The Works of Dr. Jonathan Swift, Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin, Volumen10

W. Bowyer, C. Bathurst, W. Owen, W. Strahan, J. Rivington, J. Hinton, L. Davis, and C. Reymers, R. Baldwin, J. Dodsley, S. Crowder and Company and B. Collins., 1768

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Página 134 - The Remedy is wholly in your own Hands; and therefore I have digressed a little, in order to refresh and continue that Spirit so seasonably raised amongst you; and to let you see, that by the Laws of GOD, of NATURE, of NATIONS, and of your own Country, you ARE and OUGHT to be as FREE a People as your Brethren in England.
Página 15 - What I intend now to say to you is, next to your duty to God and the care of your salvation, of the greatest concern to yourselves and your children: your bread and clothing, and every common necessary of life, entirely depend upon it.
Página 305 - The miserable dress, and diet, and dwelling of the people; the general desolation in most parts of the kingdom; the old seats of the nobility and gentry all in ruins, and no new ones in their stead...
Página 108 - I am very sensible that such a work as I have undertaken might have worthily employed a much better pen ; but when a house is attempted to be robbed, it often happens the weakest in the family runs first to stop the door.
Página 207 - As to Ireland, they know little more of it than they do of Mexico : farther than that it is a country subject to the king of England, full of bogs, inhabited by wild Irish papists, who are kept in awe by mercenary troops sent from thence : and their general opinion is, that it were better for England if this whole island were sunk into the sea : for they have a tradition, that every forty years there must be a rebellion in Ireland.
Página 43 - I were to answer, it should be thus : " Let Mr Wood and his crew of founders and tinkers coin on, till there is not an old kettle left in the kingdom ; let them coin old leather, tobacco-pipe clay, or the dirt in the...
Página 132 - I MB Drapier, desire to be excepted, for I declare, next under God, I depend only on the King my sovereign, and on the laws of my own country; and I am so far from depending upon the people of England, that if they should ever rebel against my sovereign (which God forbid) I would be ready at the first command from His Majesty to take...
Página 41 - Newsletter says, that an assay was made of the coin. How impudent and insupportable is this ! Wood takes care to coin a dozen or two halfpence of good...
Página 108 - I had were some informations from an eminent person, whereof I am afraid I have spoiled a few by endeavouring to make them of a piece with my own productions, and the rest I was not able to manage: I was in the...
Página 43 - To which if I were to answer, it should be thus : — " Let Mr. Wood, and his crew of founders and tinkers, coin on, till there is not an old kettle left in the kingdom, — let them coin old leather...

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