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of gestation, she was delivered of a large and healthy child.

Dr. Marcy reports a case of cataract of the left eye, of twenty years' standing, which has recently been entirely absorbed. The patient was attacked with inflammation of the sclerotic coat of the affected eye, which yielded quite readily to treatment, and during the subsequent three months he had three other similar attacks. Shortly after the last, an absorption of the upper and outer edge of the cataract was observed. This progressed till the whole disappeared. Upon placing before the eye an artificial cataract lens, he can see distinctly. Having for 20 years been accustomed to depend upon his other eye, he does not take the trouble to have his glasses adjusted to suit both eyes, but depends upon one yet.

Dr. Forman, of Hudson, reports a seemingly desperate case of puerperal eclampsia, with full details. The point we notice · here is the administration of 25 minims of dilute Hydrocyanic

Acid, repeated about every half hour, or to be accurate, as follows: At 11 o'clock, P. M., 25 m.; at 2, same dose; and the same at 3, 3.45, 4.30, and 5.15. In six hours the woman took over two fluid drachms of Squibb’s Hydrocyanic Acid, from a fresh bottle. The patient made a rapid recovery, with no unpleasant symptoms. This treatment was recommended by Dr. Livingston, of New York, who was in consultation on the case with Dr. Forman. The latter says, in commenting upon its history: “the most probable explanation of the effect of the remedy, as well as its failure to produce its usual result, seems to lie in the abnormal condition of both brain and spinal cord, which renders the system tolerant of the remedy. Though I regard the treatment,” he further says, “as preeminently hazardous, cases do occur in which, after failure with Chloroform, Morphia, and other usual remedies, we are justified in the trial of this extraordinary one."

Other cases of medical and surgical disease in Hudson and Essex districts, very carefully reported, are in the hands of the Committee, and are submitted with their report.

During the year now closing our record, fourteen of our associates in the profession within the State, have been called away by death. Their names are as follows, and nearly in the order of their departure. Lewis Westfall, died May 29th, 1869, in Deckertown, Sussex county, aged 30; Henry Van Blarcom, at Paterson, June 5th, aged 38 ; Fred. P. Sheppard, at Asbury, Warren county, May 12th, 1869, aged 25 ; Samuel L. Ward, at Belleville, June 14th, aged 78; Jonathan Pitney, at Absecom, Atlantic county, August 7th, aged 75; Edwin Byington, at Belvidere, Warren county, August 13th, aged 36; Othniel H. Taylor, at Camden, September 5th, aged 66 ; Timothy Kitchell, at Hanover, Morris county, August 6th, aged 72 ; Isaac D. Dodd, at Bloomfield, October 25th, aged 70; William D. Newell, at Inlaystown, Monmouth county, November 22d; John T. Woodhull, at Camden, November 18th, aged 83; Jetur R. Riggs, at Drakesville, Morris county, November 5th, aged 60; Isaac P. Coleman, at Pemberton, November 4th, aged 65; J. Hervey Studdiford, at Lambertville, March 23d, 1870, aged 37.

Obituary notices of the most of them are in the possession of the Committee, and are submitted with the other documents accompanying this report.


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In Memoriam.


Died May 12, 1869, aged 24 years.


Born October 29, 1839. Died May 29, 1869.


Born April 1, 1831. Died June 5, 1869.


Born in 1791. Died June 14, 1869.

Born in 1798. Died August 6, 1869.


Born October 29, 1797. Died August 7, 1869.

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