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Act No.

306. Act defining, regulating and licensing real estate brokers, etc.

307. Amending drain laws; report of county drain commissioner.

308. Amending drain laws; final order of determination.

309. Amending general village law of 1895; repairs to lighting works.

310. Uniform fraudulent conveyance act.

311. Amending act providing for the appointment, etc., of circuit court stenog-

raphers ; circuits composed of more than one county.

312. Amending act to revise, amend and consolidate the laws for the incorporation

of churches, etc.; articles of association.

313. Amending act making it a felong to take possession of and to drive away any

automobile, etc., penalty.

314. Amending the judicature act; licensed attorneys.

315. Act promoting the agricultural interests of the various counties, efc.

316. Act permitting the spearing of red horse, suckers, etc., in Clinton river and

Belle river, etc.

317. Amending act to license the killing of beaver, etc., closed season, licenses.

318. Amending act to license and regulate the hunting, etc., of wild animals, etc.;


319. Amending act creating office of Food and Drug Commissioner, etc.; power of


320. Amending act to require street railway companies operating electric cars, etc.;

to protect certain of their employes, etc.; enclosed platforms.

321. Amending act providing for the incorporation of labor associations; new

membership, etc.


Act prohibiting the demand or receipt of any fee or gratuity of any employer,


323. Amending laws relative to offences against property ; breaking and entering;


324. Act validating certain sewer, paving and other special assessments, etc.

325. Act authorizing cities to erect and own memorials to soldiers and sailors.

326. Amending the housing code ; scope of act, converted buildings, new buildings.

327. Amending act providing for the control and management of the Industrial

School for Girls; board of control, compensation.

328. Act creating Michigan State Athletic Board of Control.

329. Act permitting taking of cisco by the use of gill nets in waters of Klinger

lake, etc.

330. Amending act creating State Board of Equalization, etc.; personnel of board ;

date of meeting; duties.

331. Amending general tax law; exemptions.

Act providing for the furnishing and acceptance of cash, etc., in lieu of

bonds, etc.


Act providing for fixing of the salaries of all county officials, etc.

334. Act creating Board of Examiners of Architects, Engineers and Surveyors, etc.


Amending act designating the holidays to be observed in the acceptance and

payment of bills of exchange, etc., holidays.

336. Amending act providing for the protection of game animals and birds, etc.;

killing, having in possession or sale; maximum number; open season.


Act relative to voting, assessing and collecting school taxes in city school

districts, etc.

338. Amending drain laws; salary of commissioner.

339. Act relating to dogs and the protection of live stock, etc.

340. Amending act providing for the construction, etc., of federal aided roads, etc.;

ratio cost; tax levy.
341. Amending act providing for creation of Department of Labor, etc.; employment

of minors.

342. Act providing for the better protection of lives of passengers and employes on

railroad trains, etc.

343. Amending the judicature act; salaries of probate judges.

344. Act making veterans of the World War eligible to the examination for admis-

sion to the bar in certain cases.

315. Act defining the equalization of coroners in counties having a population of

two hundred fifty thousand, etc.

346. Amending general village laws of 1895 ; special assessment rolls.

Act No.

347. Act authorizing Board of State Auditors to audit and allow certain claims for

pavement in the city of Pontiac.

348. Amending act providing for the appointment, etc., of circuit court stenog-

raphers; sixteenth circuit.

349. Act providing for the creation of a central election counting board in cities or


350. Amending act providing for the publication of the proceedings of annual

school meeting, etc.

351. Amending act to revise and consolidate the laws relating to public instruc-

tion, etc.

352. Act authorizing Board of State Auditors to audit and allow certain claims for

pavement in the city of Jackson.

353. Act prohibiting the employment of persons affected with infectious or venereal

diseases in cigar factories.

354. Amending act providing for the organization of township school districts;

disbanding of district.

35.). Amending laws relative to the powers and duties of townships, etc.; assessor.

356. Amending the judicature-act; election under will.

357. Amending the judicature act; stenographer for Genesee circuit.

358. Act authorizing Board of State Auditors to audit and allow certain claims for

sewer in the city of Jackson.

359. Amending indeterminate sentence law; application for pa role.

360. Amending insurance code; increase or decrease of capital stock.

361. Act regulating operation of street cars and interurban cars, etc.

362. Amending insurance code; consolidation or reinsurance.

363. Amending insurance code; insurance of railway employes against loss of

position; capital stock required.

364. Amending act regulating construction and operation of moving picture shows,

etc. ; installation.

365. Amending act defining and regulating the treatment and control of dependent,

etc., children, etc.; re-hearing.

366. Act permitting spearing of fish other than brook trout and black bass in Pine

lake, etc.

367. Amending act providing for examination, etc., of persons engaged in the prac-

tice of dentistry, etc.; dental hygienists.

368. Act providing for the licensing of operators of motor vehicles, etc.

369. Act supplementing existing laws providing for the establishment, etc., of

municipal courts of record, etc.

570. Amending act providing for relief outside of the Soldiers' Home for honorably

discharged indigent soldiers, etc.; relief fund.

371. Amending act prohibiting the taking, etc., of certain fur-bearing animals, etc.,

closed season ; disturbing habitat; permits.

372. Act providing a primary election system for township officers.

Amending act authorizing the acceptance by the State of certain tract of land

in Crawford county, etc.; purposes.

374. Amending act authorizing and requiring county clerks to record soldiers'

discharges; duty of county clerk.

375. Amending act protecting all citizens in their civil rights.

376. Act providing for commemoration of centennial of signing of Treaty of


377. Act providing for permits for securing pistols or revolvers, etc.

378. Act limiting liability of a bank for non-payment of a check through error.

379. Amending general banking law; application to organize.

380. Act regulating sale, exchange and use of school text-books.

381. Amending act regulating issuance of stocks, bonds, etc.

382. Act fixing rate of passenger fares.

383. Amending general motor vehicle law.

384. Act regulating, etc., installation of warm air heating plants, etc.

285. Act authorizing temporary separation of jurors in certain cases.

386. Act defining due diligence in the forwarding of checks, etc., by any bank, etc.

357. Act prohibiting taking or catching of bluegills from the waters of Driskel

lake, etc.

388. Amending general highway law; maximum amount of liability.

Act No.

389. Act providing for the punishment of persons who share in the proceeds of pros-

titution, etc.

390. Amending the judicature act; commissioner to adjust claims.

391. Act protecting owners of motor vehicles, entrusting the same to care, etc., of

the owner, etc., of public garage, etc.

392. Amending act establishing uniform time in Michigan; legal time.

393. Act authorizing prosecuting attorneys to appoint second assistant prosecuting

attorney, etc.

394. Amending act providing for non-resident angler's license; license; fee.

395. Amending home rule act for villages; district affected.

396. Amending the judicature act; powers of executor, etc., in case of unfulfilled

contract to convey real estate.

397. Amending divorce laws; duty of prosecuting attorney.

398. Act authorizing construction of bridges over navigable streams, etc.

399. Amending act regulating sale of steamship and railroad tickets, etc.; certifi-

cate of compliance; corporate bond ; etc.

400. Amending general primary law.

401. Act relative to the equipping of cars on interurban railroads with couplers

of uniform height.

402. Amending act revising and consolidating the laws relating to public instruc-

tion, etc. ; superintendent of public instruction.

403. Amending home rule act for cities; amending of charter; initiatory petition.

404. Amending the judicature act; compensation of expert witnesses.

405. Amending act providing for the organization of school districts; elections ;

estimate of taxes.

406. Act to protect deer, moose, etc., in and within two miles from any public

park, etc. -

407. Amending the insurance code; farmers' mutuals.

408. Act providing for incorporation of United States World War Veterans, Division

of Michigan, etc.

409. Act providing for licensing of “Babcock test" operators, etc.

410. Act providing for using standard marking, designs or names on through

State highways, etc.

411. Act regulating business of canning and preserving.

412. Act providing for a "Friend of the Court."

413. Amending act providing for the registration of electors; re-registration.

414. Amending act providing for establishment and maintenance of joint county

sanatoriums, etc.

415. Amending act authorizing the placing on probation of persons in contempt

in divorce, etc., cases.

416. Amending the judicature act; justice clerks.

417. Amending act licensing, etc., use of firearms in hunting for and killing deer,

etc. ; fees; licenses and seals.

418. Act providing for manufacture and sale of black pepper, etc.

419. Act creating a Public Utilities Commission, etc.

420. Amending act concerning industrial banks, etc.; powers of banks; restrictions.

421. Act providing for vocational and general education of certain minors under

eighteen years.

Joint resolutions.

Amendments to the constitution.

Certificate of adjournment.

State Treasurer's report.





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