Coordination Act--Lacey Act: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Fisheries and Wildlife Conservation and the Environment of the Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries, House of Representatives, Ninety-sixth Congress, on Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act (joint Hearing with Subcommittee on Water Resources of the Committee on Public Works and Transportation), October 5, 1979, Lacey Act--H.R. 5604, October 17, 1979, March 13, 1980


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Página 213 - Any person who violates any provision of this title or of any permit or regulation issued thereunder may be assessed a civil penalty by the Secretary of not more than $10,000 for each such violation. No penalty shall be assessed unless such person is given notice and opportunity for a hearing with respect to such violation.
Página 100 - ... by any department or agency of the United States, or by any public or private agency under Federal permit or license, such department or agency first shall consult with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior...
Página 150 - It is a basic principle of due process that an enactment is void for vagueness if its prohibitions are not clearly defined. Vague laws offend several important values. First, because we assume that man is free to steer between lawful and unlawful conduct, we insist that laws give the person of ordinary intelligence a reasonable opportunity to know what is prohibited, so that he may act accordingly.
Página 100 - State wherein the impoundment, diversion, or other control facility is to be constructed, with a view to the conservation of wildlife resources by preventing loss of and damage to such resources as well as providing for the development and improvement thereof in connection with such water-resource development.
Página 147 - ... transported into any State or Territory, or remaining therein for use, consumption, sale, or storage therein, shall upon arrival in such State or Territory be subject to the operation and effect of the laws of such State or Territory enacted in the exercise of its police powers, to the same extent and in the same manner as though such...
Página 104 - ... shall receive equal consideration and be coordinated with other features of water-resource development programs...
Página 116 - The Passenger Pigeon needs no protection. Wonderfully prolific, having the vast forests of the North as its breeding grounds, traveling hundreds of miles in search of food, it is here to-day and elsewhere to-morrow, and no ordinary destruction can lessen them, or be missed from the myriads that are yearly produced.
Página 130 - Briefly stated, due care means that degree of care which a reasonably prudent person would exercise under the same or similar circumstances.
Página 147 - The burden to show discrimination rests on the party challenging the validity of the statute, but "[w]hen discrimination against commerce * * * is demonstrated, the burden falls on the State to justify it both in terms of the local benefits flowing from the statute and the unavailability of nondiscriminatory alternatives adequate to preserve the local interests at stake.

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