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translator, 1812

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Página 272 - Euclid's, and show by construction that its truth was known to us ; to demonstrate, for example, that the angles at the base of an isosceles triangle are equal...
Página 181 - ... proceeds only from their faintness and unsteadiness, not from any capacity in the mind to receive any impression which in its real existence has no particular degree nor proportion. That is a contradiction in terms, and even implies the flattest of all contradictions, viz., that 'tis possible for the same thing both to be and not to be.
Página 22 - ... were, which conducts to truth, but exploring whether the deviations from it contain any thing worthy of belief; and lastly stimulating the all-various conceptions of the soul. But the second energy takes place, when intellect rests from its former investigations, as becoming most familiar with the speculation of beings, and beholds truth itself firmly established upon a pure and holy foundation.
Página 167 - Thus, if it is true to say that a thing is white, it must necessarily be white; if the reverse proposition is true, it will of necessity not be white. Again, if it is white, the proposition stating that it is white was true; if it is not white, the proposition to the opposite effect was true. And if it is not white, the man who states that it...
Página 208 - For if A is predicated of every B, and B of every C, it is necessary for A to be predicated of every C (we have already explained what we mean by "predicated of every").
Página 22 - But there are three energies,' (says Proclus in Parmenid. L. 1.,) 'of this most scientific method; the first ' of which is adapted to youth, and is useful for the purpose ' of rousing their intellect, which is, as it were, in a dormant ' state ; for it is a true exercise of the eye of the soul in the ' speculation of things, leading forth, through opposite po...
Página 204 - term," into which a proposition is resolved, as for instance, the predicate and that of which it is predicated, whether to be or not to be is added or separated. Lastly, a syllogism is a sentence in which certain things being laid down, something else different from the premises necessarily results, in consequence of their existence.
Página 171 - But if it was always true to say : " it is, or will be ", then : impossible for that not to be or be going to be. But if it is impossible for something not to come about, then it is unable not to come about. But if something is unable not to...
Página 288 - Either it is day or it is night ; but it is day ; therefore it is not night.
Página 184 - it is possible to be' and 'it is possible not to be' might actually seem to follow from each other.

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