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lēg'-ěnd—a story coming down from the past; a tradition.


"curling smoke of wigwams":
“frequent repetitions”
"palisades of pine-trees''
"reeds and rushes”!

“wild and wayward"
“lodges of the beaver''
“eyry of the eagle'
"moors and fen-lands'.

(Hiawatha's Childhood)
Notes and Questions

What body of water is called | Read lines which tell what iliaGitche Gumee?

watha learned of the birds and Where did the wigwam of Noko the beasts. mis stand?

Of what was Hiawatha's bow What is meant by the "beat'. made? His arrows? The cord ? of the water?

Why was a tip of flint used on Why does Longfellow call the pine the arrows?

trees “black and gloomy''? What is meant by "the ford Who was Nokomis?

across the river?”. Why did she call Hiawatha “My Why did the deer point his noslittle owlet''?

trils "to windward?'. What do we call the “broad Read lines that tell Hiawatha white road in heaven''?

was excited when hunting. What word tells the sound of the What two words tell the sound water?

made by the arrow ?

Words and Phrases for Study PRONUNCIATION: sin'-ews (ūz)


stilled (stild) war'-rior (wôr'-yēr) băn-quet (kwet) | lắp-ping ănt'-lēr


roe'-bắck (ro) förd

wail (wāl)

haunch (hänch) păl'-pi-tāt-ěd owl-et (oul'-ět)

ăp-plausés (ploz)


pěr'-ish-to die.



"'fiery tresses')
“fretful wail”
“light and shadow'

"brakes and bushes”
“fade and perish”.
“stirred or rustled":

"native language"
"a famous roebuck.

“Flecked with leafy light"
“singing, fatal arrow"

(Hiawatha's Friends)

Notes and Questions What two friends did Hiawatha | Of what did Chibiabos sing?

“Single outfrom all the Why did Hiawatha love him more others?'

than all others What were they "contriving?" For what did Hiawatha love Read lines which tell of Chibiabos. Kwasind? With what is he compared ? Read What did Kwasind's mother say lines which tell.

to him His father? From what did he make his What is meant by the line “Every flutes

bow you touch is broken? Read lines which tell how musical | Read lines which tell of Kwasind they were.

and the beaver. What did the brook say to Chibi- | Which of Hiawatha's two friends

abos? The bluebird? The robin? | do you like the better? Why?

Words and Phrases for Study PRONUNCIATION: pli'-ånt wisp

chăl’-lenge (ěnj) měl’-an-chol-y trail (trāl)

wand (wond) pā'-thos bi'-son (sūn)

quoit (kwoit) ăl-lied' (līd') mär'-gin (jin)

å-sūn'-dér cow'-ēr-ing (kou') barred (bärd)

trī-ŭm'-phănt wring (ring) měl'-low



pros'-pēr—to succeed; to be fortunate; to thrive. plunge-to thrust one's self into; a dive or a leap.


“full of frenzy.
“Pliant as a wand”
“Stately as a stag.
"melted them to pity"
“musical and mellow"
“Islands of the Blessed'

"strength allied to goodness''
"Snapped asunder"
" bring the hunting homeward”
“barred securely”.
"sheer into the river'.
“Spake with naked hearts".


(Hiawatha's Sailing)

Notes and Questions Of what did Hiawatha make his | What is meant by “its robes of

darkness''? Why does Hiawatha call the bark | Why does Hiawatha call the drops of the birch tree a cloak?

of balsam “tears''? What other name does he call Read the lines which tell why

the bark of the birch tree? Hiawatha asked Kagh, the What word tells the sound made hedgehog, for his quills.

by the leaves of the birch? Can the hedgehog really shoot his What word tells that Hiawatha quills “like arrows''?

cut all around the birch tree? What is meant by "my beauty''? Why did Hiawatha ask the cedar Read lines which tell how Hiawatha tree for its boughs ?

decorated his canoe. Read lines which tell why he asked What did he use for paddles for the larch tree for its roots.

the canoe? What other name does he give What did Kwasind do to aid the the larch tree?

canoeing? Why did he want the balsam and Why is the fir tree spoken of as

the resin? Read lines which tell. "sombre''?

Words and Phrases for Study PRONUNCIATION: něck'-lāce crèv'-ice (is)

fi'-bres (bērs) ca-noe' (kå-noo') õt'-ter (ēr)

res'-in (rěz) gir'-dle (gûr'-d’l) ré-splěn'-dent

sõm'-bre (bēr) fore'-head (för'-ěd) tăm”-a-rick

smeared (smērd) balo-sam (böl-săm) ooze

fis'-sūre swăm lärch

veered (verd)


săm'-mit (it)-the top; the highest point. súp'-ple (1)-limber; flexible; easily bent.


"white-skin wrapper''
“drowsy murmur
"ooze and tangle”
« cleft"
“fibrous roots

“tangle of his whiskers''
"wrought them”.
“two stars resplendent”
“larch's supplé sinews"

"deeps and shallows”

(Hiawatha's Wooing)

Notes and Questions Why did Nokomis wish Hiawatha | Tell about the wigwam of the

to wed a maiden of his own Arrow-maker. people?

Read the words of Hiawatha in Whom did Hiawatha say he would asking the father for his wed?

daughter. Find the Falls of Minnehaha on | In what words did the Arrowyour map.

maker give his consenti Read lines which tell of Hiawa: What were Minnehaha's words?

tha's journey "To the land of Read lines which tell of the jourthe Dacotahs.''

ney homeward. Of what was the Arrow-maker Why did Hiawatha “check” his

thinking when Hiawatha ap pace on this journey? peared ?

What greeting did the blue-bird Read lines which tell of what the give them? maiden was thinking.

What was the greeting of the What hospitality was shown Hia robin? The sun! The moon watha?

| Read the lines which you like best.

Words and Phrases for Study PRONUNCIATION: ré-lūc'-tănt

dis-suad-ing (di-swād') swerve (swûrv) Để-nig-nănt im-pē’-ri-oŭs

plait'-ing (plāt) chal-ced'-6-ny (kål-sěd') hearth (härth)

ac'-cent (åk'-sént) in-ter'-mi-nå-ble feuds (fūds)

woo-ing ŭn-in-tēr-růpt'-ed

wounds (woonds) plume (ploom) clăm'-or-ous (ēr-ŭs) mõc'-cå-sĩns

bůr'-row căt'-å-răct făl'-low

mys'-tic (mis)


per-plexed' (pēr-plěkst)-in doubt; puzzled. spā'-cious (shủs)-of great space; roomy.


"feet unwilling”.
“moor and meadow''.
“moccasins of magic!
"cataract's laughter":
“mystic splendors.
“ feuds yet unforgotten"

"interminable forests''
“heart outran his footsteps":
"fallow deer"
“Neither willing nor reluctant''
"heart's ease"
"the sun benignant"

(The White Man's Foot)

Notes and Questions Read lines which tell Iagoo's story | How does Hiawatha say they of adventures.

should receive the White-man Where do you think he had seen when he came? these things?

What secrets came to Hiawatha What was the “bitter" water in the vision Iagoo told about?

What “darker vision" did he What was the “lightning' and the see?

“thunder” that came from the Has Hiawatha's vision come “canoe with pinions''?

true? Why was his story laughed at as What do you think of Hia

false and impossible by the watha's character village folk?

Which of all the stories in this How did Hiawatha know it was poem do you like best? all true?

| Give the reason for your answer?

[blocks in formation]

Indian Names Ad-ji-dąu'-mo—the red squirrel. Äh-meek'—the king of beavers. Äh'-mo—the bee (“stinging fly''). An-ne-mēe'-kee—the thunder. Big-Sea-Water-Lake Superior. Chee-mąun'-a birch bark canoe. Chi-bi-å’bos—the Musician; friend of Hiawatha; ruler in the Land

of Spirits.

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