Treasury Department Appropriation Bill for 1949: Preliminary Hearings Before the Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, House of Representatives, Eightieth Congress, First Session ... Investigation of the Bureau of Internal Revenue


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Página 34 - Fifth, that no person in the public service is for that reason under any obligation to contribute to any political fund, or to render any political service, and that he will not be removed or otherwise prejudiced for refusing to do so.
Página 34 - ... of the United States, and no clerk or employee of any department, branch or bureau of the executive, judicial, or military or naval service of the United States, shall, directly or indirectly, solicit; or receive, or be in any manner concerned in soliciting or receiving, any assessment, subscription, or contribution for any political purpose whatever, from any officer, clerk, or employee of the United States...
Página 34 - That no person shall, in any room or building occupied in the discharge of official duties by any officer or employee of the United States...
Página 34 - Sixth, that no person in said service has any right to use his official authority or influence to coerce the political action of any person or body.
Página 86 - FAILURE OF EMPLOYER TO FILE RETURN OR PAY TAX. — In case of any failure to make and file return or pay the tax required by this subchapter, within the time prescribed by law or prescribed by the Commissioner in pursuance of law, unless it is shown that such failure is due to reasonable cause and not due to willful neglect, the addition to the tax shall not be less than $10.
Página 86 - In accordance with the following rules: - (a) In the case of failure to file a Return of Income Tax Withheld on Wages (Form Wl) within the prescribed time, the addition to the tax shall be computed as provided by section 3612 (d) and if less than $10 shall be increased to that amount.
Página 110 - ... any time. This argument was met with a smile and a statement that the governing body said they would always give it. Then the depression came and the bottom fell out of everything. This township was about the worst hit in the state and all appropriations to libraries were withdrawn. With the help of the Civil Works Administration, the Emergency Relief Administration, the Works Progress Administration, and citizens these libraries have been kept living and united in an informal way to serve the...
Página 34 - The first sentence of the rule applies to all persons in the executive civil service, irrespective of the method of appointment. Presidential appointees are forbidden by statute to use their official authority or influence to coerce the political action of any person or body, to make any contribution for a political object to any other officer of the United States, or to solicit or receive contributions for political purposes or to discriminate among their employees or applicants for political reasons....

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