Hacia un Desarrollo Sostenible del Sistema de Producción-Consumo de los Hongos Comestibles y Medicinales en Latinoamérica: Avances y Perspectivas en el Siglo XXI

Porfirio MORALES, 2010 - 648 páginas
A unique book dealing with all aspects of the production-consumption system of edible, functional, and medicinal mushrooms in Latin American countries, covering basic, applied and socioeconomic research, as well as commercial experiences on a large and small scale. The increasing potential of mushrooms in this region of enormous cultural, biological, and ecological diversity is discussed in 31 chapters. Relevant experiences from other regions worldwide were selected for discussion. English abstracts are included in every chapter.


II Investigaciones aplicadas
III Investigaciones socioeconómicas
IV El sistema de producciónconsumo
V Experiencias de otras regiones del mundo

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