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supervisors to constitute fire wardens of.. surveyed, fire wardens to be appointed in certain.

to be residents of.
may award bounties for destruction of noxious animals..

of brook trout and rainbow trout..
when unlawful to receive fish for.
of fish, unlawful, unless properly marked.

not to be received unless properly marked.
when illegal and subject to seizure..
of fish of legal weight, legally caught, lawful.
of propagated frogs, act to regulate, etc.
of fish caught in Branch and St. Joseph counties, prohibited.
penalty for..

limitation of prosecution for. of wild animals or birds. possession of game for, when unlawful. of animals, when route leaves and re-enters state. TRANSPORTATION COMPANY:

unlawful for, to transport deer without coupons, etc.. TRAP: unlawful to use, in Whitefish and Little Whitefish lakes.

penalty for. unlawful to use, in Pentwater lake, Oceana county.

penalty for. unlawful to use, in Rush lake, Huron county..

penalty for. unlawful to use, in taking animals or birds.

unlawful to set within six feet of muskrat house. TRAP NETS:

unlawful to take fish with, in part of Little Traverse bay.
lawful meshes of...
or pound nets, hoop fyke and gobbler nets considered to be.
when deemed submarine trap net.
unlawful to molest or destroy.
unlawful to fish with, in Gun lake, Barry and Allegan counties.

penalty for.

evidence of. unlawful to place, in certain waters of Saginaw and Tawas bays.

penalty for unlawful to use, in Les Cheneaux channels, Mackinac county unlawful to use, in Whitney bay and tributaries, Chippewa county unlawful to use, in Little Bay de Noquette.

penalty for... TRAPPING:

of fur-bearing animals, not prohibited.. TRESPASSERS:

upon public shooting grounds, who deemed. on public shooting grounds in Wild Fowl bay.

on public shooting grounds who deemed. TROUT:

declared to be brook trout for certain purpose.. brook, to be carried as open hand baggage.. not to be sold, under invoice more than seven days old. immature, removal of nets taking unlawful percentage of lawful meshes of pound nets for taking.. mature, percentage of, caught with other fish. lawful meshes of gill nets for taking. warden may authorize taking of, during closed season, for fish culture. when unlawful to take, from great lakes, etc. sale of.. chubs and shiners may be caught for bait in waters not stocked with. TUG:

unlawful to use in fishing without registration and license.. TUPPER LAKE: Ionia county, unlawful to spear fish in.

penalty for.... TURKEY:

wild, not to be hunted until 1924.. TUSCOLA COUNTY:

open season for spearing carp in Cass river in.

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permits to agents of, to take game for scientific purposes. UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT:

warden to co-operate with police or military force of. UNNATURALIZED FOREIGN-BORN RESIDENT:

unlawful for, to hunt wild birds, etc...




in board of fish commissioners, how filled......

28 Section

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unlawful fishing in certain lakes in.

penalty for.

evidence of VENISON:

license to sell, etc., who to issue... VESSEL:

captain of, penalty for molesting nets. VESSEL BALLAST:

unlawful to put into certain waters. VILLAGE CLERKS:

may issue angler's license.
who to furnish blanks to.
when to issue license, .
when to return unsold license blanks and stubs.

statement of licenses, moneys, etc.
application to, for sparrow bounty.
issue of certificate by.
destruction of sparrow by.
when, to issue woodchuck, etc., bounty certificate.
application to, for rat bounty.
to issue certificate for.

to whom presented. VIOLATIONS:

of game laws, complaints of, made to director of conservation.

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not to be hunted until 1924... WADS:

penalty for using other than incombustible. WAIVER: of building of fish shute, by warden.

revocation of.. WALL-EYED PIKE:

when unlawful to take.
number of, may be taken.
when taken in Detroit river.
length of, may be taken.
unlawful to buy or sell.
taking, with hook and line in Detroit river, etc.
lawful meshes of seine for taking.

lawful weight of.... WALL LAKE:

Barry county, open season for taking suckers with set-over nets in.. WARNING PLACARDS:

fire warden to post up abstract of penal laws, etc., as.

penalty for defacing or removing.. WARRANT:

search and seizure may be made without. may be served on Sunday. officers may arrest in certain cases without WATER FOWL:

unlawful hunting of....

wild migratory, license to take, for propagation, etc.. WATERS:

protected from spearing, exempted from act regulating fishing.

appointment of game and fish warden in.
closed season on deer in..
certain parts of Lake Erie in, made public shooting grounds.
unlawful to hunt on Sunday in certain towships of.

evidence of

penalty for. WEIGHT:

of fish, lawful to be taken.

legal, of sturgeon...... WHARFAGE:

right of, dedication of public shooting grounds not to interfere with. WHITE BASS:

number of, may be taken.. length of, may be taken.

unlawful to buy or sell. WHITEFISH:


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warden may take, without permit, for culture, etc.
spearing of, in inland waters.
not to be bought or sold.
lawful mesh of gill nets for taking.
not to be interfered with in taking other fish.
immature, percentage of, taken with other fish.
immature, removal of nets taking unlawful percentage of
lawful meshes of pound nets for taking.
mature, percentage of, caught with other fish
when unlawful to take, from great lakes, etc.
lawful weight of.
etc., sale of.

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Montcalm county, unlawful fishing in..

penalty for. WHITE LAKE:

Muskegon county, open season for spearing certain fish in. WHITE PIGEON RIVER:

St. Joseph county, open season for spearing suckers, etc., in. WHITE RIVER:

open season to spear rainbow trout in.. WHITNEY BAY:

and tributaries, unlawful fishing in. WILD ANIMAL:

permits for taking, for scientific and propagating purposes. WILD ANIMALS AND BIRDS:

declared to be property of state.
unlawful killing, sale or transportation of.
unlawful possession of, for shipment.
breeding and sale of, raised in captivity.
unlawful to kill, without license.

unlawful for unnaturalized foreign-born resident to hunt. WILD BIRDS:

certain, not considered game birds.. unlawful to take or destroy eggs of. WILD DUCKS:

considered as game birds..
license to breed and raise in captivity.

to be tagged before shipment.
unlawful to scare, away from person lawfully hunting on shooting grounds.

penalty for. WILD FOWL:

hunting of, on public shooting grounds. WILD FOWL BAY:

fishing with nets in, prohibited.
boundaries of, defined..
unlawful to fish with submarine nets near entrance of.
taking of minnows for bait, with nets, in.
public shooting or hunting grounds in.

who deemed trespassers on.
when lawful to hunt on.


declared property of state. WILD NON-GAME BIRDS:

when unlawful to catch, kill or possess. WILD TURKEY:

not to be hunted until 1924. WILD WATER FOWL:

unlawful hunting of.
hours of hunting.
size of gun may be used in hunting,
open season on, not to be suspended, etc., by commissioner.
unlawful to scare, away from person lawfully hunting on shooting grounds.

penalty for. WILSON SNIPE:

open season for.. WINGS:

of seines, lawful meshes of, for taking certain fish. WIRE SCREEN:

unlawful to obstruct channel with.. to be provided for outlet and inlets of Tamarack lake, Montcalm county WOLF:

township bounty for... WOLF'S WHELP:

township bounty for.. WOLVES:

use of funds by warden for destruction of. WOODCHUCK:

bounty for killing... WOODCOCK:

considered as game birds. number of, may be taken.

may have in possession at any time.

may kill during year. open season for... WOODDUCK:

not to be taken until 1924 WOODLAND TERRITORY:

what construed to mean... WOODS:

penalty for carelessly or maliciously firing..

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number may take. open season for..

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