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BIBLIOGRAPHY This bibliography contains practically all of the works to which reference has been made in this volume. In additio: it contains many other works that have been found of valu”: While it is not put forth as a complete list of all publications c'? wheat, it should, nevertheless, serve as a good foundation il all research work on this subject, for it is a fairly exhaustire list of American publications, and also contains many fore.9.1 works. An alphabetical list of all authors is first given, 11cluding periodicais containing articles of which the author not stated, as well as miscellaneous official and unofficial put:cations. This list gives opportunity for looking up the works of any given author. For the purpose of aid in research, certain classifications of works will be found after the alphabetical list. All articles from encyclopedias and dictionaries. grouped together. Under each bureau or division of the United States Department of Agriculture are grouped Ne publications of that bureau or division. The next three groups are of the United States census, the Department of Commerce Labor, and consular reports. Then follows an alhape · list of the state experiment stations of the United States station publications listed chronologically under each The publications of the Canadian Department of Agricu

Sture are also grouped together. Finally, there is given a topical dex of authors. In general, this index contains only those works which permit of definite classification, and it is arranged on the basis of individual works. Each work is placed under only one topic, the topic which it covers most definitely. The name of an author, however, appears as many times under different topics as he has written works on different phases of wheat. This topical index, and, to a certain extent, the classification under the United States Department of Agriculture, will facilitate a topical study of wheat, while the classification of experiment station works will aid in a geographical study.

Works of special merit are designated with*. Authors the whole of whose publications are of unusual value are designated withi. There are a few works that are inaccessible to the

author, but should be contained in a bibliography of this nature. They are designated with s. New York is abbreviated N. Y., and London L.

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Authors, p. 327.
Encyclopedias and dictionaries, p. 345.
United States Department of Agriculture, p. 346.
United States Census, p. 350.
United States Department of Commerce and Labor, p. 351.
United States Consular Reports, p. 351.
Experiment Station Publications, p. 351.
Canada Department of Agriculture, p. 353.
Topical Index of Authors, p. 354.


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AUTHORS. *Adams, Cyrus C. A commercial geography. N. Y., 1902. Adams, Edward F. The modern farmer in his business relations. San Fran

cisco, 1899. Albini, Giuseppi. Considerazioni sul valore nutritivo del pane integrale, in Ren

diconto dell' accademia delle scienze fisiche e matematiche, serie. 3a.-Vol.

iv.-(Anno xxxvii), Naples, 1898. Aldrich, W. Future wheat farming. Social Economist, 6:224, 1894... Allen, E. W. The feeding of farm animals. U. S. Dept. Agr., Farmers': Bul.

22, 1895.

Subject list and abstracts of recent work in agricultural science. U. S...
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Some ways in which the Department of Agriculture and the Experiment.

Station supplement each other. Yearbook U.S. Dept. Agr., 1905, p. 167. Allen, Grant. The pedigree of wheat. Pop. Sci. Mo., 22:662, 1883. Allgemeines Statistisches Archiv, Tuebingen, 2:153-206, 517-614, 1891-2; 3:2.17-273;..:

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of Econ., 20:323-53, 1906. Andrews, C. C.' Conditions and needs of spring wheat culture in the Northwest.

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Gulf coasts. U.S. Dept. Agr., Bu. of Sta., Bul. 38, 1905. Annals of Botany, 18:321, 1904. On the fertilization, alternation, and generak' ,' cytology of the uredineæ.

*Ardrey, R. L. American agricultural implements. Chicago, 1894..


:::::... Arnold, A. Mowing and reaping machines. Amer. Cycl. 12:16, 1875. Atkinson, Edw. The wheat growing capacity of the United States. Pop. Sci.

Mo., 54:145, 1898.
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Biolog. Sur., Bul. 13, 1900.
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Some practical results of experiment station work. " Yearbook U. S. Dept.

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1902. *Becker, Max. Der argentinische Weizen im Weltmarkte. Jena, 1903. (Bibli

ography on Argentina.) Bedford, s. A. Reports Experimental Farm for Manitoba, 1899-1902, in Repts.

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Agr., Bu. of Statis., Bul. 27, 1904

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and navigation Yearbook U. S. Dept. Agr., p. 71, 1899. Birkbeck, Morris. Notes on a journey through France, 1814. L., 1815. Blount, A. E. Cereals, etc. N. Mex. Agr. Col. Exp. Sta., Bul. 6, 1892. Böhm, Otto. Die Kornhauser. Münchener Volkswirtschaftliche Studien, 26.

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166, Spanish wheat duties reduced.

The Australian wheat yield.
Siberian wheat.

Co-operative wheat exporting.
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Calendar of the world's wheat 1
28:686, 1900, Wheat exports. .

753, 830,

The wheat tides. is 830,

The proposed German duty on wheat. ..
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166, 230,


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ature, and soluble salt content of soils. U. S. Dept. Agr.. Div. of Soils,
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