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Act No.

84. Amending home rule act for cities; how territory to be added or detached ;

representation on board of supervisors.

85. Act curing proceedings, etc., in certain single school districts.

86. Act permitting spearing of certain fish in White lake, Muskegon county, during


87. Act permitting spearing of carp in Cass river, Tuscola' county.

88. Act authorizing township boards to contract for the furnishing of water for

fire protection, etc.

89. Amending laws relative to the powers and duties of townships; limit of tax


90. Act prohibiting the establishment of any county office in connection with the

county treasurer's office.

91. Amending act regulating the spearing of cisco, white fish and carp in inland


92. Amending general highway law; additional reward.

03. Act supplementing the laws providing for the publication and distribution of

Public Acts, etc.

94. Act authorizing the investment of funds held in trust by trustees and others, in

farm loan bonds.

95. Amending the judicature act; cost of publishing legal notices.

96. Act providing for county cream testers.

97. Act providing for license for conducting billiard rooms, etc., outside of incor-

porated cities, etc.

98. Act establishing a budget system for the several activities of the State, etc.

99. Appropriation for Board of Osteopathic Registration and Examination; cur-

rent expenses.

100. Appropriation for State Board of Registration of Nurses ; current expenses.

101. Appropriation for Mackinac Island State Park Commission; current expenses.

102. Appropriation for the State Board of Registration in Medicine; current


103. Appropriation for State Game, Fish and Forest Fire Commissioner's Depart-

ment; current expenses.

104. Act prohibiting the display of a red flag in certain cases.

105. Act providing for the extension of life of partnership associations limited, etc.

106. Act authorizing use of excess funds of county road fund for payment of

interest on road bonds in certain cases.

107. Amending act providing for the construction, etc., of highways, etc., where a

portion of the cost is paid by assessment for benefits; application for

improvement, etc.

108. Amending general banking law; borrower's liability ; securities commission.

109. Act enabling the board of education in certain cities to take the control and

management of a college of medicine.

110. Amending workmen's compensation act; annual meeting of employers.

111. Amending act regulating the ordering of stationery, etc., under State con-

tracts; duty of Board of State Auditors.

112. Amending the abatement act.

113. Amending act prescribing the powers of certain school districts to borrow

money, etc.

114. Amending act providing for rat bounties.

115. Amending act making it unlawful to conceal or misrepresent the identity of

motor vehicles, etc.

116. Amending general highway law ; line roads; extra deputy county clerk; patrol


117. Amending insurance code; subscription to capital stock, etc.

.118. Amending home rule act for cities; justices of the peace.

119. Act authorizing certain cities to take title in fee to any public utility, etc.

120. Act supplementing the laws relating to the printing, etc., of State documents.

121. Amending act authorizing township boards to raise money, etc.; when electors

fail to vote necessary funds.

122. Appropriation for State Horticultural Society; current expenses.

123. Appropriation for State Board of Registration of Architects; current expenses.

124. Appropriation for Newberry State Hospital; purchase of boilers.

125. Appropriation to defray expenses of the legislature, for personal service of

members, etc.

Act No.

126. Appropriation for State Apiary Inspection; current expenses.

127. Appropriation for Michigan Naval Militia ; current expenses.

128. Appropriation for State Geological and Biological Survey ; current expenses.

129. Appropriation for State Board of Corrections and Charities ; current expenses.

130. Appropriation for State Fire Marshal's office, Department of Insurance; cur-

rent expenses.

131. Appropriation for Department of Insurance; current expenses.

132. Amending act providing for the compulsory education of children.

133. Amending insurance code; capital stock.

134. Amending act providing for the registration of electors; oath of allegiance.

135. Amending insurance code ; societies, etc., excepted from provisions of act.

136. Act providing for the licensing and regulation of boarding homes for children.

137. Act authorizing payment of bounties for destruction of certain noxious animals.

138. Amending act providing for the organization of township school districts in

the upper peninsula.

139. Amending act requiring plans for all school buildings, etc., heating system.

140. Amending act to establish, etc., lien of mechanics, etc.

141. Act providing for the taking of fish in Lakes Superior, Huron, St. Clair and

Erie with set hook lines or spears.

142. Amending drain laws; drawing of orders.

143. Amending the judicature act; salaries of circuit judges.

144. Amending act defining powers and duties of boards of supervisors, ineligibility

of supervisors to certain other offices.

145. Amending act providing for the taxation of inheritances, etc.; non-resident


146. Act providing for the appointment of a State Health Commissioner, etc.

147. Act creating Community Council Commission, etc.

148. Amending act providing for the taxation of inheritances, etc.; when tax to be

imposed, rate.

149. Act creating State Board of Control for Vocational Education.

150. Act authorizing courts of record to make binding declaration of rights.

151. Act providing for the fixing of salaries of clerks and deputies in certain justice


152. Appropriation for Michigan Historical Commission.

153. Appropriation for State Game, Fish and Forest Fire Commissioner's Depart-

ment (for forest fire protection).

154. Appropriation for Michigan Board of Pharmacy.

155. Appropriation for Kalamazoo State Hospital; current expenses and deficiency.

156. Appropriation for Industrial School for Boys; purchase of new site.

157. Amending act revising and consolidating the laws relative to the State Board

of Education : meeting of board.

158. Amending act establishing county normal training classes; how established.

159. Act to preserve and perpetuate the commercial fisheries of the State, etc.

100. Act to release legally niarried ininors from parental control, etc.

161. Amending act regulating the hunting, pursuing and killing of wild animals,

etc., licenses.

102. Amending drain laws; computation of cost ; application for deepening, etc.;

salary of commissioner.

16:3. Amending act relative to rural cemeteries ; authority of board.

164. Appropriation for Michigan Securities Commission; current expenses.

165. Amending act providing for the payment and reimbursement by counties, etc.,

of expenses incurred in the burial of army nurses, etc. ; duty of board.

166. Act permitting spearing of suckers, etc., in waters of St. Joseph, etc., rivers in

St. Joseph county.

167. Act prohibiting division of fees by physicians and surgeons.

168. Amending act creating office of State Fire Marshal, etc. ; reporting of fires.

169. Appropriation for the State Board of Dental Examiners; current expenses.

170. Amending the judicature act; waiver of notice of individuals, guardians and


171. Amending the judicature act; license to sell real estate.

172. Amending the judicature act; forcible entry; jurisdiction of justice,

173. Amending general highway law; building of state reward roads by townships.
board; general fund.

Act No.

174. Amending act relative to the suppression of contagious diseases among bees,

etc. ; transportation, etc.

175. Amending act licensing and regulating hunting, pursuing and killing of wild

animals, etc., licenses.

176. Act relative to false and misleading advertisements, etc., concerning agricul-

tural seeds.

177. Appropriation for State Board of Library Commissioners.

178. Appropriation for University of Michigan; current expenses and special


179. Amending act providing for the formation of street railway companies ; opera-

tion of lines.

180. Act regulating the number and the salaries of under-sheriffs, etc., in certain


181. Act creating the Department of Animal Industry, etc.

182. Appropriation for United States Boys' Working Reserve; for further organ-


183. Appropriation for Supreme Court; current expenses.

184. Appropriation for State Library ; current expenses.

185. Appropriation for Department of State; current expenses.

186. Appropriation for Department of the Auditor General; current expenses.

187. Appropriation for State Board of Health; current expenses.

188. . Appropriation for State Board of Health (embalmer's fund) ; current expenses.

189. Appropriation for Attorney General's Department; current expenses.

190. Appropriation for Board of Tax Commissioners and State Board of Assessors ;

current expenses.

191. Appropriation for Board of State Auditors, and for the maintenance, etc., of

the Capitol building and grounds.

192. Appropriation for the Public Domain Commission; current expenses.

193. Appropriation for the Industrial Accident Board ; current expenses.

194. Appropriation for the Military Establishment of Michigan; current expenses.

195. Appropriation for State Military Board for construction of armories.

196. Appropriation for Food and Drug Department; current expenses.

197. Appropriation for State Board of Law Examiners; current expenses.

198. Appropriation for State Veterinary Board ; current expenses.

199. Appropriation for Advisory Board in the Matter of Pardons ; current expenses.

200. Appropriation for Michigan Farm Bureau ; current expenses.

201. Appropriation for Michigan State Normal College; current expenses.

202. Appropriation for Central Michigan Normal School; current expenses.

203. Appropriation for Northern State Normal School ; current expenses.

204. Appropriation for Michigan Agricultural College: cooperative agricultural

extension work, library and administration building, auditorium.

205. Appropriation for Michigan College of Mines; current expenses.

206. Appropriation for Michigan School for the Blind; current and special expenses.

207. Appropriation for Michigan Employment Institution for the Blind; current


208. Appropriation for Michigan State Sanatorium; current and special expenses.

209. Appropriation for the State Industrial Home for Girls; current and special

expenses and deficiency.

210. Appropriation for State Psychopathic Hospital ; current expenses.

211. Appropriation for Newberry State Hospital; current expenses.

212. Act providing for transfer of certain unexpended balances of appropriations

for Newberry State Hospital.

213. Appropriation for Pontiac State Hospital; current and special expenses.

214. Appropriation for Michigan Soldiers' Home; current expenses.

215. Act providing for dedication of Shiloh monument.

216. Appropriation for completing armory at Muskegon.

217. Act creating special commission to investigate sprinkler insurance.

218. Act creating Michigan State Park Commission, and appropriation therefor.

219. Act authorizing Superintendent of Public Instruction to afford vocational

training to adult blind persons.

220. Act prohibiting granting teachers' certificates to other than citizens of the

United States.

221. Amending act authorizing, formation of health districts; member of district

compensation of members.

231. Amending act providing for the appointment, etc., of circuit court stenog.

raphers, etc.; salaries.

232. Act supplementing the laws of the State relating to powers and duties of

Attorney General, etc.

233. Amending the judicature act; garnishment proceedings against corporations

and the State.

234. Amending the judicature act; publication and service of order of appearance.

235. Amending the judicature act; commissions to executors, administrators and


236. Act creating a prima facie presumption of negligence in certain cases where a

vehicle is struck from the rear.

237. Act authorizing the payment of salaries to sheriffs, under-sheriffs and deputy


238. Amending act establishing Michigan Soldiers' Home; admittance.

239. Act prohibiting sex discrimination in the payment of wages.

240. Amending act providing for the incorporation of cities, etc. ; restrictions on


241. Amending fourth class city act; special assessment installments.

242. Act providing for the payment of bounties for the killing of weasels, etc.

243. Act requiring the issuance, without fee, of transcripts, under seal, of any

record pertaining to soldiers, etc.; pensions, etc.

244. Amending the housing code; when damaged dwelling to be repaired.

245. Act providing for screening outlet and inlets of Bills lake in township of

Croton, Newaygo county.

246. Amending general highway law; application for State reward.

247. Act permitting taking of cisco by use of gill nets in the waters of certain

lakes in Cass county, etc.

248. Amending general highway law; issuance of bonds.

249. Amending act providing for presiding circuit judge, etc.; payment of expenses.

250. Amending act providing for government of Michigan asylums, etc.; admis-

sions, etc.

251. Amending laws relative to offenses against chastity, etc. ; removal of bodies

from cemeteries, etc.

252. Amending home rule act for cities; permissive charter provisions.

253. Amending act authorizing cities and villages of less than 150,000 to levy tax

for garbage disposal.

254. Act authorizing boards of supervisors to raise money for collection, etc., of

historical material, etc.

255. Act defining the crime of criminal syndicalism, etc.

256. Amending home rule act for villages; population.

257. Amending act making appropriations for State Public School at Coldwater,

etc.; admittance.

258. Act providing manner of making payments on township highway funds.

259. Act regulating the manufacture and sale of soft drinks, etc.

260. Amending act protecting fish in inland waters; closed season for brook trout

and black bass.

261. Repealing section relative to agent for Michigan Reform School for Girls.

262. Amending act revising and consolidating laws relative to asylums for the

insane; medical superintendent.

Act No.

263. Amending act regulating business under an assumed or fictitious name; penalty


264. Amending act providing for appointment, etc., of an assistant law librarian.

265. Amending act requiring the filing of certificates of co-partnership, etc.;


266. Amending Michigan election law; adjournment of polls; disposition of ballots.

267. Amending the judicature act; return of complaint; service of summons ;

adjournment of hearing upon complaint.

268. Amending act providing for incorporation of associations for purpose of estab-

lishing loan funds, etc.; incorporation.

269. Act permitting the taking of suckers and red sides by seines, etc., in the

waters of Chippewa and Pine rivers, etc.

270. Act licensing, etc., the taking of wild migratory water fowl for propagation

purposes, etc.

271. Act punishing giving of checks, etc., when person so giving has insufficient

funds or credit.

272. Act to protect public health; to prevent spread of venereal diseases, etc.

273. Appropriation for Department of Public Instruction; current expenses.

274. Act providing for establishment of physical training in the public schools, etc.

275. Appropriation for Department of Labor; current expenses.

276. Appropriation for Michigan Railroad Commission; current expenses.

277. Appropriation for Department of Oil Inspection; current expenses.

278. Appropriation for State Board of Fish Commissioners; current expenses.

279. Appropriation for State Department of Animal Industry; current expenses.

280. Appropriation for the Circuit Judges of Michigan, the judges of the Recorders'

Court of Detroit and the Superior Court of Grand Rapids ; current expenses.

281. Act creating Michigan Industrial Relations Commission.

282. Act creating office of State Purchasing Agent, etc.

283. Amending act relative to prevention of fire waste, etc.; State Fire Marshal,

deputy, etc.; appropriation.

284. Act providing for publication of an index to all local and special acts of the


285. Appropriation for publishing history of the Thirty-second Division.

286. Appropriation for repair and improvement of armory in the city of Grand


287. Act authorizing use of the Hanson Military Reservation, etc., as a recrea-

tional ground.

288. Appropriation for Western State Normal School; current, special expenses and


289. Appropriation for a training school building for Northern State Normal School.

290. Appropriation for Traverse City State Hospital; current and special expenses.

291. Appropriation for Ionia State Hospital; current expenses, sprinkler system.

292. Appropriation for Michigan Home and Training School; current expenses.

293. Appropriation for Michigan Farm Colony for Epileptics; current expenses,

new cottages.

294. Appropriation for Michigan School for the Deaf; current and special expenses.

295. Appropriation for State Public School; current and special expenses.

296. Appropriation for Industrial School for Boys; current expenses and deficiency.

297. Appropriation for Michigan State Prison; special appropriation; current


298. Appropriation for Michigan Reformatory at Ionia ; current expenses ; indus-

trial fund.

299. Appropriation for State House of Correction and Branch of State Prison in

Upper Peninsula; current expenses ; industrial fund.

300. Appropriation for Michigan Training School for Women; current and special


301. Act authorizing payment out of the State treasury of emergency claims, etc.

302. Appropriation for certain special State purposes.

303. Amending act . relative to dividing city school districts into election pre-

cincts, etc.

304. Act prohibiting adoption or use of name similar to the name of a military,

etc., organization, etc.

305. Act authorizing bonds; providing sites and erection of free public libraries, etr

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