People, Countries, and the Rainbow Serpent: Systems of Classification Among the Lardil of Mornington Island

Oxford University Press, 1999 - 270 páginas
Study of the Lardil classification of space, people, plants, animals, totemic beings and the Rainbow Serpent; understandings of conception, birth and death - constitution of paternity and maternity; relation to place and economic rights; initiation - language acquisition, circumcision and subincision; kinship system and terminology - subsections; personal names -role of nicknames; social space and the relationship to land; folk taxonomy / ethnotaxonomy - ethnozoology and ethnobotany; totemic classification; analysis of myth and ritual - Rainbow Serpent (relation to elements of weather and flood); concepts of transgression and taboo - body and sickness; role of dreams and its relation to the Dreamtime and its iconography - dance and graphic elements.

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I haven't read this book but knew the author , David McKnight , who was a very lovely , interested and interesting , good and loving man.


Coming into Being and Going out of Being
People as Kin and Affines
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David McKnight, Professor of Anthropology and Political Science, London School of Economics.

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