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gin, who is the quarentee of all his promises, the witness of all his transactions. It is in the name of the holy, blessed Virgin, that the ladies intrigue with their gállants, write billet-doux, send their portraits, and appoint nocturnal assignations.

The funeral pomp and parade which characterize the Spaniards at their burials of the dead, is inexpressibly great. Upwards of an hundred carriages, five or six hundred priests, and monks, with at least 2000 flambeaux, form the ordinary appendage of a common funeral.

These things are deplorable, and shew the very low, degraded, and superstitious state of that nation.

The use of the inquisition, however, in that popepriest-ridden country, is still more shocking than all their other superstitions put together.

What a curse have the priests of christendom been to christendom! How many precious souls have been led into the pit of destruction by an ungodly, superstitious, and idolatrous priesthood! I was almost going to say, that we parsons have been the means of damning more souls, than ever we were the means of saving! From our profession it is, that iniquity diffuses itself through every land! God forgive us! Instead of being a blessing, and spreading health and salvation through the nations, as is the undoubted design of the gospel of Christ, and the christian ministry, we have been playing into each others hand, have erected a huge fabric of worldly dominion for ourselves, and have brought down, and are at this moment bringing down, the divine judgments upon every country, where we have erected our standard. -We protestants will be ready enough to allow, that this hath been the case in the catholic states:--but it is also true of the protestant bishops and clergy:-We will not sacrifice one inch of the secular dominion we have, through the weakness and folly of men obtained; no not to save the kingdom from destruction! The secular and superstitious conduct of the heathen priesthood brought ruin upon the pagan nations; the secular and superstitious conduct of the Jewish priests brought ruin upon the Jewish nation; the secular and superstitious conduct of the Catholic priests hath brought ruin upon the Catholic nations; and the same kind of secular and superstitious conduct of our protestant bishops and clergy will involve us in similar destruction. Nothing can prevent this but ecclesiastical reform! What reason is there to be given, why a wicked, careless, lukewarm, and secular protestant priesthood, should not be punished as well as those of other denominations As our light and privileges are the greater; we m justly expect our punishment will be the more seve If there be a God in heaven, who regards the actions of men, and who respects the completion of his own predictions, we may be assured the day of darkness is coming, unless prevented by a change in our conduct.

Surely at the present dread period, we, of all people, ought to take the alarm, and use every endeavour to remove whatever may subject us to divine judgments. My daily prayer is, for the safety, welfare, and prosperity of my country. But when I look around me, I cannot help being exceedingly affected at the present melancholy state of most of the neighbouring nations. The sun, moon, and stars, are all darkened ; and the powers of heaven are shaken. And doth not the same power, which hath accomplished, is accomplishing, and will accomplish similar changes in all the continental states, denounce the most complete destruction to the British empire? What then can save us from the threatened calamity? Nothing under heaven but national reformation, by which we may engage the divine protection. Hitherto the Lord hath wonderfully helped us; and I pray God effectually to help us in time to come: but this ve

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have no solid reason to expect, unless the rubbish of human ordinances shall be removed out of the church, and a very general moral and religious change take place among us. Oh! that I could sound an alarm into the heart of our king, and into the hearts of our princes, nobles, bishops, clergy, gentry, tradesmen; and in the hearts also of all the inferior orders of society! It is reform, or ruin! The 1260 prophetical years are expiring! Reduce the Redeemer's religion to primitive purity and simplicity, or he will come in judgment, and plead his own rights.(2) Let any man, any bishop, any clergyman, say and prove that these things are not so, and I will openly retract all that is here adyanced. The popish constitution is overturned in Rome; and 1260 years from this time the Roman pontiff began his secular dominion in that proud and idolatrous metropolis of the christian world, through the expulsion of the Goths by Belisarius the Roman general !-All flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the power of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away: but the word of the Lord endureth for ever!

And shall we be so blind and selfish as to suppose, that all the rest of the nations shall fall, and we alone be preserved?

We readily grant, therefore, that the corruptions of christianity shall be purged and done away; and we are persuaded the wickedness of christians, so called; the lukewarmness of professors; and the reiterated attacks of infidels upon the gospel, shall all, under the guidance of infinite wisdom, contribute to the accom

(2) The propagators of infidelity in France before the revolution raised among themselves, and spent no less a sum annually than 900,000 pounds sterling, in purchasing printing, and dispersing books to corrupt the minds of the people, and prepare them for desperate measures.-And similar means are at this moment carrying forward in this country, in no small degree, to accomlish the same purpose. While we parsons are asleep, crying aceand safety, the enemy is sowing his tares !

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plishing this end. The lofty looks of lordly prelates shall be brought low; the supercilious airs of downy doctors and perjured pluralists shall be humbled; the horrible sacrilege of non-residents, who shear the fleece, and leave the flock thus despoiled to the charge of uninterested hirelings that care not for them, shall be avenged on their impious heads; intemperate priests, avaricious clerks, and buckish parsons, those curses of christendom, shall be confounded; all secillar hierarchies in the church shall be tumbled into ruin; lukewarm formalists, of every denomination, shall call to the rocks and mountains to hide them from the wrath of the Lamb; infidels, seeing the prophecies accomplished before their eyes, shall submit themselves to the long resisted, but gentle yoke of the gospel; wicked and openly prophane men, of rank, especially, those corrupters and debauchers of the lower orders of society, shall be converted unto righteousness, or swept from the earth with the besom of destruction; the invidious disdain of illiberal sectarists shall be succeeded by equal and universal benevolence; and the Lord Jesus Christ alone shall be exalted in that day.(3) The Bible, stripped of every

(3) It may be very much questioned whether the united wisdom of men be equal to such an effectual reformation in the church as may be thought perfectly consistent with the purity and simpli. city of the gospel. We have abundance of things to be removed which are inconsistent with Scriptural model. And if our gover. nors, ecclesiastical and civil, are determined to hold fast what they have gotten, and suffer no abuses to be rectified, the great Head of the church will arise, ere long, and plead his own cause in blood and slaughter. It is morálly impossible the present de. generate state of things should continue another century. Without a thorough reformation both in civil and religious concerns, and even such a reformation is big with danger, a much shorter time must subvert the present order of things, not only through Europe in general, but in England particularly:-God grant we may have wisdom to do that of our own accord, which must otherwise be done by constraint. When the iniquity of the Amorites is full, their enemies will receive commission from above to enter their land, and to kill and destroy.

human appendage, shall rise superior to all opposition, and shall go down with the revolving ages of time, enlightening the faith, enlivening the hope, inkindling the love, inflaming the zeal and directing the conduct of men, till the world shall be no more.

• The cloud-capt tow'rs, the gorgeous palaces,
The solemn temples, the great globe itself,
Yea, all which it inherits shall dissolve,
And, like the baseless fabric of a vision,

Leave not a wreck behind.” But the promises and threatenings of the holy writings shall be receiving their awful completion, upon believers and unbelievers, throughout those never ending ages, which shall commence when the present scene of things shall be fully terminated. Therefore,

« Read and revere the sacred page, a page
Where triumphs immortality; a page
Which not the whole creation could produce ;
Which not the conflagration shall destroy ;

In nature's ruins not one letter lost." In the mean time, be persuaded also to reflect upon our respective situations. Suppose we who believe


The charges and denunciations against the several culprits mentioned in the above page, may seem too severe to some gentle spirited persons, who can call evil good, and good evil; but in my opinion, they fall greatly below the propriety of the case. The offending clergy are the curse and the bane of the country, and the wrath of God shall smoke against the faithless shepherds of Christ's flock.---Men of rank are uncommonly blameable. ! myself have known some, who have corrupted and debauched the whole neighbourhood where they lived. The late L-d S-h was a pest in this way. The late Sir W-m M-h did much mischief among men and women, all round the place where he resided for several miles. No young person, of more decent appearance than ordinary, could well escape his allurements. Boys and girls were equally his prey. We have many now liv. ing, also, who are extremely culpable; and when the scourge of heaven visits the land, it shall fall peculiarly heavy upon such characters.

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