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Melolontha, 79.

Merchants, early American, 304.
Machinery, less injured by instructed Metaphysics, on connecting theology
operatives, 471, 474.

and, 360, 391.
Mackintosh, Sir James, on Skepti- Mexican Drawings, on ancient, 293.
cisin, 128.

Micanopy, a Florida chief, submis-
Madison, James, on Senators' term sion of, 19.

of office, 224 note - on firmness Middle Ages, picture of the, in Span-
in the Senate, 225.

ish romances, 432. See Italian
Mails, first, between New York and Literature.
Boston, 324 note.

Mills, J. K., on the superiority of
Mammoth, early allusions to the, instructed operatives, 469.
318, 319.

Monaldi. See Allston.
Mandan Indians, account of the, Money, remarks on ancient, 185.
288, 294.

Moore, Sir John, the Burial of, in
Manhattan Island, Indian tradition modern Greek verse, 203.

of the first arrival of Europeans Moorish ballads, 435.
at, 310 — derivation of the naine, Morol and demonstrative evidence,
311. See New Amsterdam.

113, 115.
Mann, Horace, Fifth Annual Report Morals, Connexion between Taste and

of the Secretary of the Board of by Mark Hopkins, noticed, 232.
Education of Massachusetts, re- Motherwell, William, Poems by, 244.
viewed, 458 — facts from, 465. Muths, 89, 93.
Manufacturing establishments. See Mounds, the Western, 297.

Mud wasps, 96.
Maple trees, destroyed by insects, 82. Mythology, on the gross allusions in,
Maps, ancient, of New York, 300. 185.
of North America, 307.

Mariotti, L., Italy; General Views

of its History and Literature Nations, on the growth of, 143.
Reference to its Present State by, Natural Theology, the great problem
reviewed, 339— his purpose, 342 to be proved by, 113 -

- an Induc.
- on Catholicism in Italy, and tive Science, 127, 385
Protestantism, 343 — on Dante and ing to be employed in, 358. See
Petrarch, 345 - on Boccaccio and

Chalmers, Deity, and Paley.
his conversion, 348 — style of, 355. Negro Plot. See New York Negro
See Italian Literature.

Massachusetts, on the appropriations Netherlands, Grattan's History of


of, for scientific purposes, 73 – the, reviewed, 141 — deception as
for Normal Schools and District to the edition, ib. — establishment

School Libraries, 475. See Harris. of the kingdom of, in 1815, 15).
Massachusetts Board of Education, See Belgium, and Holland.

Fifth Annual Report of the, re- Neuroptera, 76.
viewed, 458-facts therefrom, 465. New Amsterdam (now New York),
See Common Schools, and Mann. early maps of, 300, 301 — early
Massachusetts Judicial History. See statistics respecting, 327

quest of, in 1664, 337.
Mastodon, early allusions to the, 319. New England, early iron casting in,
Mathematics, on the voluntary sys- 318— difficulty of, with the Dutch

tem as to, in Harvard University, at Hartford, 326 sobriety of
37, 57. See Harvard University.

early, 327.
Matter, on the eternity of, 134

Next Hampshire Book, 1842, noticed, ,
theory of a creative power of, 136 506.

-three hypotheses on the con• New Orange, now New York, 327.
dition of, 138. See Deity. New Year's Day, ancient observance
Maximilian, wife of, 148.

of, in New Amsterdani, 336.
May beetles, 79.

New York, early history of, 300 –
Meat flies, 98.

early boundaries, 301

- fruit trees


[ocr errors]

in, 313 — climate of, formerly, 314 Peck, Dandridge, on saw-flies, 97.
- Dutch governors of, 323 – emi- Percy, translation of Spanish ballads
gration to, of Huguenots, 332 – by, 420.
of Palatines, 333 jealousy re- Fersecution of Popery in New York,
specting trade in, 334.

New York City, first post between Petrarch, remarks on, 345 – 347.

Boston and, 324 note present Pharos, height of the tower of, 197..
and early condition of, contrasted, Philosophy of Religion, 386, 392.
330 — first born Christian daugh: See Christianity.

ter in, 331. See New Amsterdam. Pine trees, destruction of, by wee-
New York Historical Society, Collec- vils, 81.

tions of the (Second Series, vol. Pitt Packet, law case of the, 209.
ume I ), reviewed, 299.

Plant-lice, 87, 88, 97.
New York Negro Plot, 202.

Platner, on Allston's paintings, 398.
Nicias, facts as to, 184.

Plato, facts respecting the Platonic
Normal Schools, appropriations for, philosophy and, 193.
in Massachusetts, 475.

Plum weevils, 81.
Northmen, their voyages to America, Plumer, Wm. Jr., Youth, or Scenes

known to Vander Donck, 313, note. from the Past by, noticed, 241.
Nothomb, facts from, 142.

Plymouth, locusts there, in 1633, 86
Nuvels, remark on, 233.

differences between New Neth.

erlands and, 326.

Poetry, perfection of style in, 348 –

requisites for translating, 421
Oceola, or Powell, Indian chief, 5, 18. See Coleridge, and Spanish Bullads.
Operatives, superiority of instructed, Popery, persecution for, in New.
469, 472.

York, 203.
Opinions, on the formation of, 114. Porson, Mr., as a classical scholar,
Oratory, Indian, 228.

270 citation froin, 276.
Organic life, circle of, 478, 479. Potato flics, 83.
Orthoptera, 76, 83.

Potter, Louis de, of Belgium, 157,
Oceola. See Oseola.

164, 165, 168.

Powell, or Oceola, an Indian chief,

5, 18.

Prayer, form of, in courts in New
Paine, R. T., use of chronometers Amsterdam, 335.

President of the United States, theo.
Paintings, Catlin on ancient Mexi. ries as to the mode of electing,
can, 293. See Allstun.

220 — on the electors of, 223.
Palatines, settlement of, in America, Prize Book of the Boston Latin

School, 275.
Faley, William, his Natural Theol. Prose, on perfection in style of, 348.

ogy, with Illustrative Notes, by Protestantism and Catholicisin, Ma-
Henry Lord Brougham ; to which riotti on,, 343.
are added Supplementary Disser-
tations by Sir Charles Bell, re-

viewed, 102 – characteristics of,
103 — his object, 105, 140 — his Quincy, Josiah, Remarks by, on the
Moral Philosophy, 107 — merit of Voluntary System in studies in
his Natural Theology, 10.

Harvard University, reviewed, 35.
Parkin, John, On the Remote Cause
of Epidemic Diseases, noticed,508.

Parliament, exclusion of strangers

from, 483 See Cavendish. Reasoning, the kind of, to be em-
Patrivtism, the occasion of, 143. ployed in Natural Theology, 358
Payne's Landing, the Treaty of, 2. - on demonstrative, 377.
Pea-weavils, 80.

Red Jacket, notices of, 227. See Stone.
Peach trees destroyed by moths, 90. Red Race, meaning of, 297.

by, 449.



Registers. See Shattuck.

Shattuck, Lemuel, Complete Family
Religion, on the philosophy of, 386, Registration by, noticed, 235.
392 See Christianity.

Sherwin, Thomas, Elementary Trea.
Religious element. See Soul.

lise on Algebra by, noticed, 240.
Representatives, on the right of in- Silk from caterpillars, 91.
structing, 223.

Simonides, the Danaë of, in modern
Retaliution, recommended in the Latin verse, 380.
Florida War, 12.

Six Nations, Stone's series of vol-
Revelation, Fichte on, 388.

umes relating to the, 227.
Ritier's History of Philosophy, bor- Small-pox, extinction of the Man-

rowed from, by Professor Anthon, dans by the, 283.

193 — second edition of it, ib. Smyth, W., Lectures on Modern
Roget's Bridgewater Treatise, 110. History by, noticed, 491.
Rogier, Charles, bravery of, at Brus- Snow. See Seeds.
sels, 163.

Snou gnat, 100.
Romances. See Spanish Ballads. Soldier flies, 99.
Rose bugs, 79.

Solinus, or Selyns, Henry, Rev., 328.
Rose bushes, protection of, 97. Sunys, on perpetuating fame by,


Soul, examination of the nature of

the religious principle in the, 373.
Sa.go-ye-wat-ha. See Red Jacket. Southey, Caroline, Chapters
St. Mark's Church, N. Y. City, 337. Churchyards by, noticed, 500.
Saw.flies, 96, 97.

Souvenirs. See Tales and Soude.
Skepticism, Mackintosh on, 128. nirs.
Schmidt, Gustaviis, the Louisiana Spanish Ballads, Lockhart's Trans-

Law Journal, edited by, 257. lation of, reviewed, 419– difficulty
School Fund in Connecticut, 458. of translating, 420 — Lockhart's
School Libraries, appropriations for, and Bowring's, compared, 423 —

early existence of, 423 – division
Schools. See Common Schools, and of, 430 — the historical, 431 — a
Normal Schools.

mirror of the Middle Ages, ib.
Secretary of the Board of Education. character of the historical, 434
See Burnard, and Mann.

Moorish, 435 – chivalric or
Secretary of the Treasury, Letter mantic, ib. — their present curren-

from the, transmitting a Report cy, ib., 439 — burlesque, 440
of F. N. Hassler, Superintendent dramatic, 441. See Lockhart.
of the Coast Survey, reviewed, Spanish language, changes in. 429.
446. See United States.

Sparks, Jared, his edition of Smyth's
Secretary of War, Letter from the, Lectures, noticed, 491.

in relation to the Amount of Ex: Squash bugs, 86.
penditure in suppressing Indian Stamp Act, effects of the, in Georgia,
Hostilities in Florida, &c., review- 253.
ed, 1 — its character, 21.

Steam. See Evans.
Seeds, on sowing, in contact with Stevens, William Bacon, Discourse
snow, 479.

before the Georgia Historical So-
Seguidillas, popularity of, 441. ciety by, noticed, 253.
Selyns, Henry, first minister of New Stone, William L., the Life and
York, 327, 328, 339.

Times of Sa-go-ye-wat-ha, or Red
Seminole, or Florida Indians. See Jacket by, noticed, 227.

Striped Cantharis, a beetle, 83.
Senators, on the right of instructing, Stuyvesant, Peter, Governor of the
223 – term of office, 224

New Netherlands, administration
firmness in, 225.

of, 331, 333 encourages the im-
Seventeen-year locusts, 86.

migration of Huguenots, 332 –
Shakspeare, William, two sonnets acts of, 333 — burial-place of, 337.

on, by William Plumer, Jr., 242- Style, influence of the study of the
foundation of his Tempest, 318. classics on, 271. See Poetry..




Sugar-maple trees, destroyed by in-

sects, 82.
Surgeons, early law respecting, in Vander Kemp, F. A., translation of
New York, 335.

Lambrechtsen's Hist

by, 311
Surplus revenue, disposition of the, in facts as to, 312.
Connecticut, 459.

Vane, Sir Henry, and Mrs. Hutch-
Survey. See United States' Coast inson, 202.

Ventilation, anecdote as to, 473 note.
Swedish Settlements on the Delaware, Verrazzano, John De, Voyage of,

translated, 307.

Vines, cultivated in Illinois, 304 —

early voyagers cited on, 309, 313.

Vinland, remarks on, 309, 313.
Tales and Souvenirs of a Residence Virginia merchants, before the Rev.
in Europe, noticed, 489,

olution, 30+

- respect for, in
Tasso. See Wilde.

Glasgow, 305.
Taste, theory of, 371. See Morals. Virtue, Paley's definition of, 107.
Teaching, theory of, noticed, 246. Volcanic action, 509.
Theatre of the Greeks, or the History, Voluntary System.

See Harvard
Literature, and Criticism of the University.
Grecian Drama, 190.

Vries, David Pieterszen de, extracts
Theology, on mingling metaphysics from his voyages published, 322

with, 360, 391. See Natural The- - proceedings of, at Hartford, 326.

Tillinghast, N., Geometry by, 230.
Tobacco, cultivated at Brooklyn, Wampum, account of, 294.

War, Secretary of. See Secretary.
Toleration. See Persecution.

Warrants, early character of, 329.
Trade, jealousy respecting, in New Washburn, Emery, Sketches of the
York, 334. See Commerce.

Judicial History of Massachusetts
Transcendental Philosophy, 387. See from 1630 to 1775 by, noticed, 499.

Waterston, Robert C, Thoughts on
Travelling in the United States, 324 Moral and Spiritual Culture by,

noticed, 486.
Treasury. See Secretary.

Webber's Course of Mathematics, 240.
Trials. See Chandler.

Webster, John W. See Liebig,
Triangulation, on surveys by, 452. Webster, Noah, on epidemics, 509.
Twelve Peers, romances relating to Weevils, 76,80.
the, 431, 435.

Westphalia, effects of its treaty, 149.
Twice-told Tales, noticed, 496. Wheat-moths, 95.
Twiller, Wouter Van, 328.

White pine trees, destruction of, by

weevils, 81.

Wilde, Richard Henry, Conjectures

and Researches concerning the
Ultimate principles, on the multipli. Love, Madness, and Imprison-
cation of, 369, 371.

ment of Tasso by, noticed, 501.
United States, Cushing's Oration on William, King of Holland, adminis-

the Material Growth of the, re- tration of, and conduct as to the
viewed 213 — limits of, at the Belgian Revolution, 153, 156, 162
peace of 1783, 216. See American

- resignation of, 173.
Colonies, Federal Constitution, In- Witchcraft, the Salem, 202.
dependence, and Secretary.

Wright, Sir John, 255.
United States' Coast Survey, proper

means for pursuing the, 446 — on
its expense, 454.

Yonker, and Yonker's Land, 312.
Universities, remarks on European,

67. See Harvard.
Ury, John, address of, 204.

Zenger, John Peter, trial of, 205.

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