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The feast of trumpets, the day of atonement, the feast of tabernacles.

23 And the Lord spake unto of Israel, saying, The fifteenth Moses, saying,

day of this seventh month shall 24 Speak unto the children of be the feast of tabernacles for Israel, saying, In the seventh seven days unto the Lord. month, in the first day of the 35 On the first day shall be an month, shall ye have a sabbath, holy convocation : ye shall do a memorial of blowing of trum- no servile work therein. pets, an holy convocation. 36 Seven days ye shall offer an

25 Ye shall do no servile work offering made by fire unto the therein : but ye shall offer an Lord: on the eighth day shall offering made by fire unto the be an holy convocation unto LORD.

you; and ye shall offer an offer26 And the LORD spake unto ing made by fire unto the LORD: Moses, saying,

it is a solemn assembly; and ye 27 Also on the tenth day of shall do no servile work therein. this seventh month there shall be 37 These are the feasts of the a day of atonement: it shall be LORD, which ye shall proclaim an holy convocation unto you; to be holy convocations, to offer and ye shall afflict your souls, an offering made by fire unto and offer an offering made by the LORD, a burnt offering, and fire unto the Lord.

a meat offering, a sacrifice, and 28 And ye shall do no work in drink offerings, every thing upthat same day : for it is a day of on his day : atonement, to make an atone- 38 Beside the sabbaths of the ment for you before the LORD LORD, and beside your gifts,

and beside all your vows, and 29 For whatsoever soul it be beside all your freewill offerings, that shall not be afflicted in that which ye give unto the Lord. same day, he shall be cut off 39 Also in the fifteenth day of from among his people.

the seventh month, when ye 30 And whatsoever soul it be have gathered in the fruit of that doeth any work in that the land, ye shall keep a feast same day, the same soul will I unto the LORD seven days: on destroy from among his people. the first day shall be a sabbath,

31 Ye shall do no manner of and on the eighth day shall be a work: it shall be a statute for sabbath. ever throughout your genera- 40 And ye shall take you on tions in all your dwellings. the first day the boughs of good

32 It shall be unto you a sab- ly trees, branches of palm trees, bath of rest, and ye shall afflict and the boughs of thick trees, your souls : in the ninth day of and willows of the brook; and the month at even, from even ye shall rejoice before the LORD unto even, shall ye celebrate your God seven days.

41 And ye shall keep it a feast 33 And the Lord spake unto unto the Lord seven days in Moses, saying,

the year. It shall be a statute 34 Speak unto the children for ever in your generations:

your God.

your sabbath.

ye shall celebrate it in the se- of Israel to dwell in booths, venth month.

when I brought them out of the 42 Ye shall dwell in booths land of Egypt: I am the LORD seven days; all that are Israel- your God. ites born shall dwell in booths : 44 And Moses declared unto

43 That your generations may the children of Israel the feasts know that I made the children of the Lord.

LECTURE 225. Holy seasons appointed in the Christian church. We have seen that the beginning of the year amongst the Israelites, as far as concerned their holy days, was regulated by the first ripening of their earliest ears of corn. Counting six months from this beginning, and reckoning the months by new moons, they kept the feast of trumpets on the first day of the seventh month. Thus this feast, which is here mentioned for the first time, took place in the midst of autumn, and fell in with what used to be the commencement of the year, before the alteration ordained by God. See Exod. 13. 4. And so indeed it was still reckoned, for all other purposes, except the computation of the religious festivals; like as amongst ourselves the church begins its year at advent, dating from a religious solemnity, whilst the business of the world is computed by a different reckoning, and dated from a different beginning. Let us endeavour, as time passes, to connect it in our minds, rather with the ordinances of grace, than with the arrangements of gain. And in computing the years of our pilgrimage, let us rather overlook even the seasons of nature, than the solemnities of religion.

On the tenth day of this same seventh month was the great day of atonement; see ch. 16. 29; a day of fasting rather than a feast, a day on which the Israelites must do no work, but only afflict their souls for sin. And on the fifteenth day was “the feast of tabernacles;" when they dwelt for seven days in booths, made of boughs of goodly trees; hallowing the first of the seven as a sabbath. This was in memory of their having dwelt in tents, when God brought them out of the land of Egypt. And on the eighth day, when they had left their booths, they had another holy convocation, the last great feast day in the year, when they appear to have commemorated with thankfulness the complete ingathering of all their fruits. Let not us neglect our holy seasons, lest we forget the great benefits commemorated therein. Let us neither fail to afflict our souls for sin, on days set apart for fasting, nor to rejoice in the Lord with thanksgiving, on those which are appointed for Christian festivity.

God grant that we may both fast and feast as He would have us; at our fasts mortifying the flesh, and at our feasts rejoicing in the Spirit !

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The lamps, and the shewbread. The stranger stoned for blasphemy.

i And the LORD spake unto 11 And the Israelitish woman's Moses, saying,

son blasphemed the name of the 2 Command the children of LORD, and cursed. And they Israel, that they bring unto thee brought him unto Moses : (and pure oil olive beaten for the his mother's name was Shelolight, to cause the lamps to burn mith, the daughter of Dibri, of continually.

the tribe of Dan :) 3 Without the vail of the tes- 12 And they put him in ward, timony, in the tabernacle of the that the mind of the LORD congregation, shall Aaron order might be shewed them. it from the evening unto the 13 And the LORD spake unto morning before the Lord con- Moses, saying, tinually: it shall be a statute for 14 Bring forth him that hath ever in your generations. cursed without the camp; and

4. He shall order the lamps let all that heard him lay their upon the pure candlestick be- hands upon his head, and let all fore the Lord continually. the congregation stone him.

5 And thou shalt take fine 15 And thou shalt speak unto flour, and bake twelve cakes the children of Israel, saying, thereof: two tenth deals shall Whosoever curseth his God be in one cake.

shall bear his sin. 6 And thou shalt set them in 16 And he that blasphemeth two rows, six on a row, upon the the name of the Lord, he shall pure table before the LORD.

surely be put to death, and all 7 And thou shalt put pure the congregation shall certainly frankincense upon each row, that stone him: as well the stranger, it may be on the bread for a as he that is born in the land, memorial, even an offering made when he blasphemeth the name of by fire unto the LORD.

the LORD, shall be put to death. 8 Every sabbath he shall set it 17 And he that killeth any man in order before the Lord con- shall surely be put to death. tinually, being taken from the 18 And he that killeth a beast children of Israel by an ever- shall make it good; beast for lasting covenant.

beast. 9 And it shall be Aaron's and 19 And ifa man cause a blemish his sons'; and they shall eat it in his neighbour; as he hath in the holy place : for it is most done, so shall it be done to him; holy unto him of the offerings 20 Breach for breach, eye for of the Lord made by fire by a eye, tooth for tooth: as he hath perpetual statute.

caused a blemish in a man, so 10 And the son of an Israelit- shall it be done to him again. ish woman, whose father was an 21 And he that killeth a beast, he Egyptian, went out among the shall restoreit: and he that killeth children of Israel: and this son a man, he shall be put to death. of the Israelitish woman and a 22 Ye shall have one manner man of Israel strove together in of law, as well for the stranger,

as for one of your own country :

the camp ;

your God.

for I am the LORD

cursed out of the


and 23 And Moses spake to the stone him with stones. And children of Israel, that they the children of Israel did as the should bring forth him that had LORD commanded Moses.

LECTURE 226. The righteous rejoicing in the vengeance of God. In the New Testament we find the church compared to a candlestick. And each single Christian may consider himself as one of the many lamps which fill its several branches. Our Saviour is the Priest who orders the lamps “before the Lord continually.” And the pure olive oil may be regarded as an emblem of that holiness in his people, which comes of the Holy Ghost working on their hearts. Let us remember that if but one single lamp is dim, it impairs the lastre of the whole. Let us endeavour to make our light so shine before men, that they may glorify our Father which is in heaven. See Matt. 5. 16. But if all ought to join to yield one heavenly light, we are also taught by the apostle, thats we being many are one bread.” 1 Cor. 10. 17. Let us think of this truth, whilst we read of the twelve loaves of shewbread, in number equal to the tribes of Israel ; let us consider how we are all made of the same flesh, redeemed by the same blood; and this, in order that we may be formed into one body, fit to be presented to the Father by the Son.

In the midst of the delivery of these statutes occurred the case of blasphemy here recorded. The son of an Egyptian, by an Israelitish woman, being at strife with an Israelite, “ blasphemed the name;" that holy name, which no one might take in vain with impunity. Upon this he was put in ward, that the will of God might be ascertained; it being doubtful whether he, being a stranger, would be liable to the same sentence as an Israelite. On this point it was revealed, that there was to be one manner of law for the stranger and for the people of the covenant. And the like was to be the principle in other cases, here enumerated, wherein it would be needful for the good of the community, that foreigners should be amenable to the law of the land. " And the children of Israel did as the Lord commanded Moses.” They which had heard the blasphemy, laid their hands upon the head of the blasphemer, in attestation of his guilt. For it was not fitting that they should repeat his words. And all the congregation stoned him till he died. For it was not beneath the dignity of such as were rulers in Israel, to bear themselves the part of executioners, where the law, and the sentence of execution, both came from the throne of the most high God. And this they might do consistently with humanity and love; where it was done conformably to the divine decree. For if it is for God's honour that we feel, and by his manifest commandment that we act, then the righteous may "rejoice when he seeth the vengeance,” yea and also “ wash his footsteps in the blood of the ungodly.” Ps. 58. 9.

The sabbath year. The year of jubile. | And the Lord spake unto 10 And ye shall hallow the fifMoses in mount Sinai, saying, tieth year, and proclaim liberty 2 Speak unto the children of throughout all the land unto all Israel, and say unto them, When the inhabitants thereof: it shall ye come into the land which I be a jubile unto you; and ye give you, then shall the land shall return every man unto his keep a sabbath unto the Lord. possession, and ye shall return

3 Six years thou shalt sow thy every man unto his family. field, and six years thou shalt 11 A jubile shall that fiftieth prune thy vineyard, and gather year be unto you: ye shall not in the fruit thereof;

sow, neither reap that which 4 But in the seventh year shall groweth of itself in it, nor gather be a sabbath of rest unto the the grapes in it of thy vine unland, a sabbath for the Lord: dressed. thou shalt neither sow thy field, 12 For it is the jubile; it shall nor prune thy vineyard. be holy unto you: ye shall eat

5 That which groweth of its the increase thereof out of the own accord of thy harvest thou field. shalt not reap, neither gather the 13 In the year of this jubile ye grapes of thy vine undressed : for shall return every man unto his it is a year of rest unto the land. possession.

6 And the sabbath of the land 14 And if thou sell ought unto shall be meat for you; for thee, thy neighbour, or buyest ought and for thy servant, and for thy of thy neighbour's hand, ye shall maid, and for thy hired servant, not oppress one another : and for thy stranger that so- 15 According to the number of journeth with thee,

years after the jubile thou shalt 7 And for thy cattle, and for buy of thy neighbour, and acthe beast that are in thy land, cording unto the number of shall all the increase thereof be years of the fruits he shall sell meat.

unto thee: 8 And thou shalt number seven 16 According to the multitude sabbaths of years unto thee, of years thou shalt increase the seven times seven years; and the price thereof, and according to space of the seven sabbaths of the fewness of

years thou shalt years shall be unto thee forty diminish the price of it: for acand nine years.

cording to the number of the 9 Then shalt thou cause the years of the fruits doth he sell trumpet of the jubile to sound unto thee. on the tenth day of the seventh 17 Ye shall not therefore opmonth, in the day of atonement press one another ; but thou shall ye make the trumpet sound shalt fear thy God: for I am throughout all your land. the Lord your God.

LECTURE 227. The uncertain tenure of earthly possessions. The “sabbath of rest unto the land,” here described at some length, had been previously ordained in the book of Exodus, 23. 11.

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