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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1849,

BY WILLIAM EDWARD WYATT, D.D., in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States, for

the Southern District of New York.

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It has been the object of the compiler of this volume, to comprise in a small compass valuable portions of the devotional writings recognised as standard in the Church; to select the passages most fervent in spirit, chaste in language, and scriptural in sentiment; and thence to furnish a Manual adapted to the wants of the Christian community. In a great measure the selections for the Closet are from the works of BISHOPS ANDREWES, LAUD, TAYLOR, Wilson, and Dean StanHOPE. Jenks' Devotions and the New Manual have supplied considerable portions. And although the necessity has been felt of abridging, and sometimes transposing them, the character of the original forms is not changed.

The Offices for the Family, are compiled principally from Cotterill's Prayers, from the LITURGY OF THE PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL CHURCH, and from the Prayers of Mr. Jenks, Rector of Harley, England. The Calendar is arranged on the plan of that in

" the Book of Common Prayer." The passages of Scripture, prefixed to each Family Prayer, are sufficiently ample to furnish a satisfactory reference to scriptural authority upon most of the Christian doctrines and relative duties. These, however, are not designed to prevent a systematic resort to the CalENDAR, but to facilitate, under all circumstances, the reading a portion of “the Word ” with other exercises of social worship. Some of the Offices for Families may be deemed too long for particular occasions. But it was judged expedient to provide ample and comprehensive forms, leaving it to the discretion of the Reader, by the omission of one or more of the paragraphs enclosed in brackets, to adapt the office to existing circumstances.

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