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We have at last the pleasure of offering to our patrons our new AMERICANA CATALOGUE, which has been so long delayed.

This one, of course, cancels all former Catalogues as to prices. It represents in a measure the general character and variety of our usual stock in this department. There are a large number of works which we aim to keep constantly on hand, but these necessarily vary somewhat in price, according to their condition, increasing scarcity, etc. Our stock is constantly changing ; many books which pass through our hands are never catalogued, being disposed of as soon as received, or taken to fill standing orders.

While we have in many cases duplicates, yet, of a large number, we have only single copies; to secure these early orders are desirable.

We have left in this Catalogue the titles of some rare works, unpriced, which we have not in hand, but which we occasionally have. Librarians and private buyers will find it to their advantage to send us, from time to time, lists of books wanted, whether on this catalogue or not, as we have special facilities for the collection of rare or out of print works of this class. Letters of inquiry meet with prompt attention.


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A. Abbott (Willis J.) Blue Jackets of '70. A history of the vaval battles of the American Revolution, with a narrative of the war with Tripoli. Illustrated. Small Ito. New York, 1885.

2 00 B. Braun (llerman A.) Andersonville: an object lesson on protection. A critical sketch. (an anolohy for Wirz.) 16mo. pp. 164, paper. Milwaukee, 1892

50 C. Gilmor (Col. Harry). Four Years in the Saddie, 1862–65. 12mo. pp. 310. Lon: don, 1866.

| 50 D. Ill. 55th V. I. The Story of the Fifty-litth Regiment Ilinois Volunteer 10fantry in the Civil War, 1861-1865. By a committee of the regiment. 8vo. pp. 519. 1. p. 1887.

4 00 E. Mackenzie (Robert). America and her Army. !6mo. Pp. citi Loo., 1865. 50

F. Ohio 25th V. V. I. Culp (Lieut.Col. Edward C.) The Twenty-fifth Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry in the War for the Union. 2010. pp. 169. Topeka, 1885.

-2 00 G. Ohio 48th V. V.I. Bering (J. A.) and Montgomery (1.), History of the Fortyeighth Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry, 1801-1866. 16mo. Hillsboro, 1880 | 50

H. Ohio 74th V. I. Oxens (Ira). Greene County Soldiers in the late War. Being a history of the Seventy-fourth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, with sketches of the 12th, 91th, 110:h, Atuh, 151th, 51th, 171h, 34th, 1811h Regiments and 10th (hio Battery, together with a list of Greene county soldiers. 12mo. pp. 291. Dayton, 1881. 2 00

1. Ohio 116th V. I. Wildes (Thos. F.) Record of the One llundred and Sixteenth Onio Infantry Volunteers in the Rebellion. 8vo. pp 364. Sandusky, 1884.

3 00 J. Walke(Rear Arimiral Henry). Saval Scenes and Reminiscences of ihe Civil War in the l'nited States on the Southern and Western Waters during the Years 1861, 1862, and 1863, with the history of that period compared and corrected irm authentic sources, With illustrations and diagrams. (This edition bas extra un. paged leaves and illustrations bound in.) 8vo. pp. 480. New York, 1877. 1 50

K. Iowa 4th V. V. Scott (W. F.) The Career of the Fourth Iowa Veteran Volunteers. From Kansas to Georgia, 1861–65. Maps and plans. Svo. pp. 602. New York, 1893.

3 50 L. Ind. 6th V. I. Briant (C. C.) History of the S xth Regiment Indiana Volunieer Infantry of both three months' and three years' service. Portrait. 12mo. pp. 423. Indianapolis, 1891.

2 00 M. Ohio 40th V. I. Beach (John M.) History of the Fortieth Ohio Volunteer Infantry. 12mo. pp. 241. London, U., 1884.

200 V. Ind. 1st I. Camper (C.) and Kirkley (J. W.) Historical Record of the First Regiment Maryland Infantry lomo. pp. 312 Washington, 1871.

3 03) 0. West Va. 2d Cav. Sutton (J. J.) History of the Second Regiment West Virginia Cavalry. 8vo. pp. 262. Portsmouth, 1892

2 25 P. Wormley (Katherine P.) The Other Side of the War, with the Army of the Potomac Letters from the leadquarters of the U. S. Sanitary Commission. 8vo. pr. 210. Boston, 1889.

2 50 Q. Berkimer (W. E.) Historical Sketch of the Artillery, United States Army. Svo. p»p. 400. Washington.

2 50 R Vermont. Reports of the Adjutant and Inspector-General for the years 18645-1. 3 vols. 8vo. Montpelier, 1864-6. 4 00

S. Mich. 4th V. I. Crotty (1). (.) Four Years' Campaigning in the Army of the Potomac. Svo. Pp. 207. Grand Rapids, 1874.

2 00 T. Illinois. Reports of the Adjutant General of the State of Illinois, 1861-1866. Revised by Brigadier General J. W. Vance, Adjutant General. 8 vols. Svo. Springfield, 1886. Vet,

10 00 U. Hodgson (Joseph). The Cradle of the Coufederacy; or, the Times of Troup, Quitman, and Yancey. A Sketch of Southwestern Political History, from the Formation of the Federal Government to A. 1). 1861. 8vo. Mobile, Alabama, 1877. 2 50

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