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punctuation, pauses, and modulation of voice in pitch and emphasis, all of which are treated in this book, intelligibly, and we should judge from a slight examination, to good purpose. Half the volume is devoted to the developement of the system and exercises, and the other part to selections of prose and poetry for reading, recitation, and declamation."--Utica Daily Gazetie.

“The author of this work is well known as one of the most accomplished elocutionists in America. The volume before us is pronounced by the best of judges to be simple and clear in its teachings, and admirably adapted for the use of Schools. The reading is of the first order, and the book appears to have been got up with great care.”—Onondaga Standard.

“Very many books have been written for the purpose of teaching the principles of good reading and speaking; some of much merit. We have examined a work by G. Vandenhoff, teacher of Elocution in the city of New York, entitled 'A Plain System of Elocution,' with which we are much pleased. It explains the principles of the art in a clear and forcible manner, and illustrates them by ingenious characters, well calculated to assist the learner. Its selections of examples in prose and verse are excellent, and the arrangement very good.”— Rochester Daily American.

A second edition of Mr. Vandenhoff's admirable work on this important branch of education. The present edition is greatly improved and enlarged, and takes in the various branches of the subject;-logical and musical reading and declamation; oratorical, poetical and dramatic reading and recitation. As now published, the work forms a complete 'speaker,' and is well adapted for private or school use.

The rapid sale of the first edition shows that Mr. Vandenhoff's labors in this department are not unappreciated.”—Commercial Advertiser.

"This second edition of Mr. Vandenhoff's Elocution proves that it is appreciated by those for whom it is chiefly intended. Teachers and parents are indebted to the author for this aid to their labors. The remarks on articulation and pronunciation are very judicious, and the selections of exercises, both in prose and poetry, show good taste. Indeed, the book may be studied with profit by many who imagine themselves out of the ranks of learners, for its views on many subjects connected with this science are quite original.”—Evening Gazette.

"The second edition of a work which we noticed when it first appeared. Mr. Vandenhoff is one of the most accomplished practical elocutionists in the country. He is also a scholar, thoroughly acquainted with the rules of the science which he has made it his profession to teach.”-Freeman's Journal.




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