The Percy Anecdotes: Original and Select [by] Sholto and Reuben Percy, Brothers of the Benedictine Monastery, Mont Benger, Volumen8

T. Boys, 1826
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Página 78 - You must not think that I am able to run up so many years, and over so many adjudged cases, which we call Common Law, to answer your curiosity. Penn: This answer, I am sure, is very short of my question; for, if it be common, it should not be so hard to produce.
Página 78 - Certainly, if the common law be so hard to be understood, it is far from being very common ; but if the Lord Coke in his Institutes...
Página 116 - To the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury. The humble Petition of Ralph Griffith, Esq.
Página 11 - Roman law, parricide, or the murder of one's parents or children, was punished in a much severer manner than any other kind of homicide. After being scourged, the delinquents were sewed up in a leathern sack, with a live dog, a cock, a viper, and an ape, and so cast into the sea...
Página 78 - I have broken, you do at once deny me an acknowledged right, and evidence to the whole world your resolution to sacrifice the privileges of Englishmen to your sinister and arbitrary designs.
Página 3 - Ah! little think they, while they dance along, How many feel, this very moment, death And all the sad variety of pain. How many sink in the devouring flood, Or more devouring flame. How many bleed, By shameful variance betwixt man and man. How many pine in want, and dungeon glooms; Shut from the common air, and common use Of their own limbs.
Página 58 - Barbarous father, your cruelty in having put it out of my power ever to join my fate to that of the only man I could love, and tyrannically insisting upon my marrying one whom I always hated, has made me form a resolution to put an end to an existence which is become a burden to me.
Página 83 - Shaftesbury had more law than all his judges and more divinity than all his bishops.
Página 55 - A MAN was tried for and convicted of the murder of his own father. The evidence against him was merely circumstantial, and the principal witness was his sister. She proved that her father possessed a small income, which, with his industry, enabled him to live with comfort; that her brother...
Página 114 - The knout whip is fixed to a wooden handle a foot long, and consists of several thongs, about two feet in length, twisted together, to the end of which is fastened a single tough thong of a foot > 3 and a half in length, tapering towards a point, and capable of being changed by the executioner when too much softened by the blood of the criminal.

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