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My Mind to me a Kingdom is.

My mind to me a kingdom is,

Such perfect joy therein I find
As far exceeds all earthly bliss

That God or nature hath assigned;
Though much I want that most would have,
Yet still my mind forbids to crave.

Content I live, this is my stay:

I seek no more than may suffice:
I press to bear no haughty sway:

Look! what I lack, my mind supplies.
Lo! thus I triumph like a king,
Content with what my mind doth bring.

I see how plenty surfeits oft,

And hasty climbers soonest fall;
I see that such as sit aloft

Mishap doth threaten most of all:
These get with toil and keep with fear;
Such cares my mind could never bear.

Some have too much, yet still they crave;

I little have, yet seek no more;
They are but poor, though much they have,

And I am rich with little store.
They poor, I rich; they beg, I give;
They lack, I lend; they pine, I live.

I laugh not at another's loss,

I grudge not at another's gain:
No worldly wave my mind can toss,

I brook that is another's bane:
I fear no foe, nor fawn on friend;
I loathe not life, nor dread mine end.

I wish but what I have at will,

I wander not to seek for more, I like the plain, I climb no hill,

In greatest storms I sit on shore, And laugh at them that toil in vain, To get what must be lost again.

My wealth is health and perfect ease,

My conscience clear my chief defense; I never seek by bribes to please,

Nor by desert to give offense; Thus do I live, thus will I die, Would all did so as well as I.

William BYRD.

The Lye.

GoE, soule, the bodie's guest,

Upon a thanklesse arrant;
Feare not to touche the best-
The truth shall be thy warrant!

Goe, since I needs must dye,
And give the world the lye.

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