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of Law in Harvard University. Boston: Charles C. Little & James Brown. 8vo. pp. 690.

Reports of the Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Judicial Court Massachusetts. By Octavius Pickering, Counsellor at Law. Vol. XXIII. Boston: Charles C. Little & James Brown. 8vo.


586. A Treatise on the Organization and Jurisdiction of the Supreme, Circuit, and District Courts of the United States; the Practice of these Several Courts in Civil and Criminal Cases; of the Supreme and Circuit Courts in Writ of Error and Certificate of Division of Opinion; and of the District Courts in Cases of Municipal Seizure ; including a Summary Exposition of the Law relative to the Priority of the United States; Imprisoned Debtors; the Remission of Penalties and Forfeitures; and Naturalization. To which is added an Appendix, containing the Rules of the Supreme Court of the United States; the Rules prescribed by the Supreme Court to regulate the Practice of the Circuit Courts in Suits in Equity; and the Rules of the Circuit and District Courts for the Northern District of New York; and Practical Forms. Second Edition, revised, corrected, and much enlarged by Alfred Conkling. New York : Gould, Banks, & Co. 8vo.

Rules and Forms in Bankruptcy, in the District Court of the United States for the District of Massachusetts. Boston : Clapp & Son. 8vo. pp. 27.

Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Judicature, and in the Court for the Correction of Errors, of the State of New York. By John L. Wendell, Counsellor at Law. Vol. XXV. Albany : Charles Van Benthuysen. 8vo. pp. 717.

Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of the State of New York. By Nicholas Hill, Jun., Counsellor at Law. Vol. I. Albany: W. & A. Gould, & Co. 8vo. pp. 748.

An Introduction to Legal Science; being a concise and familiar Treatise on such Legal Topics as are earliest read by the Law Student; should be generally taught in the higher Seminaries of Learning; and understood by every Citizen, as a part of a general and business Education. To which is appended a Concise Dictionary of Law Terms and Phrases. By Silas Jones, Counsellor at Law. New York: John S. Voorhies. 12mo. pp. xxxvi. and 356.

pp. 634.

MEDICINE, ANATOMY, AND SURGERY. The Practice of Medicine; or a Treatise on Special Pathology and Therapeutics. By Robley Dunglison, M. D., Professor of the Institutes of Medicine, &c., in Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia ; Lecturer on Clinical Medicine, and Attending Physician at the Philadelphia Hospital, &c. Philadelphia: Lea & Blanchard. In Two Volumes. 12mo. pp. 572 and 750.

A Therapeutical Arrangement of the Materia Medica, or the Materia Medica arranged upon Physiological Principles, and in the Order of the General Practical Value which Remedial Agents hold under their Several Denominations, and in Conformity with the Physiological Doctrines set forth in the Medical and Physiological Commen





North American Review.




Lempriere's Classical Dictionary,

178 — bandies compliments with
Adams, John Quincy, the Jubilee of E, H. Barker, ib. — character of,

the Constitution, a Discourse on as a scholar, 179— his style in his
the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Classical Dictionary, ib., 181 — its
Inauguration of George Washing- worth, 179, 198 — its defects, 180–
ton as President of the United marked by haste, ib., 198— quotes
States, reviewed, 211 point the words of authors, 181, 187
urged by him, 213— cited, 214. neglects verification, 182, 192 -
Ægeria exitiosa, 90.

inconsistencies in it, 182–
Æschines, facts respecting, 182 - specting Demosthenes and Æs-

chines, ib., 184 Demosthenes
Albany, Congress at, in 1754, 302 and Nicias, 184 — Isocrates, ib.

gold" inine near, 315 — treaty omission of orators by, 185 — on
there, with Indians, in 1645, 316 his avoiding Lampriere's grossness

Dé Vries's voyage to, 322. of allusion, ib. — but few articles
Algebra, works on, 240.

by, 187 - - on Homer, 188— his
Allston, Washington, Monaldi, a Tale, omission of Greek poets, ib.

by, reviewed, 397 — his pictures, cites the “ Theatre of the Greeks,”
ib. — his coloring, 398 — basis of 190 — on Aristophanes, 191 - his
his Monaldi, 399 — remarks on it, account of the theatre, ib. bor-
400 — its artist-character, 401 rows from Ritter's History of
quotations from, 403.

Philosophy, 193 — philosophers
Ambition, on literary, 402.

omitted by, 194 — his geograph-
America, early claims of the French ical articles, 195 — borrows from

in, 302 — early map of, 307 – Cramer, ib. — his omission of ge-
change of climate in, 315. See ographers, 196 — on the tower of
American Colonies.

Pharos, 197 - aided by Mr. Dris-
American blight, 88.

ler, 198.
American Colonies, project of Jen- Anthracite. See Johnson.

kins for preventing the indepen- Antiquities, Dictionary of Greek and
dence of the, 303 — trade there Roman, publishing in London,
before the Revolution, 304.

177. See Anthon.
Ames, John F., the Mnemosynum Ants, alliance of, with plant-lice, 87.
by, noticed, 229.

Antwerp, proposed steamships be-
Anthon, Charles, Classical Dictiona. tween the United States and, 141

ryby, reviewed, 175 - editor of - action at, in 1830, 166.

Aphides, ants and, 88.

1815, 150 — four great historical
Apple trees, cause of the blight of, facts as to, 151 - grievances of,

152 — unjust political representa-
Apple worms, 92.

tion of, ib. — character of, 155 -
A posteriori argument, 113, 127, 359. three revolutions in, ib. - account
A priori argument, 113, 359 — am- of the last, 156 — progress of the

biguity in the term, 361 — explain- revolt, 157-Committee of Safety,
ed, ib.

161, 163 — Provisional Govern-
Aristophanes, time of his death, 191. ment there, 165 — session of the
Arteveldes preceded the Medicis, National Congress in, 167 — elec-

tion of King Leopold, 169 — bat-
Assinaboin, meaning of, 294.

tle of Louvain, 170 — the Dutch
Atheism, 375 — on meeting the ar- and Belgic question, 171 — on

guments of, 383. See Deity, In- the growing connexion between
fidelity, and Matter.

America and, 172— on the free-
Austin, Sarah, Fragments from dom and patriotism of, ib. See

German Prose Writers, translated Antwerp, Brussels, Holland, and
by, noticed, 504.

Aztec heads, 293.

Bell, Sir Charles, his Supplementary

Dissertations to Paley's Natural

Theology, reviewed, TM102, 111 –

worth of his Illustrations, ib.
Bagot, Sir Charles, and the Dutch Bermuda Isles, early superstitions
and Belgic question, 171.

as to the, 318.
Ballads, distinctions in Spanish, 430. Bernard, Sir Francis, presides at a
See Spanish Ballads.

trial, 210.
Bark lice, 89.

Bernardo del Carpio, remarks on,
Barker, É. H., and Professor An- 432.

thon, 178 - cited on gross allu- Black Death, The, 509, 510.
sions, 186.

Black flies, 98.
Barnard, Henry, Annual Reports of Blight, American, 88.

the Secretary of the Board of Com. Blistering beetles, 83.
missioners of Common Schools in Block, Adrian, and Block Island,
Connecticut, reviewed, 458 — his 326.
duties, 461 success of, ib. — his Board of Education. See Connecti-
disinterestedness, 464 — abuse of, cut, and Massachusetts Board of

Beauty, on the idea of, 373.

Boccaccio, on the writings of, 347 –
Bee flies, 99.

his Decameron, 348 – his conver-
Bee moths, 94.

sion, ib.
Beetles, 79.

Bode, G. H., History of Greek Po
Belgium, proposed steamships be- elry by, 189, 190.

tween the United States and, 141- Böttiger, commended, 191, 193.
separation of, from Holland, 142, Bond, W. C., astronomical observer,
168 Nothomb's Essai Historique

cited, 451.
et Politique sur la Revolution Bel- Boston, first post between New York

on a projected union be- and, 324, note.
tween Holland and, 143, 154 Boston Latin School Prize Book, 275.
remarks on its independence, 144 Bowles, Caroline. See Southey,

on the connexion of its revolu- Caroline.
tion with that of France, of 1830, Bowring, Dr., translations of Lock-
145, 156 - the long servitude of, hart and, compared, 423.
145 causes retarding her suc- Bradford, Alexander W., his Amer.

146 — early political strug- ican Antiquities and Researches
gles of, ib. - in the Middle Ages, into the Origin and History of the

- in the eighteenth century, Red Race, reviewed, 283
149 — union of Holland and, in amines their origin, 295.

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Bugs, 86.


Brainard, John G. C., Poems by, Catlin, George, his Letters and
noticed, 258.

Notes on the Manners, Customs,
Bridgewater Treatises, Paley's Nat- and Condition of the North Amer-

ural Theology and the, 110. ican Indians, reviewed, 283
Brougham, Henry, Lord, works by, facts respecting him and his ex-

on Natural Theology, reviewed, cursions, ib. — his Indian Gallery,
102, 111, 112— character of his 286 - on the Mandans, 288
Dissertations, 112 — the great the Camanches, 289 on style
merit of his Preliminary Treatise, of drawings, 293 — on wampum,
127 — cited on the argument from 294.
design, 132. See Paley.

Causes. See Final Causes.
Brussels, connexion of, with the Cavendish, Sir Henry, Debates of
Belgian Revolution, in 1830, 157 the House of Commons from May,

- reception of the Prince of Or- 1768, to June, 1774; commonly
ange at, 160 — defence of, against called the Unreported Parliament,
Holland, 163 - Provisional Gov. 483 — their value, 484.
ernment there, 165 – effect of the Chalmers, Thomas Bridgewater

defence of, 165. See Belgium. Treatise by, 111 – On Natural
Buckland's Bridgewater Treatise, Theology, reviewed, 356 — his

defects, ib. his excellences,

Burnet, William, Governor of New Chance, on the doctrine of, 131 –
York, 333.

on the argument from, 381.
Butler, Benjamin Franklin, his Rep. Chandler, Peleg W., American Crim.

resentative Democracy in the Uni- inal Trials by, voluine I., review-
ted States; an Address before the ed, 199 — object of the work, ib.
Senate of Union College, on the its character, ib. on Mrs.
twenty-sixth of July, 1841, re- Hutchinson, 202 - New York
viewed, 212– on the operations of Negro Plot, 203 John Peter
the Federal Government, 217 — Zenger's Trial, 205 — Trial for
histitle, 218— his satisfaction with self-defence against impressment,
its success, 219 — three causes of

its success, 220 - on election to Charlemagne, partition of Belgian
the Presidency, ib.

provinces by, 146 — ballads relat-
Byan, John, trial of, 210.

ing to, and his Twelve Peers,
431, 435.

Chemistry, on the importance of,

477 — vegetable analysis, 479. See

Cahokia, Illinois, old French church Cherokee Indians, emigration of the,
and bell at, 303.

25 — remarks on the, 27.
Camanche Indians, notice of, 289, Chivalry, ballads of, 435.
Cambridge, England, Arundines Ca. Cholera, Parkin on the, 510.

mi, sive Musarum Cantabrigien. Christianity, in France, 394.
sium Lusus Canori, reviewed, 269 Chronometers, implicit reliance on,
- quotations from it, 276.

447, 453.
Canada, on the consolidation of, by Cid, ballads on the, 430, 433.
Sir Charles Bagot, 171.

Civilization, evidence of an advance
Canker worms, 91, 97.

in, 299.
Cantharides, 82.

Clark, Mr., on the superiority of
Carpio, Bernardo del, remarks on, instructed operatives, 471.

Clarke, defect in his argument re-
Carver's Shining Mountains, 285. specting the Deity, 115 — remarks
Caterpillars, 89 - in orchards, 90, 91 on it, 118, 125, 362 — compared
silk from, 91.

with Descartes', 124.
Catholicism, Mariotti on Protestant. Classical dictionaries, difficulty of
ism and, 343.

writing, 175 – on separating from

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