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time and place of such town meeting, signed by the chairman or clerk of the board of supervisors, shall be posted in four of the most public places in said town, by the person so designated to preside [at] such town meeting at least fourteen days before holding the same. They shall also fix the place for holding the first town meeting in the town or towns from which such new town shall be taken. But nothing in this act shall affect the rights or abridge the term of office of any justice of the peace or other town officer in any such town, whose term of office has not expired.

* SEC. 4. The said boards of supervisors shall have power, and they are hereby authorized:

SUB. 15. To fix, establish, locate and define disputed boundary lines between the several towns in their respective counties, by a resolution to be duly passed by a majority of all the members elected to such board. A notice of intention to apply to such board, to fix, establish, locate and define such disputed boundary line, particularly describing the same, and the line as proposed to be acted upon by such board, signed by the supervisor, town clerk and two or more of the justices of the peace of some one of the towns to be affected by such resolution, shall be published for four weeks successively before the meeting of the board at which such resolution is to be presented, in all the newspapers printed in such county, if not more than three in number, but if they exceed three in number, then in the three having the largest circulation in such county. A copy of such printed notice shall also be served personally, at least fifteen days before the meeting of such board, on the supervisor and town clerk of each of the other towns to be affected thereby. A copy of the resolution as adopted, which shall contain the courses, distances, and fixed monuments specified in such boundary line or lines, together with a map of the survey thereof, with the courses, distances and fixed monuments referred to therein, plainly and distinctly marked and indicated thereon, shall be filed in the office of the secretary of state within thirty days after the adoption of such resolution, and it shall be the duty of such secretary to cause the said resolution to be printed with the laws of the next legislature, after the adoption thereof. A copy of such resolution shall also, within the same time, be published for two successive weeks in all the newspapers printed in such county, but if they exceed three in number, then in such three as the said board shall designate for that purpose, the expenses of

* As amended by chap. 361, Laws of 1870.

such publication to be paid by the town causing the publication of the notice of the application to such board.


[Title 3, chap. 7, part 1st, Revised Statutes.] SECTION 1. All persons applying to divide or alter the bounds of any county, city or village, or to erect a new county, or to incorporate a new city or village, and all persons applying for the removal of any court-house, or the imposing of a tax for making or improving a road, or for any other local purpose, in any county where all or any of the inhabitants of such county are proposed to be taxed, shall give notice of such intended application by advertisement, to be published for at least six weeks successively immediately before such application, or before the first day of the session at which the same is to be made, in a newspaper printed in the county, or in each of the counties where the objects of such application are intended to be carried into effect, and also in case of intended application for the imposition of any tax as aforesaid, in the state paper.

SEC. 2. Every association intending to apply to the legislature for an act of incorporation, and every corporation intending to apply for an alteration, amendment or extension of its charter, shall cause the like notice of such application to be published in the state paper, and also in a newspaper printed in the county in which such corporation is intended to be or shall have been established.

SEC. 3. If no newspaper be printed in a county in which any notice is required to be published, such notice shall be published in like manner in the place nearest thereto in which a newspaper shall be printed.

SEC. 4. If the application be for an act of incorporation, the notice shall specify the amount of capital stock requisite to carry the objects of such incorporation into effect; and if the application be for an alteration in any charter already granted, the notice shall state specifically the alteration intended to be applied for.

SEC. 5. The notice of all other applications, of which notice is required to be given, shall specify the nature and objects of such intended applications.

[Chap. 259 of the Laws of 1829.] SEC. 1. Every person hereafter applying to the legislature for a release of land escheated to the state shall give the like notice of such application in the county where such lands may be situated, and in the state paper, as is required by the third title of the seventh chapter of the first part of the Revised Statutes.

(Chap. 275 of the Laws of 1829.] SEC. 1. In all cases of applications to the legislature for the passage of laws authorizing the construction of dams in or across the streams and waters of this state which are by law public highways, like notices shall be given and published as are required to be given and published by the third title of the seventh chapter of the first part of the Revised Statutes in cases of applications for acts of incorporation and in other cases therein specified.


COLONIAL. Adrian Joris......

1623 Cornelius Jacobzen May.

1624 William Verhulst...

1625 Peter Minuit.


4, 1626 Wouter Van Twiller.


1633 William Kieft.


28, 1638 Petrus Stuyvesant.


11, 1647 Richard Nicolls.

September 8, 1664 Francis Lovelace....

August 17, 1668 Cornelis Evertse, Jr., and a council of war.... Aug. (N. S.) 12, 1673 Anthony Colve...

September 19, 1673 Edmund Andros...

Nov. (N. s.) 10, 1674 Anthony Brockholles, Commander-in-Chief. November 16, 1677 Sir Edmund Andros, Knt....


7, 1678 Anthony Brockholles, Commander-in-Chief. Jan. (N. S.) 13, 1681 Thomas Dungan..


27, 1683 Sir Ed. Andros..

August 11, 1688 Francis Nicholson, Lieutenant-Governor.... October

9, 1688 Jacob Leisler......


3, 1689 Henry Sloughter...

March 19, 1691 Richard Ingoldesby, Commander-in-Chief... July 26, 1691 Benjamin Fletcher...


30, 1692 Earl of Bellomont

April 13, 1698 John Nanfan, Lieutenant-Governor.. May 17, 1699 Earl of Bellomont.


24, 1700 Col. William Smith.

March 5, 1701 Col. Abraham De Peyster.

to Col. Peter Schuyler*.

(May 19, 1701 John Nanfan, Lieutenant-Governor..


19, 1701 Lord Cornbury....


3, 1702 Lord Lovelace...

December 18, 1708 Peter Schuyler, President...


6, 1709 Richard Ingoldesby, Lieutenant-Governor.. May

9, 1709

* The Earl of Bellomont died March 5, 1701. During the absence of Lieutenant-Governor Nanfan, and until May 19, 1701, the Government was administered by the Council, at which the oldest Councillor present presided during this period.

Peter Schuyler, President....


25, 1709 Richard Ingoldesby, Lieutenant-Governor.. June 1, 1709 Gerardus Beeckman, President..

April 10, 1710 Robert Hunter....

June 14, 1710 Peter Schuyler, President..


21, 1719 William Burnet..

September 17, 1720 John Montgomerie..

April 15, 1728 Rip Van Dam, President.


1, 1731 William Cosby.

August 1, 1732 George Clarke, President..

March 10, 1736 George Clarke, Lieutenant-Governor. October

30, 1736 George Clinton.....

September 2, 1743 Sir Danvers Osborne, Bart...

October 10, 1753 James De Lancey, Lieutenant-Governor.... October 12, 1755 Sir Charles Hardy, Knt.....

September 3, 1755 James De Lancey, Lieutenant-Governor.... June 3, 1757 Cadwallader Colden, President.......

August 4, 1760 Cadwallader Colden, Lieutenant-Governor.. August 8, 1761 Robert Monckton...

October 26, 1761 Cadwallader Colden, Lieutenant-Governor.. November 18, 1761 Robert Monckton..

June 14, 1762 Cadwallader Colden, Lieutenant-Governor.. June 28, 1763 Sir Henry Moore, Bart...

November 13, 1765 Cadwallader Colden, Lieutenant-Governor.. September 12, 1769 Earl of Dunmore..

October 19, 1770 William Tryon..


9, 1771 Cadwallader Colden, Lieutenant-Governor.. April 7, 1774 William Tryon.


28, 1775 James Robertson*.


23, 1780 Andrew Elliott, Lieutenant-Governor*. April 17, 1783


Peter van Brugh Livingston....

May 23, 1775 Nathaniel Woodhull, President pro tem. August

28, 1775 Abraham Yates, Jr., President pro tem. November 2, 1775 Nathaniel Woodhull.......


6, 1775 John Haring, President pro tem....

December 16, 1775 Abraham Yates, Jr., President pro tem...... August 10, 1776 Abraham Yates, Jr...

August 28, 1776 Peter R. Livingston..

September 26, 1776

* Military Governors during the Revolutionary War, not recognized by the State of New York.

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