Information Economy Report 2006: The Development Perspective

United Nations Publications, 2006 - 314 páginas
The present edition of the Report provides unique data on the adoption of ICT by enterprises in developing countries. It also explores ICT policy options in a developing-country context and proposes a framework for national ICT policy reviews and for the design and assessment of pro-poor e-strategies. The Report's analysis of trends in core ICT indicators such as the use of Internet and mobile phone, as well as the role of broadband in promoting the information economy, concludes that the diffusion of ICT in developing countries still needs government intervention in areas where private providers might be discouraged to go because of costs associated to geographic hurdles or the absence of a critical mass of customers. Publishing Agency: United Nations (UN).

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chapter :pro-poor ICT policies and practices


ICT indicators for Development Trends and Impact
Reviewing National ICT Policies for the Information Economy
Propoor ICT policies and practices
ICTs in the oil sector implications for developing economies
ICTs enterprises and jobs What policies?
Serviceoriented architecture and Web Services Technologies Trends and Implications for Ebusiness in Developing Countries
The Layered Internet Architecture Governance Principles and Policies
Laws and Contracts in an Ecommerce Environment
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