot, Chatham.

Harrison, late 67th Foot. July 25, Burslum, late Ins. Art., Woolwich.

LIEUTENANTS. Arnold, 34th Foot. Malcolm, 49th Foot. April 9, Montgomery, Ist West India Regt, Sierra Leone.

May 14, Wm. Wilson, h. p. 98th Foot.
June 7, George Smith, late Royal Art. Drivers,

June 11, Vincent, h. p. 48th Foot.
June 26, Alex, M.Donell, h. p. 920 Foot,

QUARTER-MASTERS. Jan. 27, Baker, h. p. 81st Foot. June 15, Beckmann, h. p. Dillon's Regt. June 20, M Walter, h. p. 2d Drag.

COMMISSARIAT DEPARTMENT. May 23, Dep.- Assist.-Com-Gen, Reid, h. p. Musselburgh.

June 24, at Demerara, Capt. R. H. Muddle, R.N.

July 15, at Belfast, Lieut. T. W. Charleton, R.N.

At Elie, Fifeshire, suddenly, Capt. J. Porteous, R.N.

At Killmore, county of Kerry, Lieut. Edward Ussher Mason, h. p. 92d Regt.

At Thetford, Capt. B. Harvey, C.B. R.N.

July 20, at Falmouth, aged 52 years, of a disease of the heart, Thomas Moore, Esq. M.D. Surg, of the 11th Foot.

July 22, Licut. Frederick Thompson, R. N. aged 49.

July 25, at Hatherleigh, John Fisher, Esq. Surg. R.N.

In St. James's-street, aged 64, Lieut-Colonel the Hon. Robert Clive, h.p. 100th Regt., brother of Earl Powis,

At Florence, Captain C. Montagu Walker, R.N.

In London, aged 70, Lieut.-General Ballin. gall, R.M.

July 30, at the Royal Hospital at Haslar, Lieut. T. Daws, R.N.

In London, Lient. Peter Blake, R.N.

Aug. 4, near Cork, Lieut. William Henry Rawlinson, R.N.

At Piddletrenthide, Dorset, Capt. J. Hawkins, R.N. ayed 52.

Aug. 10. at Dalham Hall, General Sir James Afleck, Bart.

At Crossgar, Dromara, Ireland, J. Mathews, Esq. late Capt. 38th Regt.

Aug. 15, at Calceto Cottage, near Arundel, John Seward, Esq. Purser, R.N, in the 55th year of his age.

Lieut. Steven Lynk, of HM.S. Pioneer, em. ployed on the Coast Guard Service, put an end to his existence by shooting himself throngh the head, in a field between the King's Ferry and Milton, near Sitting bourue, Kent. An inquest on the body was held on the following day, when a verdict of temporary derangement was returned. Some misunderstanding between the deceased and his men is said to hare ope. rated

upon his mind, and caused the fatal catas. trophe.

Major Edward Jervoise Ridge, C.B., whose death we recorded last month, went out to India as a cadet in 1798, and was appointed cornet in the 4th Bengal Native Cavalry, which corps he joined at Benares in January, 1799. In May, 1800, he obtained a lieutenancy; in August, 1810, was promoted to captain; and in July, 1819, to a majority

The 4th regiment was actively employed during the Mahratta campaigns, under Lord Lake, and this oflicer was with it during the whole period, never having quitted the corps till 1809, when he was obliged to repair to England for the recovery of his health, which had suffered severely from the effects of the climate, lle

returned to India in 1813, and joined the 4th regiment at Kietah, in Bunillecund. In 1915, the corps removed to Purtaubghur; and in 1817 again returned to Kietah, on approaching which this officer was detached, with the right squadron, to join Major Alldin, at Lohorgong. Ilis proceedings against the Pindarries on the Ilth of April, 1817, are thus mentioned in General Orders :

“ The Commander-in-Chief has directed that the following report from Captain Ridge to his immediate commanding officer be published in General Orders, not only with the view of giving publicity to the applause which his Excellency bestows on Capt. Ridge's conduct, but as fur. nishing a most encouraging example for the army. This affair and the gallant exploit antecedently performed by Captain Caultield, 5th Native Cavalry, evince what incalculable supe. riority is possessed by troops confident in their own discipline, while both instances show how much may be achieved by the determined bravery even of a handful of men. The disproportion ou the latter occasion was so enormous, ihat an opportunity could not have been more completely fashioned by fortune for displaying the judicious and intrepid decision of the leader, as well as the aclmirable courage of the lon, Company's troops; nor should the persererance of the squadron, in the effort to overtake the Pindarries, be put ont of view by the more bril. liant circumstances of the final contest, An exertion, continued for forty-tive miles, at tlie season (April), is a proof of both ardour and patience but to be appreciated by the lamented event of its having actually caused the death of that most valuable officer, Capt. Howorth," &c.

The Report-(our limits prevent us inserting it at length)---states, that with 190 men, Cpt. Ridge routed 5000 Pindarries; and that had his force been 500, the greatest part of the enemy's would have been destroyed. The horses of the gallant detachment were mounted from half. past eight in the crening of the 11th of April, until half past seven on the following evening, during which time they marched forty-live miles.

Major W. Elliot, C.B. (since dead,) then commanding the 4th regt., being obliged to quit it on account of ill-health, Capt. R, was ordered down to Kietal to take the command, August following he joined the force under Sir Dyson Marshall, destined to act against the Pindarries. He afterwards, towards the end of the year, joined a light force under MajorGen. T. Brown, and commanded the attack on the enemy's camp on the outside of Jawad, at the time the Major-General stormed that town, the success of which is thus detailed in General Orders:

“ The Commander-in-chief has receired with sentiments of admiration the official details of the successful attack made by the troopis under the command of Major-Gen. Brown on the town of Jawal, and the troops of Jeawunt Rao Bhow on the 29th January. In the details before his lorilship, the prominent features are those of clear and decided judgment in the conception, and of the most energetic gallantry in the execution of the several operations which were so deservedly crowned witli brilliant snecess.

On the one land, a strongly-fortified tow! was stormed by the !st battalion Ist Native Infantry, after their blowing open the gate; on the other, the camp of Jeswunt Rao Bhow was attacked and carried by the 4th cavalry and a detachiment of the 2d Rohilla horse, though defended by cannon, and the approach to it presenting great natural difficulties and imperiments un all sides; an enterprise in which Capt. Ridge, Lieut, Franklin, and Licut. Turner, appear to

have highly distinguished themselves. In both attacks the order and bravery of the British troops succeeded without a check. The enemy was driven from the town and from their camp with great loss, and fled in every direction,' &c. &c.

In May, 1818, after the campaign was terminated, the 4th regiment marched into cantonments at Mattra, where it remained until the end of 1819, when it marched to Neemuch, a cantonment in Central India. In September following the regiment was called into the field, to put down the refractory Rajah, Kishor Sing, who had assembled a large force at Hovrow tec. The commanding officer, Lieut.-Col. W. Max. well, after finding all offers of accommodation fruitless, determined on attacking the Rajah's position, which he did on the 1st of Oct. 1821. The enemy immediately retired, when Major Ridge was ordered to pursue them with two squadrons. He soon came up with a body of 500 or 600 horse, under the Maharoo in person, and the result is thus stated by Lieut.-Col. Maxwell, in a letter to the Adjutant-General:-.

“He (Major Ridge,) immediately formed and charged with the greatest promptitude ; but I

am deeply concerned to add, with the loss of two brave, enterprising young officers, Lieut. Read, and Adj. Clark, who nobly fell in the service of their country. Major Ridge was severely, though not dangerously, wounded by a sabre in his head ; and, much as all those who admire his distinguished gallantry must be concerned at his sufferings, yet considerable consolation arises from the assurance of its not being likely to keep him more than a few days from the able discharge of his duty."

Major Ridge was at this time in so bad a state of health, that it was deemed absolutely neces. sary that he should return to England for his recovery, and where he arrived in January, 1823. This gallant officer, who had never been absent from his corps when it was employed on any kind of service, from the time he first joined it in 1798, retired from the service 3d Nov. 1824. For his services he was appointed a Companion of the Bath. Major Ridge mayjustly be ranked among the bright ornaments of the Company's army. He was brother to Lieut.-Col. Ridge, who nobly fell in the nioment of victory, at the head of His Majesty's 5th foot, in the siege of Badajoz.



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[blocks in formation]

53.6 49.0 54.4 51.6 54.8 55:4 57.3 59.6 61.0 57.2 56.4 56:7 572 55 2 60 6 54.5 53.4 66.0 64.9 58.0 57.8 57.2 56.8 56.3 57.4 58.0 57.6 58.0 64.2 65.3 60.8


29.84 29.92 30.02 29.93 29.95 29.80 29.75 29.82 30.09 29.98 29.94 29.93 29.95 29.97 30.07 30.12 30:18 30.08 29.81 29.79 29.78 29.69 30.04 30.12 30.23 30.21 30.22 30.24 30:32 30.40 30.38

63.5 60.8 61.3 64.8 68.0 70.7 65.3 63.2 64.8 66.9 65.4 63.3 61.3 66.0 68.6 69.4 72:7 70.8 67-3 62.7 62.9 63.0 62 0 60.8 65.0 67.4 21.6 75.1 69.8 670 68.8

420 416 432 412 386 368 484 432 457 451 468 467 463 458 449 425 407 389 450 457 448 535 514 506 492 488 495 442

• 210 W.S.W. fr. br. showery
• 202 W, moderate br, and line

SW. It. br. with showers • 168 S.W. moder. br. & cloudy .174 S.S. W., and cloudy . 200 S. by W. very fr fine day • 154 S.W. fr. br. and squally

120 W.SW'. fr. br. and fine • 126 N.N.E.It.winds & fine wea. • 100 W. by N. It. br. beaut, day .097 NNW.mod, with It rain • 106 NE.mod. br. and cloudy .094 N. by E. It. br. & cloudy • 105 W.S.W. It, airs and fine ·086 N.N.E. It airs and fine •100 WN.W. It. br. and clear • 168 N.W. It. airs and cloudy

S.W. It airs and sultry

W. fr. br. with showers •100 W. by N. fr. br. & squally .094

w.nw.strong br.showery • 160 S.W. It. breezes and fine • 143 W. by, br.& cloudy • 150 br. and fine •147 S. by W. It, br. fine day . 100 W.S.w. mod. br.& cloudy •125 N.W. light airs and sultry .198 E. by, br, and fine . 196 E.N.E. It. br. and cloudy • 187 N.E. fr. br. and cloudy • 150 N.W, fr. br. and fine

•315 .096 •078

112 • 200

63.9 63.3 62.6 61 2 65.3 69.2



24 25 오 26

30 % 31

450 452

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