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Biography, Criticism, etc.

Magazine Articles.



II. POETICAL WORKS. The Poetical Works and other The Poetical Works of Coleridge, Writings of Jolin Keats, now Shelley, and Keats.

In one first brought together, includ. volume. Paris, 1829, 8vo. ing poems and numerous letters John Keats (including Memoir),

1.-vii. and 1-75. not before published. Edited, with notes and appendices, by Standard Library. The Poetical H. B. Forman 4 vols. Lon- Works of J. K. London, 1840, don, 1883, 8vo.


The first collected edition of Keats's The Letters of John Keats. Edited Works.

by J. G. Speed. (The Poems of The Poetical Works of J. K. Lon. J. Keats, with the annotations

don, 1840, 8vo. of Lord Houghton, and a memoir

New by J. G. Speed.) 3 vols.

With an engraved frontispiece

from the portrait in chalk by Hil. York, 1883, 8vo.

ton. This book, although dated A number of letters now included 1840, was not issued until the follow. in this work were first published in ing year. The frontispiece is dated the New York World of June 25-6,

correctly. 1877, and afterwards reprinted in

The Poetical Works of J. K. Lon. the Academy, vol. xii., 1877, pp. 38-40, 65-67.

don, 1841, 8vo,

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The Poetical Works of J. K. A Houghton. (Aldine Edition.)

new edition. London, 1851, London, 1876, 8vo. 8ro.

The Poetical Works of Coleridge The Poetical Works of J. K. With and Keats, with a memoir of Memoir by R. M. Milnes (Lord

each, (Riverside Edition. ) Houghton). Illustrated by a

4 vols. in 2. New York, 1878, portrait and 120 designs by 8vo. George Scharf, Jun. London, The Poetical Works of J. K. Lon1854, 8vo.

don (1878), Svo. A small number of copies were | The Powtical Works of J. K. struck off upon large paper.

Edited, with an introductory The Poetical Works of J. K. With

memoir, by W. B. Scott. (Eica life [signed J. R. L-i.l., celsior Series.) London (1880), James Russell Lowell]. Boston 8vo. [U.S.), 1854, 8vo.

The Poetical Works of J. K. The Poetical Works of J. K. With Edited, with a critical memoir,

a Memoir by Richard Monckton by W. M. Rossetti. [Portrait, Milnes [Lord Houghton). A fac-simile, and six illustrations new edition. London, 1861, 8vo. by Thomas Seccombe.] (Moxon's Upon the reverse of the half-title

Popular Poets.) London (1880), to the “Memoir” is a wood-cut

8vo. profile of Keats.

The same as the edition of 1872. The Poetical Works of J. K. The Memoir reprinted in

Edited, with a critical memoir, “Lives of Famous Poets.' by W. M. Rossetti. Illustrated The Poetical Works of J. K., reby T.

Seccombe. London printed from the original edi. [1872), 8vo.

tions, with notes, by F. T. The Poetical Works of J. K.

Palgrave. (Golden Treasury Edited, with an introductory

Series.) London, 1884, 8vo. memoir and illustrations, by The Poetical Works of J. K. William B. Scott. London

Edited by W. T. Arnold. Lon(1873), 8vo.

don, 1884, 8vo.

There was a large paper edition, The Poetical Works of J. K. With consisting of fifty copies, numbered & memoir by James Russell

and signed. Lowell. Portrait and 10 illus- The Poetical Works of John Keats. trations. New York, 1873, 8vo.

Edited by H. B. Forman. LonThe Memoir was afterwards re

don, 1884, 8vo. printed in “Among my Books,” | The Poetical Works of J. K. With second series, 1876, pp. 303-327.

an introductory sketch by John The Poetical Works of J. K., re- Hogben. (Canterbury "Poets.)

printed from the early editions, London, 1885, 8vo.
with memoir, explanatory notes,
etc. (Chandos Classics.) Lon- III. SINGLE WORKS.

don (1874], 8vo. The Poetical Works of J. K. Poems, by John Keats. London,

1817, 16mo. Chronologically arranged and

The Museum copy contains a MS. edited, with a memoir, by Lord note by F. Locker.

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Endymion ; & Poetic Romance. IV. LETTERS, ETO.

By J. K. London, 1818, 8vo. Endymion. Illustrated by F. Life, Letters, and Literary Re.

Joubert. From_paintings by mains of J. K. Edited by R. E. J. Poynter. London, 1873, M. Milnes. 2 vols. London, fol.

1848, 16mo. The Eve of St. Agnes. By J. K. Life and Letters of John Keats.

With 20 illustrations by E. H.
Wehnert. London, 1856, 8vo.

A new and completely revised
edition. Edited

Lord The Eve of St. Agnes.

by Illustrated by E. H. Wehnert. Lon

Houghton. London, 1867, 8vo. don (1875), 8vo.

Letters of J. K. to Fanny Brawne, The Eve of St. Agnes. Illus- written in the years 1819 and

trated by nineteen otchings by 1820, and now given from the Charles O. Murray. Loudon, original manuscripts, with in18-0, fol.

troduction and notes, by Harry The Eve of St. Agnes, and other Buxton Forman. Loudon, 1878,

Poems. Illustrated. Boston 8vo. (U.S.), 1876, 24mo.

In addition to the ordinary issue, Miscellanies of the Philobiblon So- the following special copies were

“printed for private distribution"oiety. London, 1856-7, 8vo.

In 8vo on Whatman's hand-made Vol. iii. contains “ Another version of Keats's Hyperion, a Vision,"

paper 50 copies, on vellum 2 copies ;

in post svo there were 6 copies with edited, with an introduction, by R. M. Milnes (Lord Houghton).

title-page set up in different style,

and 2 copies of coloured bank-noto Keatsii Hyperionis. Librii-ii. paper, one blue and the other Latine reddidit Carolus Meri

yellow. vale. Cambridge, 1862, 8vo. Keats': Hyperion. Book I. With

V. MISCELLANEOUS. notes [life and introduction). London (1877), 8vo.

CONTRIBUTIONS TO MAGAZINES. Keats's llyperion. Book I. With introduction, elucidatory notes, Annals of the Fine Arts. A and an appendix of exercises.

quarterly magazine, edited by London (1878], 8vo.

James ElmesLamia, Isabella, The Eve of St.

“Ode to the Nightingale," vol. iv., Agnes, and other Poems. By

1820, pp. 354-356.

The first appearJ. K. London, 1820, 12mo. ance of this poem, which was afterLamia. With illustrative designs wards included in the “Lamia" by W. H. Low. Philadelphia,

volume, 1820, pp. 107-112.

“Ode on a Grecian Urn." Ap1885, fol.

peared first in the “Annals of the Ode to a Nightingale.

By J. K.

Fine Arts" vol. iv., 1820, pp. 638, 639, Edited, with an introduction,

afterwards included in the Lamia

volume. by Thomas J. Wise. London, 1884, 8vo.

The AthenaeumPrinted for private distribution, First appearance of the Sonnet and issued in parchment wrappers.

“ On hearing the Bag-pipe and Four copies on vellum and twenty- seeing The Stranger' played at five on paper only printed,

Inverary," June 7, 1873, p. 725.


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The Chainpiun,

The Indicator. Edited by Leigh On Edmund Kean as a Shake. Hunt sperian actor, an on Kean in

In vol. i., 1820, p. 120, there are Richard, Duke of York.'" Ap- thirty-four lines, headed Vox et proepeared on the 21st and 28th Dec. terea nihil, supposed by Mr. Forman 1817.

to be a cancelled passage of En. The Dial

dymion, and reprinted by him in his

edition of Keats, 1883, vol. i., p. 221. “Notes Milton's Paradise In vol. i. 1820, pp. 246-248, the Lost." In vol. iii., 1813, pp, 500-504 ; poem “La Belle Dame Sans Merci reprinted by Lord Houghton.

Arst appeared, and signed “Caviare." The Examiner

First appearance of the sonnet,

A Dream after reading Dante's The “Sonnet to Solitude,” Keats's Episode of 'Paolo and Francesca,' first published poem, according to

signed “Caviare," vol. i. 1820, p. Charles Cowden Clarke, appeared

304, on the 5th of May 1816, signed Leigh Hunt's Literary Pocket J. K., p. 282. The first appearance of


the sonnet “To Kosciusko,” Feb. 16,

First appearance of the sonnets,

“To Ailsa Rock" and "The Human 1817, p. 107. The

Season" in 1819. first

appearance of the sonnet, “After dark vapors have oppress'd our plains," etc., Feb. 23,

VI. APPENDIX. 1817, p. 124.

Two sonnets “ To Haydon, with a Sonnet written on seeing the

BIOGRAPHY, CRITICISM, ETC. Elgin Marbles,” and “On seeing the Elgin Marbles" appear for the first Armstrong, Edmund J.-Essays time, March 9, 1817, p. 155. In 1818

and Sketches of Edmund J. they were reprinted in the Annals of the Fine Arts, No. 8.

Armstrong. London, 1877, The first

appearance of the 8vo. sonnet, “Written on a blank space Keats, pp. 176-179. at the end of Chaucer's tale of The Atlantic Monthly.—Boston, 1858, Floure and the Lefe,'" March 16, 1817, p. 173.

8vo. Sonnet “On the Grasshopper and

" The

Poet Keats." Seven Cricket" appeared on the 21st Sept.

stanzas, vol. ii., pp. 531-532. 1817, p. 599.

Belfast, Earl of. – Poets and The Gem, a Literary Annual. Poetry of the xixth century. A Edited by Thomas Hood

course of lectures. London, The sonnet “On a picture of

1852, 8vo. Leander" appeared for the first

Moore, Keats, Scott, pp. 59-131. time in 1829, p. 108.

Best Bits. -Best Bits. London, Hoods Comic Annual

1884, 8vo.

“ The Last Moments of Keats," “Sonnet to a Cat," 1830, p. 14. vol. ii., p. 119. Hood's Magazine,

Biographical Magazine.-Lives of

the illustrious (The BiographiIn vol. ii., 1844, p. 240, the sonnet “Life's sea hath been five times at cal Magazine). London, 1853, its slow ebb" appears for the first 8vo. time; included by Lord Houghton John Keats, vol. iii., pp. 260-271. in the Literary Remains.

Caine, T. Hall. Recollections of In vol. ii., 1844, p. 562, the poem “Old Meg," written during a tour

Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Lonin Scotland, appears for the first don, 1882, 8vo. time.

Keats, pp. 167-183.

Caine, T. Hall.—Cobwebs of Criti- | Devey, J.-A comparative esticism, etc. London, 1883, 8vo. mate of Modern English Poetry. Keats, pp. 158-190.

London, 1873, 8vo. Carr, J. Comyns.--Essays on Art.

Alexandrine Poets. Keats, pp.

263-274. London, 1879, 8vo. The artistic spirit in Modern Eng.

Dilke, Charles Wentworth.-The lish Poetry, pp. 3-34.

Papers of a Critic. Selected Clarke, Charles Cowden. - - The

from the writings of the late

Charles W. Dilke. 2 vols. LonRiches of Chaucer, in which his

don, 1875, 8vo. impurities have been expunged,

John Keats, vol. i., pp. 2-14. etc. 2 vols. London, 1835, Encyclopædia Britannica. En. 12mo.

cyclopædia Britannica. Eighth John Keats, vol. i., pp. 52, 53. edition. Edinburgh, 1857, 4to. -Recollections of Writers. Lon- John Keats, vol. xiii., pp. 55-57. don, 1878, 8vo.

-Ninth edition. Edinburgh, John Keats, pp. 120-157.

1882, 4to. Colvin, Sidney.-Keats (English

John Keats, by Algernon C.

Swinburne, vol. xiv., pp. 22-24. Men of Letters). London, 1887, English Writers. Essays on Eng. 8vo.

lish Writers. By the author of Cotterill, H. B.-An Introduction • The Gentle Life.” London,

to the Study of Poetry. Lon. 1869, 8vo. don, 1882, 8vo.

Shelley, Keats, etc., pp. 338-349. Keats, pp. 242-268.

Gilfillan, George.-Å Gallery of Courthope, William J.


Literary Portraits. Edinburgh, Liberal Movement in English

1845, 8vo.

John Keats, pp. 372-385. Literature. London, 1885, 8vo. Gossip. — The Gossip. London, Poetry, Music, and Painting.

1821, 8vo. Coleridge and Keats, pp. 159-194.

Three Stanzas, signed G. V. D., Cunningham, Allan.—Biographi- May 19, 1821, p. 96, “On Reading cal and Critical History of the

Lamia and other poems, by John

Keats." British Literature of the last Griswold, Rufus W.-The Poets fifty years. (Reprinted from the

and Poetry of England in the “ Athenæum."] Paris, 1834,

Nineteenth Century. New 12mo.

York, 1875, 8vo.
Keats, pp. 102-104.

John Keats, with portrait, pp. Dennis, John.--Heroes of Litera. 301-311.

ture. English Poets. London, Haydon, Benjamin Robert.-Life 1883, 8vo.

of B. R. Haydon. Edited and Keats, pp. 365-373.

compiled by Tom Taylor. 3 vols. De Quincey, Thomas. — Essays

London, 1853, 8vo.

Numerous references to Keats. on the Poets, and other English

Correspondence and TableWriters. Boston, 1853, 8vo. Talk. With a memoir by his John Keats, pp. 75-97.

son, F. W. Haydon. 2 vols. -De Quincey's Works. 16 vols.

London, 1876, 8vo. Edinburgh, 1862-71, 12mo.

Contains ten letters and two exJohn Keats, vol. v, pp.. 269-288. tracts from letters to Haydon, and

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