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The Home Bank of the Picturesque,


AMERICAN SCENERY, ART, AND LITERATURE Comprising beautiful large Vignettes, , engraved on Steel, by distinguished Artists,

of the following Subjects : The Bay of New-York, by H. Beckwith-the Clove, Cattskill, by Durand—the

Alleghanies, North Carolina, by Richards Snow Scene on the Housatonic, by Gignoux-Cattskill Scenery, by Kensett-Schroon Lake, by Cole-West Rock, New Haven, by Church-Adirondack Mountains, by Durand—the Junietta, Pennsylvania, by Talbot-Cascade Bridge on the Erie Railroad, by Talbott-the Rondout, by Huntington-Church at West Point, by Weir-Wa-wa-yanda

Lake, N. J., by Cropsey, &c. With Original Essays on Subjects connected with Scenery and the Fine Arts, by

Washington Irving, J. Fenimore Cooper, Miss Cooper, author of "Rural Hours," Bryant, N. P. Willis, Bayard Taylor, Dr. Bethune, Tuckerman, Magoon, &c. This Work of Art, which presents an attractive novelty among embellished publications of its elass, has been prepared with the utmost care, and at great expensethe engraved Ilustrations having been executed in the finest style of the art, as well as the letter-press and binding: it forms an elegant quarto volume. Copies in cloth, extra gilt, $7; morocco, super., $10; proofs on India, $16.


The Book of Home Beauty,

BY MRS. KIRKLAND. Containing Twelve Portraits of American Ladies, from Original Pictures, by Charles

Martin, Esq., engraved on Steel, in the best manner, by eminent Artists. One vol. folio, cloth, extra gilt, $8. Turkey morocco extra, $12. Proofs on India paper, double size, very elegant, $20.

The style and the aim of this work are somewhat more elevated than those of any similar work heretofore attempted either in this country or in Europe. It is not a transient, butterfly. nook of fancy sketches, but a work of permanent value, both in a literary and artistic point 0. view. No expense has been spared to render it creditable to the taste and artistic progress of the country. Mrs. Kirkland's name guarantees both the piquant interest and unexceptionable good taste of the volume. The portraits were taken from life by Chas. Martin, Esq., expressly for this purpose.

“I have told you something, in by-gone numbers, of a Book of Beauty, and indulged in some surmises as to who was to be the literary nurse of such an enterprise. I now learn with pleasure that Mrs. C. M. KIRKLAND is to have the handling of its dainty pages. A better selection could not have been made, either in view of the artistic pen-work of the lady in question, or of those substantial qualities of heart, temper, and judgment, which will at once forestall all possible charges of indecorum or frivolity."- North American Miscellany.

Tho Alhambra, Illustrated.
The Alhambra. By WASHINGTON IRVING. New edition, with large additions.

Illustrated by 14 beautiful engravings on wood, by the best engravers, from designs by F. 0. C. DARLEY. 8vo. Dark cloth, extra gilt, $3 50; extra blue,

gilt edges, $4; morocco extra, very elegant richly gilt edges, $6. This elegant volume is the last of the Illustrated Series. The subject, and the gracefal mode of handling it, combine to render this a peculiarly attractive volume for presentation.

“The Alhambra is one of the most finished and fascinating of Mr. Irving's works. It possesses the elaborate polish of the Sketch Book. The splendor of diction, and musical flow of words, are, at times, perfectly charming.--Southern Lit Messenger.

"This is one of Irving's most poetical and beautiful works, abounding in those exquisite pictures, which, although mere word-paintings, have all the fascination and impressiveness of the living, breathing

canvas. "-Southern Lit. Gazette. “The Alhambra is one of the most finished and fascinating of Irving's works."— Western Lit. Messenger.

Irving's Works, Illustrated.
New editions, in new and uniform style, viz., "KNICKERBOCKER," TRAVELLER;".

“SKETCH-Book," and "ALHAMBRA.' Square 8vo. Extra cloth, gilt edges, $16; morocco extra, best style, $24.

“DARLEY'S IRVING.–Putnam has published a most beautiful edition of the Sketch-Book, Mlustrated inimitably well by the racy pencil of Darley. It is this embalming of works of genias In the amber of art, which makes a library a luxury as well for the eye as the imagination. Sanny, genial, original, and tasteful Irving, worthily graced with fair print and appreciative illustratration! It is indeed a completion of fitness, in which these days of haste and imperfectness should rejoice, as a bright spot of exception."Home Journal. New Portrait of Washington Irving. Sketched from life, in crayons, by CHARLES Martin, Esq., and engraved in the

finest style, on Steel, by F. HALPIN. Single copies, 50 cts.; proofs on large paper, $1 50. As this is probably the last portrait that will be taken of Mr. Irving, this circumstance will consequently tend to enhance its value, apart from the fact of its acknowledged Adelity of expression.

" Portrait Of Irving. There has seldom been a more felicitous piece oi work. It is not only like Irving, but like his books: and though he looks as his books read, (which is true of few authors)--and looks like the name of his cottage, Sunnyside--and looks like what the world thinks of him-yet a painter might have missed this look, and still have made what many would consider a likeness. He sits, leaning his head on his hand, with the genial, unconscious, courtly composure of expression that he habitually wears, and still there is visible the couchant humor and philosophic inevitableness of perception, which form the strong under-current of his genius. The happy temper and strong intellect of Irving-the joyously indolent man, and the arousally brilliant author--are both there. As a picture, it is a fine specimen of art."Homo Journal.

Uniform with the above : New Portrait of William Cullen Bryant. Sketched from life, in crayons, by CHARLES Martin, Esq.; engraved on Steel in

the best style, by Illuan. Single copies, 50 cts.; proofs, $1 50. “No better likness will ever be made of Bryant and Bancroft than Martin's two portraits of these ante-mortem immortals. Bryant's true, though occasional look, is there-thanatopsically expansive and liberal." —Home Journal.

Letters of a Traveller. By W. C. Bryant. Illastrated
With numerous fine engravings on Steel. 1 vol. square 8vo. Cloth extra, $4;

morocco extra, $6. * Full of lively and picturesque sketches, acute observations, and nice discrimination. There Dotes possess peculiar interest."--Christian Inquirer.



The Shakspeare Gift-Book.
Tales of the Girlhood of Shakspeare's Heroines. By Mrs. CoWDEN CLARKE, Au-

thor of the “Concordance to Shakspeare," with 10 fine Illustrations on steel, consisting of the following subjects :-Portia-View of Cawdor Castle--Portrait of Helena-View of Venice--Windsor Castle-Portrait of Isabella-The TownHall, Padua-Elsinore, and the Forest of Ardennes-A View of Verona. Fine

edition, on large paper. First and Second Series. 8vo., elegantly bound, cloth, $4. This is a charming Gift-Book for young persons, while it is not at all unsuited for the most fastidious and cultivated lady.

“Let everybody buy these Tales. From mothers and daughters we bespeak a hearty recep tion."--Christian Inquirer.

** Mrs. Cowden Clarke, whose 'Concordance of Shakspeare' shows such mastery of the letter of the poet's works, now evinces her appreciation of their spirit in a series of fictions, entitled tho "The Girlhood of Shakspeare's Heroines.'”Dickens's Household Narrative.

“The design is one that would afford ample play to a lively and sympathetic imagination; and we are bound to say that the ingenious thought is admirably carried out."-London Mor. Chron.

The New Literary Gift-Book,
The Memorial: a Souvenir of Genius and Virtue.
Edited by MARY E. Hewitt. With splendid Illustrations on steel. 1 vol. 8vo.

Elegantly bound in muslin, gilt, $3 50; morocco, extra, $5 00.
Among the contributors to this beautiful volume are the following:-


John NEAL,


E. L. Magoon,


Mrs. E. A. LEWIS,
Mrs. Oakes SMITH,

MARY E. Brooks,
Alice R. NEAL,

Dr. Mayo,

Bishop DOANE,

W. G. Simas, “The extreme beauty of this interesting volume, and the high literary character of its con. tents, amply compensate for the delay which has attended its publication. It contains so many contributions of a superior order, that it may justly claim a less epheineral interest tban is usually attached to holiday offerings Beside her own contributions in prose and verse, which are among the most pleasing productions of her pen, Mrs. Hewitt has gathered a delightful variety of original articles, many of which are from eminent writers, and which, taken as a whole, possess an unu. sual degree of excellence. The typography, paper, and binding of the volume, are in a style of refined and tasteful elegance, in a high degree appropriate to the object for which it was designed. We cannot doubt that it will meet with the cheering welcome to which it is so richly entitled." -Tribune.

“As a literary production, no work has been issued in this country containing such a list of contributors, distinguished by reputation and ability. The volume will sustain the reputation of being at the head of its clasa"-Newark Advertiser.

"For the literary merits of the volume, we will only say that most of the ablest writers in our country in this department of literature, are represented. Many of their articles are in their happiest vein. In its mechanical execution, however, the work has no superior in anything which has issued from the American press."— Albany Stato Register. Rural Hours. By Miss Cooper. Illustrated by a series of finely colored Illustrations. 1 vol. square 8vo. Cloth

extra, $5; morocco extra, $7. “A very pleasant book-the result of the combined effort of good sense and good feeling, an observant mind, and a real, honest, unaffected appreciation of the countless minor beauties that nature exbibits to her assiduous lovers. "-- Albion.

"This is one of the most delightful books we have lately taken up."— Evening Posl.

“This is a delightful book, containing, in the form of a diary or journal, the reflections of a person of cultivation and refinement; of one who had an eye to see, and powers to appreciate the real meaning, the natural objects and phenomena around her. The reader is constantly reminded of Gilbert Whites National History of Selborne.' Rural Hours' is just the book for the draw. ing-room. Open where you will, you may find something of interest.”—Cambridge Chronicha

Poems. By Samuel G. Goodrich
Illustrate 1 with a series of Original Designs, beautifully engraved on Wood

One volume, 8vo. Cloth extra.

"A collection of short pieces in verse, happy in their choice of subjects, and showing poetic fancy,--the cadences particularly are musical. It is very nicely embellished."-Album

"One of the most beautiful works, in typographical appearance, that has issued from the American press. Adorned with sixty wood cuts, and vignettes, and arrayed in scarlet and gold, its appearance at this season of the year is most opportune. All those whose youth has been made happy by the ever pleasing stories of Peter Parley, will find that the old gentleman, having dropped his assumed name, is still catering for their pleasures. They will buy this book on the strength of the past, and will find that its melodions strains will charm the educated ear, as well as his tales delight the young heart."--Newark Adoertiser.

The Girlhood of Shakspeare's Heroines.
By MARY COWDEN CLARKE, Author of "The Concordance to Shakspeare."
Illustrated with fine Engravings on Steel. Price, 25 cents each part. Also in
two volumes, cloth, gilt, $2 50.

1.-PORTIA, with Portrait on Steel.,
II.—THE THANE'S DAUGHTER, with a View of Cawdor Castle.
III.--HELENA; the Physician's Daughter. With Portrait.
IV.-DESDEMONA; the Magnifico's Child. With fine View of Venice.
V.-MEG AND ALICE; the Merry Maids of Windsor. With a View of

Windsor. VI.-ISABELLA; the Votaress. With Portrait. VII.-KATHARINE AND BIANCA; the Shrew and the Demure. With a View of

Padua. VIII.-OPHELIA; the Rose of Elsinore. With a View of Elsinore. IX.-ROSALIND AND CELIA; the Friends. With a View of the Forest of

Ardennes. X.-JULIET; the White Dove of Verona. With a View of Verona. “An original and felicitous idea, well executed, and very sweetly written."—Home Journal "Extremely well done."-Erening Post. * Worthy to rank beside the delightful Tales' by Lamb."-Scotsman.

“Mrs. Cowden Clarke, whose " Concordance of Shakspeare” shows such mastery of the letter of the poet's works, now evinces her appreciation of their spirit in a series of fictions entitled The Girlhood of Shakspeare's Heroines. "-Dickens's Household Narrative.

* The design is one that would afford ample play to a lively and sympathetic imagination, and we are bound to say that the ingenious thought is admirably carried out."-London Morning Chronicle.

Swallow Barn.
A Sojourn in the Old Dominion. By the Hon. J. P. KENNEDY. Illustrated with

Twenty Fine Engravings on Wood, from Original Designs by Strother. In

one large volume, 12mo., cloth, $2 00.

"Swallow Barn is one of the few American classics. It is for Virginia life what the Sketchbook or Bracebridge Hall is for that of England- not less vivid, not less true. The illustrations of this edition are by & Virginian of remarkable abilities as a mere artist, and deserving of an ominent rank also as a humorist. The book cannot fail of being one of the most popular illustrated volumes that has appeared in America."-R. W. Griswold, D.D. “We have always regarded "Swallow Barn”

as one of the very highest efforts of American mind. It is exquisitely written, and the scenes are vividly described. Its features of Virginis life and manners are the best ever drawn. The work is eminently a splendid edition, it to

most excellent and interesting production."-Louisville Journal.


(Uniform with the "World's Progress," "Europe, Past and Present," &c.) Hand-Book of Literature and the Fine Arts.

By George RIPLEY, Esq., and BAYARD TAYLOR, Esq. 1 vol. 8vo., cloth, $200.

Hand-Book of Biography.

By PARKE GODWIN, Esq. 1 vol. 8vo., cloth, $200.

Hand-Book of the Usefal Arts.

By DR. ANTISELL. 1 vol. 8vo. $200.

Hand-Book of Science.

By Prof. St. John, of Western Reserve College. 1 vol. 8vo., cloth, $2 00.

The above works are prepared by ablo scientific and literary men, bringing the subjects down to the latest dates, and condensing the most copious and authentic information from all reliable sources. The whole designed to compress into a compact, portable, and convenient shape (for popular reference, and for text-books), a comprehensive, accurate, and satisfactory view of General History, Science, Literature, Biography, and the Useful Arts,

The World's Progress.
A Dictionary of Dates; being a Record of Remarkable Occurrences, Political,

Literary, and Scientific, in the Annals of all Nations. In two Divisions. 1. Contemporary Tables. II. Alphabetical Records. By G. P. PUTNAM.

Fourth edition, revised and enlarged. 1 vol. 8vo., cloth, $2. Sheep, $2 25. * This is about the most remarkable book we have seen. It is a monument of industry and research-an unparalleled embodiment of statistical knowledge, and a paragon of methodical Arrangement. It is a volume of 700 pages of historical facts, dates, and memoranda, condensed almost beyond precedent, and compressed with so much skill and judgment as to afford a complete and thoroughly intelligible index of events. Prefixed to this treasury of knowledge is & chart of history. We would not be without this volume for many times its cost."- Commercial Advertiser.

Europe, Past and Present.
A Comprehensive Manual of European Geography and History, derived from

official sources, and comprising accurate Geographical and Satistical descriptions of all European States; together with a carefully arranged Index. By FRANCIS H. UNGEWITTER, LL. D., author of “Universal Geography," &c. 8vo., cloth or half roan, $1 50. "A reliable statistical manual, compiled with real German thoroughness and acumen, and can be usefully consulted by the merchant, the scholar, the traveller, and the general reader," - Home Journal Knight's Cyclopædia of the Industry of All Nations.

With Engravings. One volume, 8vo., cloth, $2 50.

This compendium of the Arts and Manufactures of all Nations, which was suggested by the "Great Exhibition of Industry," is a work of intrinsic and permanent value. It comprises full and accurate details, by competent writers. Elements of Geology. Intended for the Use of Students. By Prof. S. St. John. With Illustrations.

One volume, 12mo., cloth, $1 00. The work is designed to be strictly elementary, and presents the leading facts of the Scienos to a popular and attractive form,

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