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Página 31 - The Secretary shall send notices to all members of the Association, at least thirty days before each meeting, mentioning the papers to be read and any special business to be brought before the meeting.
Página 198 - I move that the report of the committee be accepted, and that the Secretary be instructed to cast the ballot of the Association for the election of these officers.
Página 436 - President, the contest, for ages, has been to rescue Liberty from the grasp of executive power. Whoever has engaged in her sacred cause, from the days of the downfall of those great aristocracies which had stood between the king and the people to the time of our own independence, has struggled for the accomplishment of that single object. On the long list of the champions of human freedom, there is not one name dimmed by the reproach of advocating the extension of executive authority...
Página 73 - I move that the rules be suspended and that the secretary be instructed to cast the unanimous ballot of this association for Walter E.
Página 33 - Committee, who may bring it before the Association, if they think fit, and who shall be bound to do so on the requisition, in writing, of any five Members of the Association.
Página 188 - The spirit of poetry, like all other living powers, must of necessity circumscribe itself by rules, were it only to unite power with beauty. It must embody in order to reveal itself; but a living body is of necessity an organized one; and what is organization but the connection of parts in and for a whole, so that each part is at once end and means?
Página 31 - Any member, with the concurrence of the presiding officer, may .admit a friend to each meeting of the Association ; but such person shall not take any part in the discussion, unless permitted by the meeting.
Página 30 - SECT. 4. The Council shall have the power to appoint, from time to time, one or more Corresponding Secretaries in the different cities or towns of the United States and the British North American provinces.
Página 335 - I move that the Secretary be instructed to cast the ballot of the Association for the election of the members whose names were proposed by the Council yesterday.
Página 34 - The President — Gentlemen, you have heard the report of the Executive Committee. What action will you take thereon?

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