A Practical Cook and Text Book for General Use: The Fat of the Land and how to Live on It. Special Chapters on Nuts and Vegetable Oils, and how to Use Them in Cooking; Milk; Bakeries...

Press of Carpenter & Morehouse, 1896 - 251 páginas

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Página 34 - Ah ! how unlike the man of times to come ! Of half that live the butcher and the tomb ! Who, foe to nature, hears the general groan, Murders their species, and betrays his own. But just disease to luxury succeeds, And every death its own avenger breeds; The fury-passions from that blood began, And turn'd on man a fiercer savage, man.
Página 10 - But words are things, and a small drop of ink, Falling like dew, upon a thought, produces That which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think...
Página 226 - And gorge the' ungodly maw with meats obscene. ' Not so the golden age, who fed on fruit, Nor durst with bloody meals their mouths pollute. Then birds in airy space might safely move, And timorous hares on heaths securely rove: Nor needed fish the guileful hooks to fear, For all was peaceful; and that peace sincere.
Página 119 - The apple is excellent brain food because it has more phosphoric acid, in an easily digestible shape than any other fruit known. It excites the action of the liver, promotes sound and healthy sleep, and thoroughly disinfects the mouth. It...
Página 157 - So is samphire, bean-cods, asparagus, and cucumbers, served in likewise with oil, vinegar and pepper; with a world of others, too tedious to nominate. Your compound sallets are first, the young buds and knots of all manner of wholesome herbs at their first springing ; as red sage, mint, lettuce, violets...
Página 11 - ... services! Your regimen ought to be simple and inartificial. Drink only the pure, simple water. It is the beverage of nature; and not by any means, nor in any way, to be improved by art! Eat only fruits and vegetables ! Let the predaceous animals prey on carnage and blood! Stain not the divine gentleness of your natures, by one act of cruelty to the creatures beneath you!
Página 133 - Falconer. This is the most practical work on the subject ever written, and the only book on growing mushrooms published in America. The author describes how he grows mushrooms, and how they are grown for profit by the leading market gardeners, and for home use by the most successful private growers. Engravings drawn from nature expressly for this work.
Página 238 - how I manage my physicians. I have four, to whom the care of my health is committed : a certain weekly salary is allowed them, but the moment I am ill, the salary stops till I am well again. I need not inform you my illnesses are usually short.
Página 145 - The nut trees difl'er very much in certain particulars from other trees which produce edible fruits. They are of the first rank as to size, and the fruit is the true seed only, and is not made up of fleshy coverings of the seed as in the apple, peach, etc. Nuts have, therefore, much less water and a higher nutritive value generally. They are rather of the nature of staple articles of diet and approach the grains in food value. They are, moreover, not of the perishable class, and are easily handled...

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