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Unattached.- Lieut. F. D. George, from the Ilth Light Dragoons, to be Capt. by p.

Hospital Staff. - Assist.-Surg.J.C.Minto, from the 20th Foot, to be Staff Assist.-Surg. vice Stuart, app. to the 70th Foot.

Memoranda.- Capt. A. II. Maclean, h.p. unat. has been allowed to retire from the service by sale of an unattached commission, he being about to proceed to the colonies as a settler.

The following appointments, as stated in the Gazette of the 26th ult. have not taken place ; Lieut. Joyes, h. p. 95th Foot, will, therefore, re. main upon the h.p.establishment:

Unattached.--Ensign Buubury, from the 432 Foot, to be Lieut, by p.

430 Foot.-Hon. C. R. West to be Ensign by p. vice Bunbury, promoted.

Foot, to be Major, vice Myddleton, whose promotion has not taken place.

2d West India Regt.-Capt. J. F. Cane, from h. p. 230 Foot, to be Capt. vice Andrews, whose appointment has not taken place.

Hospital Staff.-- Assist.-Surg. T. Atkinson, M.D. from 82d Foot, to be Assist.-Surg. vice M‘Caskill, app. to 1st Foot.

Memoranda.-The following appointments, as stated in the Gazette of the 28th December last, have not taken place: -7 1st Ft.,

Capt. Myddleton to be Major by purchase vice Pidgeon, prom.; Lieut. Denny to be Capt. vice Myddletou ; Ensign Austin to be Lieut. by p. vice Denny; Augustus Levinge, Gent. to be Ensigu, by p. vice Austin.

The half-pay of the undermentioned officers has been cancelled from the 13th inst, inclusive, they having received a commuted allowance for their commissions :-Ensign T. Dawson, h. p. 14th Foot; Lieut. E. Middleton, h. p. Royal African Corps ; Lieut. W. J. Cockburne, h. p. 78th Foot; Capt. J. F. Ludewig von Hartwig, h. p. Ist Light Infantry Batt. King's German Legion ; Paymaster C. H. Marshall, h. p. 5th R. Vet. Batt.; Ensign T. A. Sinclair, h. p. 44th Foot; Assist.-Surg. J. Mitchell, h. p. 48th Foot; Lieut, J, B. O'Connor, h. p. 96th Foot; Ensign A. Breymann, h.p.3d Line Batt. King's German Legion; Lieut. J. Miller, h.p. Ist Foot,

SEPT. 6. 4th Light Dragoons.-Cornet L. J. Torking. ton to be Lieut, without p. vice May, dec.

10th Light Dragoons.-Cornet B, B. Mathew to be Lieut. by p. vice Saville, who retires.

Ilth Light Dragoons.-Cornet F. W. Horne to be Lieut. by p. vice Salkeld, who retires; J. Martin, Gent. to be Cornet by p. vice Horne.

Ist Foot.---Lieut. H. Cooper, from the 620 Foot, to be Lieut. vice Mathias, who exch.

3d Foot.-Ensign W.J. Hamilton to be Lieut. by p. vice Ward, who retires ; C. Sawyer, Gent. to be Ensign by p. vice Hamilton.

220 Foot. -Capt. F.D. George, from b. p. unat. to be Capt. vice Brevet Major J. Macpherson, who exch. receiving the diff.

56th Foot.-Gent. Cadet E. Fosbrooke, from the Royal Military College, to be Ensign by p. vice Tobin, app: to the 77th Foot.

62d Foot. - Lieut. W. Mathias, from the 1st Foot, to be Lieut, vice Cooper, who exch.

75th Foot-Lieut. H. Boys to be Capt. by p. vice Magra, who retires ; Ensign G. Collier to be Lieut. by p. vice Boys; G. Thorne, Gent, to be Ensign by p. vice Collier.

77th Foot. -Ensign H. W. Tobin, from the 56th Foot, to be Ensign, vice Macartney, who retires,

79th Foot.-Brevet Lieut.-Col. D. Macdougall to be Lieut.-Col. by p. vice Macdonnell, who retires; Capt. J. C. Young to be Major by p. vice Macdougall; Lieut. J. Macdonald to be Capt. by p. vice Young; Ensign E. Cameron to be Lieut. by p. vice Macdonald ; Gent. Cadet J. Douglay, from the Royal Military College, to be Ensign by p. vice Cameron.

Royal Sherwood Foresters.-G. Walker, Esq. to be Captain.

Ross-shire Militia.-P. MacNab, Gent, to be Ensign.

Salisbury Volunteer Infantry.-J. H, Tanner, Esq. to be Captain, vice C. Finch, resigned ; H. Cooper, Gent. to be Lieut. vice Tanner, prom.; J. Andrews, Surgeon, to be ditto, vice Chubb, resigned; S. Bracher, Gent, to be Ensign, vice Cooper, promoted; T. Cooper, Gent, to be ditto, vice Blackmore, resigned

WAR-OFFICE, SEPT. 17. 63d Foot.—Major J. W. Fairtlough to be Lieut.-Col. without purchase ; Brevet Major P. Baylee to be Major, vice Fairtlough ; Lieut. J. Gibbons to be Capt. vice Baylee ; Lieuts. M. Morphett, from the 48th Foot, and C. D, C, O'Brien, from the 48th Foot, to be Lieuts,

Memoranda. -The names of the Ensign ap. pointed to the 75th Foot, on the 6th inst. are George Thorne George, and not George Thorne, as formerly stated.

His Majesty has been graciously pleased to permit the 36th Foot to bear on its colours and appointments the word “ Roleia," in commemoration of its distinguished conduct in the battle at that place, on the 17th Aug. 1808; also the word “Corunna," in consideration of the gallant conduct of the regiment before Corunna, on the 16th Jan. 1809.

SEPT. 13. 20 Dragoon Guards.-Corvet R. D. Dunn to be Lieut. by p. vice Lyon, who retires; J. C. Knox, Gent, to be Cornet by p. vice Dunn.

4th Light Dragoons.-W. H. Persse, Gent, to be Cornet by p. vice Torkington, promoted.

14th light Drays.-Cornet Hon. B.C. Yelver. ton to be Lieut. by p. vice Abbott, who retires; J. B. Culpepper, Gent, to be Cornet by p. vice Yelverton.

17th Foot.-Ensign C. W. Finch_to be Lieut. by p. v. Ball, who retires; J. F. de Tessier, Gent. to be Ensign by p. vice Finch,

49th Foot.-Capt. E. Morris to be Major, by p. vice Pritchard, app. to the 71st Foot; Lieut, R. Halpin to be Capt. by p. vice Morris.

50th Foot-Capt. F.T. Williamson, from h.p, unatt. to be Capt. vice Brevet Major M, M. Madden, who exch. receiving the diff.

67th Foot.-G. R. Smith, Gent, to be Assist.Surgeon, vice D. Williams, placed upon h. p.

rist Foot. Major S. D, Pritchard, from 49th

Staffordshire Regt, of Yeomanry Cavalry. Lieut.-Col. the Earl of Lichtield to be Lieut,Col. Commandant, vice Littleton, resigned ; Major E, Monckton to be Lieut.-Col. vice Earl of Lichfield, prom.; Capt. E. Peel to be Major, vice Monckton, prom. ; J. M. Matthews, Gent. to be Cornet, vice Wyatt, resigned.

First Corps of Cornwall Yeomanry.-J. G. Plomer, Gent. to be Lieut, vice C. W. Topham, resigned; J. Hosken, Gent, to be Cornet; B, Sampson, Gent to be ditto.

SEPT. 20. 4th Dragoon Guards.---Lieut. B. Burrell to be Capt. by p. vice Vaughan, who retires; Cornet F. B. Jones to be Lieut. by p. vice Burrell.

2d Dragoons.-Cornet W. D. Steuart to be Licut. by p. vice Somerville, prom.; J. Macleod, Gent, to be Cornet by p. vice Stewart.

4th Light Dragoons.-Cornet L. Dalgleish to be Lieut. by p. vice Houston, prom.

8th Light Dragoons.-Major J. Perceral, from h.p. unat, to be Major, vice R.R. W. Brett, who exch.

12th Light Dragoons.-Cornet J. Fitzroy H. L. Wellesley to be Lieut, by p. vice Bradshaw, who retires; E. Morant, Gent, to be Cornet by p. vice Wellesley:

Ist Foot.- Eusign F. W. H. Vallance to be Lieut. without p. vice Thomas, dec.; Ensign J. W. Sturges, from h. p. 3d Foot, to be Ensign, vice Vallance.

3d Foot-Lieut. H. A. Dalton, from h. p. 6th W. I. Regt. to be Lieut. vice W. F. Scott, placed upon h. p.

24th Foot.- Hon. H.C. Boyle to be Ensign by p. vice Cooke, prom. in R. African Corps.

25th Foot.-Gent. Cadet S. B. Hamilton, from R. Mil. Coll. to be Ensign without p.

26th Foot --Ensign Laidlaw, from h. p. 61st Foot, to be Ensiyu, vice Coultman, prom. in the 63d Foot.

48th Foot.-Gent. Cadet W. H. H. Anderson, from R. Mil, Coll. to be Ensign, without


vice Higginbotham, prom. in the 634 Poot.

50th Foot.-Capt. J. Usher, from h. p. unat, to be Capt, vice Williamson, who retires.

620 Foot.---Lieut. W. Campbell to be Capt. by

p. vice Hall, who retires; Ensign H. Jackson to be Lieut. by p. vice Campbell ; R. Shearman, Gent to be Ensign by p. vice Jackson ; StaffAssist.-Surg. A. Knox, M.D. to be Assist.-Surg. vice Johnson, deceased.

630 Foot - To be Lieuts. without p:-Lieut. S. Bowles, from h. p. 29th Foot; J. Spier, from h. p. 61st Foot; J. Tharp, from h. p. 79th Foot, and J. H. Fearon, from R. African Corps; Ensigns J. Montgomery, W. J. Darling, J.P.Jones, C. Higginbotham, and II. Woodward Coultman, from 20th Foot, vice Gibbons. To be Ensigns without p.- Ensigns W. Fairtlough, from h. p. 56th Foot, vice Montgomery, and S. H. Johnson, from h. p. unat, vice Darling, Gent.; Cadet II. R. Simpson, from R. Mil, Coll. vice Jones.

66th Foot.-Gent. Cadet C. M.Carty, from R. Mil. Coll, to be Ensign without p. vice Gibson, prom. in the oth Foot.

70th Foot.-Lieut. J. Brown to be Capt. without p. vice Gaston, dec.; Ensign C. F. Gibson, from 66th Foot.

71st Foot.-Capt. R.Cochrane, from h.p. unat, to be Capt. vice Hanson, who retires.

20 W. I. Regt.- Capt. J. Smith, from h. p. unat. to be Capt. via Cane, who retires; F. F. Mathews, Geni. to be Ensign by p.vice M'Manus, who retires.

Royal African Colonial Corps.-Ensign M. M. Cooke, from 24th Foot, to be Lieut. without p. vice Buckland, who retires.

Unattached.- To be Captains by p:-Lieuts, W. Houston, from 4th Light Dragoons; J. R. Somerville, from 2d Dragoons, and Hon. H, T. Stanley, from 230 Foot.

Commissariat.-To be Commissaries-General -Deputy-Com.-Gens. J. Drake and G. Haines.


Sept. 15, at Ryde, Isle of Wight, the Lady of Lieut.-Colonel Armytage, Coldstream Guards, of a daughter.

Sept. 18, at Templemore, the Lady of Lieut. Hill, 69th Regt, of a daughter.

At Wickham, near Canterbury, the Lady of Commander John Harvey Boteler, R.N. of a daughter.

Ai Weymouth, the Lady of Capt. Wm. Price Hamilton, H.M.S. Comus, of a daughter.

At Tralee, the Lady of Lieut. Lee, 77 th regt. of a daughter.

At Bellmullet, county Mayo, the Lady of Commander J. C. Bennett, of a daughter.

In London, the Lady of Lieutenant Berkley Westropp, R.N.of a son.

BIRTIS. At Calcutta, the Lady of Capt. Blyth, 49th regt. of a daughter.

May 25, at Graham's Town, Cape of Good Hope, the Lady of Capt. R. D. Halifax, 75th regt. of a daughter.

At Berwick-on-Tweed, the Lady of Major Priestly, 25th regt. of a daughter.

At Falmouth, the Lady of Lieut. Wright, commander of the Hermes steamer, of a daughter.

July 31, at St. John's, Newfoundland, the Lady of Lieut.-Colonel Oldfield, Commanding Royal Engineers, of a daughter.

Aug. 30, at Rose Cottage. Hambledon, the Lady of Captain Frank Douglas, R.N. of a daughter.

On board his Majesty's ship Benbow, in Portsmouth Harbour, the Lady of Lieut. w. Sturgess, R.N. of a son.

Sept. 1, at Hevitree, near Exeter, the Lady of Colonel Delamain, C.B, Hon. East India Company's service, of a son,

At Wellington Square, Ayr, the Lady of Major Cunningham, Bengal Establishmeut, of a daughter.

Sept. 4, in Sussex Place, Regent's Park, the Lady of Lient.-General Sir James Lyon, K.C.B, of a daughter.

Sept. 7, at Chatham, the Lady of Captain A. Fraser, 45th Madras Native Infantry, of a daughter.

Sept. 8, at Cromer, Norfolk, the Lady of Lieut. G. F. Westbrook, R.N. and of the Coast Guard service, of a daughter.

Sept. 9, at Ryde, Isle of Wight, the Lady of Commander Harington, R.N. of a son.

MARRIAGES. Aug. 27. by special licence, at St. Peter's Church, Pimlico, by the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Oxford, Líeut.-Colonel Henry Earl of Uxbridge, to Henrietta Maria, third daughter of Sir Charles and Lady Bagot,

Aug. 31, at St. James's Church, Thomas Leybourn, Esq. Senior Professor of Mathematies at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, to Marianne, the only surviving daughter of w. H. Dobson, Esq. of Harlow.

At Raham, Lieut. Edward W. Kelsall, 70th regt. to Susan, daughter of the late Adam Walker, M.D.

At Clifton, Capt. Bolton, 69th regt. to Mary Alicia, only daughter of the late John Daly. Esg. of Kinsale,

Capt. Fraser, 430 Light Infantry, to Mary

James Stewart, h. p. 4th West India Regt. Halifax, N. S.

CORNET, ENSIGN, AND SECOND-LIEUTENANT. July 8, Baker, 15th Drag. Maidstone.

Ang. 6, Willan, late Royal Inv. Art. Twyford Lodge, Middlesex.

Aug. 9, Rivers, late 7th Royal Vet. Batt.

QUARTERMASTERS. Whitty, 2d West India Regt. Connor, h. p. 5th Drag. Guards. July 19, Allen, h. p. 20th Drag.

COMMISSARIAT DEPARTMENT. Deputy.Assist.-Comm.-Gen. Wm. Stanton.


Elizabeth, third daughter of the late T. Starkie Shuttleworth, Esq. of Preston.

Sept. 2, at Howih, Major Dunlop Digby, h. p. unat. to Octavia, daughter of the late Hugh Crawford, Esq. banker, at Belfast.

At Plymouth, Licut. W. H. Bayntun, 89th regt, to Miss Jane Bell.

Sept. 3, Com. Washington, R.N. to Eleonora, youngest daughter of the Rev. H. Askew, Rector of Greystoke, Cumberland.

At. St. George's, Hanover Square, Captain Kenlon Somerville, R.N. brother of Lord Somerville, to Frances Louisa, only daughter of John Hayman, Esq.

At St. George's, Hanover Square, Captain Parker Duckworth Bingham, R.N. to Emily, eldest daughter of Major George Payne, of Weybridge.

At Rosstrevor Church, Ireland, Major Grove, 80th regt. to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of the late Commander Alexander Sinclair, R.N.

At Brighton, Lieut, Henry James, R.M, to Mary, the eldest daughter of the late Thomas Ridley, Esq.

Sept. 10, at All Souls' Church, Lieut.-Colonel Nesbitt, to Elizabeth, widow of Thos. Catherall, Esq.

At Chiddingstone, Kent, Major Scoones, 81st regt. to Jane Esther, third daughter of the late Henry Streatfield, Esq. of Chidlingstone.

At Sherborne, Warwickshire, Commander Frederick William Rooke, R.N. to Harriet, fifth daughter of the late N. Hyde, Esq. of Ardwick, Lancashire.

Sept. 12, at Nevern, in Pembrokeshire, Dr. Rowlands, of his Majesty's Dock-yard at Chatham, to Miss Dorothy Bowen, of Berry Hill, fifth daughter of the late George Bowen, Esq., of Llwyngwair, in the same county, and sister of the late Capt. George Bowen, who died commanding his Majesty's ship Trusty.

Sept. 14, at Goathurst, Somersetshire, Capt. Kemmis, Grenadier Guards, to Henrietta Anne, youngest daughter of Colonel Tynte, M.P.

Sept. 19, at Edmonton Church, Capt. Deare, R.N., to Margaret, second daughter of the lato Robert Mushet, Esq. of the Royal Mint.

At Edinburgh, John Squair, Esq. M.D., Ass... Surgeon, 93d Highlanders, to Jane, eldest daughter of Peter Lamond, Esq., brewer.

March 7, Assist.-Surg. Johnston, 62d Foot, Chittoor, Madras.

June 25, Deputy-Insp.-Gen. of Hosp. Cole, h. p. Staff-Surg.

Assist. -Surg. Torrie, 1st Foot.
July 20, Assist.-Surg. Burkitt, h. p. Staff,


M. Coulthurst, Deputy-Judge-Adv.-General, Barbadoes.



Aug. 4, Otter, late of Royal Mil. Coll., Tours.

Nov, 17, 1832, Alex. Stewart, h. P.

Sheffield Regt.

Feb. 12, Frend, 55th Foot, Bellary, Madras,
April 23, J. C. Barrett, unat,
July 3, Carroll, unat.
July 23, Bell, h. p. 84th Foot.
July 26, Harrison, h. p. 69th Foot.
July 27, Carr, h. p. 7th West India Regt.

In India, on the eve of embarking for Eng* land, Ensign James Hall, 46th regt.

At Fort William, Lieut. J. Vincent, 16th Lancers.

Aged 102, Mr. T. Leonard, late of the 66th Foot. He served many years in the American war, and was at the taking of Quebec, under Wolfe.

At Portobello, North Britain, Lieut.-Colonel Peat, late of the 25th Regt., King's Own Borderers.

Aug. 20, at Padstow, Lieut. Abraham Rose, R.N. (1780) aged 85,

Aug. 22, at Portsmouth, aged 33, Lieut. Thos. Brown Sandsbury, R.N.

In Ireland, Mr. John Hutchinson, Master R.N. (1806) aged 40.

In Norfolk, Capt. Simpson, R.M.

At Oldbury Court, Lieut.-Col. V. J. Græme, formerly of the 10th Hussars, and to the period of his death commanding the Stapleton Yeomanry Cavalry.

Aug. 24, Lient. J. C. Villiers Molesworth, h. p. unat.; late of the 8th Regt.

Aug. 27, Lieut. Edward James O'Brien, 25th Regt., son of Major-Gen. O'Brien.

Aug. 28, at Cheltenham, Major-Gen. Blackwell, C.B. late Governor of Tobago.

At Broom, near Cullen, N. B. Mr. John Duncan, Surgeon, R.N.

Aug. 29, at Cork, of cholera, aged 56, Mr. Pierce Power, Surgeon, R.N.

At sea, on board the Sylvia transport, bound to Rio Janeiro, Lieut. G. N. Wesley, R.N.

At Tralee, in the 93d year of his age, R. O'Connell, Esq. a retired naval surgeon, and magistrate for county Kerry. He served with his present Majesty on board the flag-ship of Vice-Admiral Digby, in 1780.

At Eddlewood, John M.Kenzie, Esq. late Paymaster of the Rifle Brigade.

Aug, 31, at Portsea, Capt. Thomas White (6), R.N. (1810) aged 78. He was a midshipman in Keppel's action, and also in Rodney's fleet at the capture of Don Juan Langara, and in the battle of the Nile he was First-Lieutenant of the Audacious,

LIEUTENANTS. May, 4th Dragoons. Knight, Cape Mounted Riflemen. Feb. 22, Bannatyne, h. p. 33d Foot, Bath. April 25, Falkiner, h. p. Ist Drag. Guards, Montflaggon, Ireland.

June, Thomas Jones, h. p. 4th Gar. Batt. Salisbury.

July 9, Clarkson, h. p. 6th Foot. July 23, Rutherford, h. p. 91st Foot, Aug. 4, Robinson, h. p. 47th Foot. Aug. 9, W. B. Bartlett, late 2d Royal Vet, Batt, Guernsey.

At Milford, Commander Jacob Jones. (1797.)

At St. Peter's, Guernsey, Lieut, W. B. Bartlett, R.N.

At Birmingham, Lieut. Allan Martin Williamson, R.N. (1815) aged 38.

Sept. 3d, at Cork, by an extremely rapid attack of the cholera, Capt. Gaston, goth Regt. He attended his military duties until near noon, and expired about midnight.

At Fraserburg, N. B. Commander James Milne, RN.

At Boyle, Mr. Brady, many years Barrack. Master of that place.

At Enniskillen, Capt. Whitaker, R.M.

At Godmanchester, Commander Molineaux, R.N.

At Salisbury, of apoplexy, aged 57 years, Capt. J. Turner, of the late 10th Royal Vet. Batt. The deceased rose from the ranks.

At Barnstaple, aged 72 years, Lieut. H. Gitlings, R.N.

At Lisbon, Mr. W. Savory, Purser, R.N. aged 57 years.

Sept. 7, at Lyme, Dorset, Capt. Edmund J. Moriarty, R.N.

Sept. 12, at Mount Tamar, Devon, MajorGeneral Harris, from Royal Artillery.

Sept. 14, at Chichester, Capt. Cornthwaite Ommanney, on the h. p. of the 24th Dragoons, aged 48: he was a Lieutenant of the Royals at the battle of Waterloo, in which he received a severe wound.

Sept. 15, in the Fleet Prison, aged 41, Dr. Gordon Smith, formerly Surgeon of the 12th Lancers, and well known for his works on medical jurisprudence, &c.

Sept. 18, ai Plymouth, in the 71st year of his age, George Mitchener, Esq. Purser, Ř.N.



[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

• 124 N. by E. It. br. and fine

100 N. by W. & cloudy •126 N. by E, mod, breezes • 130

W.N.W.It.airs, •117 S. var.winds & cloudy • 118

W.S.w.mod. br. & clondy •115

Variable winds • 120

N. by E. lt. br, and fine - 140

S.W. light airs, fine day .163

S.W. steady breezes . 150 N.N.E. It. br. and fine • 100

N.W. mod. br. and fine 093

W. by N. fr. br. & cloudy 087 W. by S. var. winds & clear 138

S.W, to & clear .080

N. lt.airs, lurid atmosphere • 135

W.S.W. mod. br. and fine 085

S.W. It airs and showery 084 W.S.W. variable, but fine .096

S.W. fr. br. and cloudy .080

W.S.W. fr. br. and cloudy .085 S.W. strong br. and fine • 103

W. var, winds and clear .136

W. by N. lt. br, fine weath.

N.N. E. mod. br. & cloudy . 160

N. by E.steady br. fine day 15

N.W. mod. br. and clear • 183

N.N.W. fr. br. beautif. day .178 N. by E, steady br. fine day 051

N.W. to S.W. var.w. & squ. 040 N.W. hard gales, rain


448 450 448 463 480 435 453 415 413 458 465 469 433 409 420 427 473 508

Six's Thermometer.

At 3 P. M.


Maxim. Minim.
Degrees. | Degrees.




52 3
52 0

64 8

30.34 30:32 30.27 30.24 30.08 30.10 30.08 30.07 30.02 30.00 30.02 29.86 29.73 2970 29.75 29.82 29.80 29 82 29.90 29.88 29.68 99.69 29.76 29.84 30:18 30:12 30:18 30.12 30.08 29.46 29.00

657 63.6 63.5 66 2 62.4 63.4 62.6 64:7 67.6 63.4 62 2 62.0 62.3 62.0 62.2 61.4 59.8 53.6 62.0 6107 61.8 62:1 62.4 62 6 61.8 64.5 66.8 64:7 65.0 54.5 54.2

10 O 11

12 o 13 $ 14 1 15 P 16

17 O 18

19 720 $ 21 422 923 h 24 0 25 D 26

27 § 28 2 29 9 30 5 31

65.4 62.2 62.4 62.5 62.3 62.6 61.4 60.2 53.8 62.0 61 8 62.0 62.2 62.4 62-7 61.8 657 66.8 64.9 67.4 65.0 58.5


53.0 53.4 53.2 53.0 53.0 53.2 53.0 57.4 55.6 540 54.2 54.0 53.8 54.0


.264 2.856


Whenever a crying abuse exists in Great Britain, however disgraceful to humanity, repugnant to good morals, or inimical to public honour, the State invariably turns a deaf ear and a blind eye to its operations, as though it had nothing to do with individual misgovernment; but as soon as, by the course of events, the increase of intelligence, a better feeling pervading the community, or a sense of shame arising among the few chiefly interested, the abuse is being amended, and bids fair to be absorbed in mild measures, or so much of it only preserved as may prove beneficial to society, like a necessary, though severe law, the state with strange inconsistency fulminates against it in toto, and refuses to tolerate it any longer ; whereby the course of amelioration, by being unwisely hastened, is obstructed, and those who originated, and were steadily pursuing it, become disgusted on finding their motives maligned, their labours unappreciated, and their shoulders made to bear the burden of their predecessors' sins; whereby the state preserves the odium of having tolerated the abuse while actually disgraceful, and incurs the ridicule of legislating for it when existing little more than in theory,—the ridicule-to use a metaphor-of cutting off a limb when the gangrene which endangers it is being cured.

Thus, by way of evidencing the above, when the condition of slavery in our West India isles was horrible, so horrible that we like not to trust our feelings to read the details of it; -when planters flogged their dusky victims till life was merging in death, and then let them perish in outhouses amid the vermin engendered in their sores ;-when planters' ladies were wont to divert ennui, and refine their auricular faculties, by eliciting the various notes of sorrow and anguish from their waiting-slaves ;-when planters' children were early tauglit to avoid running into the sin of treating Cain's descendants as human beings, by having the young kine consigned over to the bent of infantine propensities, of which mischief and cruelty (inborn, as cats, dogs, sparrows, cockchafers, &c., could they speak, would testify) predominate ;-when, in short, it was a question with slave-owners (as with masters of stage-coach horses) whether it were more profitable to work their cattle hard and feed them high, to kill them quickly, or let them live longer at a less expensive and easier rate, no voice of indignation rose in behalf of the African. When such a picture of infamy existed and was gloried in, in the broad glare of day, and it was the bounden duty of the state to efface it, and visit the immediate authors of it with condign punishment, the state not only was silent, but encouraged the demoniac trade (for demoniac it then was) by various acts in its favour. But now, when, by the testimony of all travellers, and the evidence of people of all stations, the system is shown to be radically changed, and slavery proved to be but a name, regulations which should have been made, in part, a century since, and which would then have been as humane and politic as they are now unnecessary and specious, issue, tending to fix the brand of cruelty on the very men who have practically benefited the slaves, to St. Domingo-ize flourishing isles, and to convert a state of comfortable servitude into one of free, uncared-for indigence.

Thus, in the present day, when the case of the infant white slavesU. S. Journ. No. 60, Nov. 1833.

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