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Alban : A Tale of the New World.

By the Author of "Lady Alice."

“Lady Alice is decidedly a work of genius. Indeed, we know of few fictions where this first and highest excellence is more apparent"-Boston Post.

“This is an extraordinary book. That the author was animated by a deeper emotion than that of the production of a clever and somewhat surprising novel, which should make a great sensation, we are perfectly satisfied.

A graceful fancy, and

even a high imaging tive power, are unsparingly exercised thronghout."-Douglas& Jerrold: Weekly News.

“ Talent of a high order teems in every page."-London New Monthly Magazine.

“The life and vivacity of his social scenes rival the brilliant conversations of Coningsby."Literary World.

A Family Book for Young Persons.

In a novel and unique plan. By Dr. Maro. With numerous Mustrations. A New England Tale.

By Miss CATHARINE SEDGWICK. Author's Revised Edition.

A New Work.

By Miss SEDGWICK. (In press.) Sketches of Travel in Nicaragua. The Condition, Resources, Prospects, History, and Antiquities of the Country.

By E. G. SQUIER, Esq. “We have already announced in these pages that Mr. SQUIER, who was lately representative of the United States in Nicaragua, had in preparation for the press an account of his residence in that interesting country, and expressed an opinion that his work would surpass in interest and value the entire library of English and French publications on the subject. An examination of some of the sheets justifies our expectations; Mr. Squier must høreafter be ranked among the most successful travel-writers as well as antiquaries of the time; he knows what to observe and how to observe, and his relations with the Nicaraguans were such that no traveller had ever better opportunities for the acquisition of facts or the formation of judgments. IIis work will soon be published, profusely illustrated, by Mr. Putnam."-International Magazine. The Serpent Symbol, and the Worship of the Reciprocal Principles of Nature

in America. By E. G. SQUIER, Esq. With Engravings. 8vo., cloth, $2 25.

In this work, Mr. Squier has presented to the public the resnlt of his personal observations In a singularly curious field of research, We accept them as valuable materials for the elucidation of truth. They are not only in a bigh degree instructive, but they are brought forward with 80 much freshness and vivacity, and illustrated with such effective skill, that they form a very Agreeable narrative, even to those who are merely in quest of mental entertainment."— Tribune.

“This is a most extraordinary work, from a man who stands foremost in the department of science to which ho has devoted himself, and whose reputation it will greatly enhance."Providence Journal.

American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Fourth Meeting. Just published. 8vo., cloth, $2 50.
First Three Meetings. In one volume, 8vo., cloth, $4 50.

“This report makes a fair show for the activity of the men of science throughout the United States. Every department of natural science is well represented. Agassiz, Silliman, Henry, Bache, Olmsted, Loomis, Rogers, Recifield, and others of repute, appear taking their appropriate share in the proceedings, making good the promise of the American association in behalf of the advancement of science."-Literary World. Journal of the American Oriental Society.

Two volumes, 8vo., cloth, $5 50.
Second volume (complete in itself). 8vo., cloth, $2 60.

American Historical and Literary Carlosities.
Comprising fac-similes of Autographs and Historical Documents of great in-

terest and value. An entirely New Edition, greatly improved, with Additions.

Largo 4to., half morocco, gilt edges, $7 00. The same. Large paper, Imperial folio, antique morocco, very elegant. Only 50

Copies printed, $16 oó.

“ Among the numerous books from the American press in which art and taste is combined, none seems to fill the place to wbich the volume before us is appropriated.

* The volume before us is entirely different from any thing we have seen. It consists of sixty-six folio engravings on stone, all fac-similes of curious letters, documents and autographs; together with portraits and drawings of interesting object connected with old customs."Providence Journal. United States Exploring Expedition Round the World. By CHARLES WILKES. The complete Edition, with all the Illustrations on Wood and on Steel, and all the Maps. 5 vols. Imperial 8vo., cloth, $15; do., half calf,

extra, $20 00. Wilkes' Voyago Round the World. Comprising all the Essential Incidents of the Exploring Expedition. With

numerous Wood Cuts. 8vo. Cloth, $3 00.
The Men of Manhattan ; or, Social History of the City of New-York.

By FENIMORE COOPER. With Illustrations. 1 vol. 8vo.
The Shield. A Narrative.
By Miss COOPER, Author of “Rural Hours." (A nor work.) 1 vol. 12mo.

"The deep and ancient night that threw its shroud

O'er the green land of graves, the beautiful waste." Five Years in an English University. By CHA ZLES Astor BRISTED, late Foundation Scholar of Trinity College,

Cambridge. 1 vol. 12mo. Cloth. (In October.) The Monuments of Central and Western America. By Francis L. Hawks, D. D. 1 vol. 8vo. With numerous Ilustratione, (In

preparation.) Dickens' Household Words. In numbers, published weekly. Price, 6 cents each. Also First, Second and

Third volumes. 8vo. Cloth, $1 75 éach. "From the time of the Spectator down to the present era of periodical publications, there has never appeared a literary magazine of so excellent a character as the Householi Words."--S. Courier. Para : Scenes and Adventures on the Banks of the Amazon. By J. E. WARREN, Esq. A new and popular work. 12mo. Cloth, 75 cts.

“A well written and quiet entertaining narrative of travels, given in so pleasant a style as to charm while it informs the rea ler."--Ilome Journal,

" This book has given us great pleasure, and we shall be thanked by our readers for commend ing it to their attention.”-Neu-York Tribune.

“A very interesting narrative of adventures—the author excels in descriptive alility."— New York Courier & Enquirer. Trenton Falls, Pictaresque and Romantic.

By N. P. Willis, Esq. Wood Cuts. 18mo. Cloth, 50 cts.

“ This is a beautiful little volume, descriptive of one of the most delightfal spots and some of the most picturesque and romantic scenery in all our country. It is written in Mr. Willis's pecullarly agreeable style, and though local in its description, is of universal interest. Its principal Illustrations, nine in number, are finely executed by Orr."— Eclectic.

The Wide, Wide World.

By ELIZABETH WETHERELL. Fifth Edition. 2 vols. 12mo. Cloth, $1 50.

“This is a tale depending for its interest on lively and truthful pictures of domestie and country life. Its portraiture of character is striking and true to nature, and the whole work is prevaded by a healthy religious and moral tone."- Recorder.

" It is tho most valuable work of the kind I ever read. It is capable of doing more good thaa any other book-other than the Bible.”-Newark Advertiser. Mosses from an Old Manse. By NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE. New Revised Edition. 12mo. Cloth, $1 25.

“ Hawthorne is a man of quaint fancy, of considerable powers of description, holds a quiet bet humorous pen, sometimes tinctured with wit and sly sarcasm."- Newark Advertiser. The Home; or, Family Cares and Family Joys.

By FREDERIKA BREMER. Translated by Mary Howitt. Author's Revised Edi

tion. Cloth, $100. “The world-wide popularity of "The Home" renders it nnnecessary to speak of its merits. It is one of the most sterling novels which will outlive change; and in its present form is aa ornament to the drawing room as well as the library."--Home Journal.

“Miss Bremer's warm affections, shrewd observation, and pictorial fancy, are visible on every page. The poetical power of her mind is exhibited in “The Home" to better advantage than in any of her other works."--Grahani's Magazine. The Berber; or, The Mountaineer of the Atlas. A Tale of Morocco.

By WILLIAM STARBUCK Mayo, Author of "Kaloolah." 12mo. $1 25. “A romance of the highest class, replete with character, ploty

, and incident, and occupying ground entirely new. It is a much higher effort than “Kaloolah." --- Home Journal.

“ Dr. Mayo's new work has astonished us. It is an advance on his “ Kaloolah," showing for greater resources of imagination than were evinced in his previous work. It is the book of the season."—Newark Advertiser. Bayard Taylor's Eldorado ; or, Adventures in the Path of Empire.

Second edition, with colored Illustrations. 2 vols. 12mo. Cloth, $200.
A cheap edition of the above work. Two volumes in one, without plates. 12mo.

Cloth, $1 25. “ These volumes relate most striking and novel adventures, and cannot fail to be eminently popular."---Commercial Advertiser.

" They contain the most authentic, sparkling, and best printed information and adventure yet published."--Literary World. Borrow's Autobiography : Lavengro. By GEORGE Borrow, Author of "The Gipsies in Spain,” “The Bible in

Spain," &c. With fine Portrait. NEW AUTHORIZED EDITION, LARGE TYPE. Complete in one volume. Reduced to

75 cts. in cloth. Paper covers, 50 cts. “He colors like Rembrandt, and draws like Spagnoletti."- Edinburgh Reviews.

“The pictures are so new, that those best acquainted with England will find it hard to recognize the land they may bave travelled over."--National Intelligencer.

Not for years have our eyes lighted on a more fascinating or mysterious title. We could bardly sleep at night for thinking of Lavengro."— Blackwood. The Conquest of Florida. By Prof. THEODORE IRVING. Author's Revised Edition. One volume, 12mo.

Cloth, $1 25. (Uniform with Washington Irving's Complete Works.) " It is like reading an old romantic chronicle to pass these pages in review, so full are they of chivalric feeling and gallantry, so strange the adventures, and so beautiful the scenes which sorrounded the adventurers. The whole career of the brave De Soto is one of romance, and would prove a great theme for the light fancy of the poet and novelist. Mr. Irving has given us a book which will be enduring, which, in fact, is proven by its present re-appearance, it having been originally published some years ago. It is finely written, and is an accession to American tiistorical literature, "-Albany Atlas.

Second Love; or, The World's Opinion.

By Martha MARTETT. 12mo. Cloth, 75 cents. (Unisurm with "Fadette.")

“A pleasingly-told tale, showing most vividly the utter folly of being governed by Pubus Opinion, or by "what folks say," to the sacrifice of all happiness, convenience and comfort.

"A freshness, originality, spiciness, and nasvete, mark the style. It is truly a charming book, and will not have been written in vain, if any will take warning from Emily's course of misery and folly."-Independent. Romance Dust from the Historie Placer. By Dr. Mayo, Author of “Kaloolah,” “The Berber," &c. 12mo. 75 cents.

Paper cover, 50 cents.

" The work attains, with great effect, a high moral aim, through an ingenious and most interesting process, anu displays abilities of a high order.”Evangelist.

“ It exhibits the same boldness of invention, and occasionally the brilliancy of coloring which characterize his former popular romances.”Cincinnati Gazette.

* The reader of Dr. Mayo's previous volumes will recognize in these sketches the samo freshness and vitality of thought, and the same lively and exuberant style, which charaterize “Kaloolah' and 'The Berber.'"-Southern Literary Gazette. Truth and Poetry from my own Life. (The Autobiography of GOETHE.) Translated from the German, by PARKE

GODWIN and others. New Revised Edition. 2 vols. 12mo., cloth, $1 75. "A most charming book it is, and a worthy translation of a noble composition."-Cincinnati Herald,

"We have dwelt upon these volumes with keen interest and great pleasure. We find the translation charming."-Christian Inquirer. Fadette. A Domestic Tale.

Translated from the French, by Miss M. M. HAYS. 12mo. 75 cents.

"A more beautiful picuare of virtue in the disguise of ugliness,-nay overcoming ugliness, and passing into the most exquisite lineaments of beauty has not often been written. The story is beautiful as a whole-almost frer, from faults--and so sweet, so pure, so truthful, so winning that it may well redeemn a thousand errors of the writer. We commend it to every circle which desires to find its thorns occasionally crowned with roses. "--Southern Quarterly Review. Manual of the Fine Arts. Critical and Historical. With an Introduction. By D. HUNTINOTON, M. A., A. M.

Third Edition. 12mo. Cloth or sheep, $1 25. "The most practical and useful Manual of the Fine Arts, which has yet been published."Roo. Chas. II. Nalsey.

"I coincide in the above estimate of the work."-Charles King, D. D., President of Columvia College.

" It is decidedly the best book, on this important subject, before the American people, and gives a great mass of valuable information."Literary World, The Artist's Chromatic Hand-Book. Being a practical treatise on Pigments-their properties and uses in painting. To

which is added, a few remarks on vehicles and varnishes. Chiefly a compila

tion from the best authorities. By John P. RIDNER. 1 vol. 12mo., cloth, 75 cts. “Mr. Ridner's excellent little treatise upon the chemistry of his art."-56. Quart. Roo. The History of Propellers and Steam Navigation. With biographical sketches of the early inventors. By ROBERT MCFARLAN, C. E,

Editor of the “Scientific American. 1 vol. 12mo., cloth, 75 cents. Nemoirs of Benevenuto Cellini. A Florentine Artist. Written by Himself. Containing a variety of information respecting the Arts

and the History of the Sixteenth Century. Translated by T. RoscoE. New

Edition, in one volume, 12mo., cloth, $1 25. " Cellini was one of the most extraordinary men of an extraordinary age; his life, written by himsell, is more amusing than any novel I know."-Horace Walpola. The work has been translated into German by Goethe.

The Optimist.
By H. T. TUCKERMAN, Esq. In one volume, 12mo., cloth, 75 cents.

"Among the Essayists in America, Mr. Tuckerman perhaps deserves the highest distincting The “Optimist" is marked by nice analysis, delicate discrimination, a gentle taste, harmonious style, and a pleasant discursive vein of thought."— Southorn Quarterly Rodieu. Sleep Psychologically considered, With Reference to Sensation and Memory. By BLANCHARD FOSGATE, M. D. One

volume, 12mo. Cloth, 75 cents. "A subject treated with much acuteness and grateful interest. It is discussed psychologically, Illustrated by anecdotes, and attempts to explain and systematize a class or phenomena but little observed and less understood. The work is attractive and suggestive, Lot only to the professional man, but to the general reader."-Ilome Journal. Mental Hygiene. Or an examination of the Intellect and Passions, designed to show how they

affect and are affected by the bodily functions, and their influence on health and longevity. By William SWEETSER, M. D. 'Second edition, rewritten and enlarged. 12mo. Cloth, $1 00. “We shall close our notice of this excellent and truly intellectual performance, not withoat prgently recommending its attentive perusal to all who desire the meus sana in corpore sana" London Medico Chirurgical Revier. University Education. By HENRY P. Tappan, D. D. 12mo. Cloth, 75 cents.

“This is the production of a skilful hand, and exhibits a very perfect analysis of the higher tnstitutions of learning in this country, in England, and on the continent. We know of no work comprising in a small compass so much interesting and valuable information upon the subjects Ecening Post. Treatise on Banking.

Revised Edition. By J. W. GILBART. 1 vol. 8vo. Cloth, $2 50.
* The work is judiciously arranged, and the instructions are clear and decisive

“The work, in its present form, is far more comprehensive than any of the previous editions, and embraces a great variety of topics of great interest to bankers."-London Bankers' Magazine. The Artist. By Mrs. TutulLL. Being the fourth of the Series entitled “Success in Life."

One volume, 12mo. Half-bound. (In press.)

“Mrs. Tuthill's plan would seem to be-inciting to the noblest deeds in the profession or pm suit which she discusses, by first mapping out, as it were, what is necessary to success, and filling out the outline by practical common sense advice, entorced by illustrious biographical examples - Philadelphia Saturday Gazette.

"Just the little book that a hundred thousand boys in this country ought to read."-Christian Inquirer. American Genealogies. Being a History of some of the early Settlers of North America and their

Descendants, with Anecdotes, Personal Sketches, and Geneological Tables, &c.

By J. B. HOLGATE, A. M. 4to., paper covers, $5 00. “The plan of this work is new; it furnishes a key to American history heretofore neglected." -Utica Contributor. The Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge.

A now volume. Just out. 4to., cloth, $500.

This new volume formed the second of a Series, composed of Original Memories on different branches of Knowledge, by 8. C. WALKER, FRANCIS LEIBER, C. ELLET, Jr., R. B. GIBBA, L AGASSIZ, J. W. Bailey, E G. SQUIER, &c.; publisbod under the direction of the Smithsonian Institution

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