Annual of the Universal Medical Sciences and Analytical Index: A Yearly Report of the Progress of the General Sanitary Sciences Throughout the World. [1888-1896.] ...

F.A. Davis Company, 1889

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Página 74 - Bulletin Visiting List, or Physicians' Call Record. Arranged upon an Original and Convenient Monthly and Weekly Plan for the Daily Recording of Professional Visits.
Página 83 - ... and languages unfamiliar to the practitioner. The plan of the book is a systematic arrangement of questions upon the various branches of Practical Medicine, and each question is so worded that the only answer required of the patient is merely YES or No. The questions are all numbered, and a complete Index renders them always available for quick reference.
Página 84 - Isabella-the-Catholic and of the Conception, of Portugal, etc. Translated, with notes, additions, and omissions, by SAMUEL S. WALLIAN, AM, MD, Member of the American Medical Association; Ex-President of the Medical Association of Northern New York; Member of the New York County Medical Society, etc.
Página 74 - The Blanks for the Recording of Visits In " have been made into removable sections. These sections are very thin, and are made up so as to answer in full the demand of the largest practice, each section providing ample space for the DAILY RECORD OF...
Página 74 - LIST is arranged upon a plan best adapted to the most convenient use of all physicians, and embraces a new feature in recording daily visits not found in any other list, consisting of STUB OR HALF LEAVES IN THE FORM OF INSERTS, a glance at which will suffice to show that as the first week's record of visits is completed the next week's record may be made by simply turning over the stub-leaf, without the necessity of rewriting the patients
Página 96 - While the author has prepared this work especially for students, sufficient descriptive matter has been added to render it extremely valuable to the busy practitioner, particularly the sections on the Viscera, Special Senses, and Surgical Anatomy. The work includes a complete account of Osteology, Articulations and Ligaments, Muscles, Fascias, Vascular and Nervous Systems, Alimentary, Vocal, and Respiratory and Genito-Urinary Apparatus, the Organs of Special Sense, and Surgical Anatomy.
Página 96 - Synopsis of Human Anatomy. Being a Complete Compend of Anatomy, including the Anatomy of the Viscera, and Numerous Tables. By JAMES K. YOUNG, MD, Instructor In Orthopaedic Surgery and Assistant Demonstrator of Surgery, University of Pennsylvania; Attending Orthopaedic Surgeon, Out-Patient Department, University Hospital, etc. Illustrated with 76 Wood-Engravings. 390 pages. 12mo. Kb. 8 in the Physicians
Página 19 - The first noticeable symptom in rabbits is general weakness, lack of motor power, loss of coordination and occasional temporary paralysis of the locomotor muscles. Introduced into the stomach in sufficient amounts, it checks digestion and even stops it altogether. On the other hand, it appears to increase somewhat proteid metabolism and also to increase the elimination of carbonic acid and raise the body temperature. Hence, it is to be considered as having a direct action on nutrition...
Página 78 - This new and important work, the most thoroughly complete in the English language on this subject, treats of the physiology of the domestic animals in a most comprehensive manner, especial prominence being given to the subject of foods and fodders, and the character of the diet for the herbivora under different conditions, with a full consideration of their digestive peculiarities. Without being overburdened with details, it forms a complete text-book of physiology adapted to the use of students...
Página 72 - College of Physicians of Philadelphia; Visiting Obstetrician to the Philadelphia Hospital, and Lecturer on Diseases of Women and Children ; Gynaecologist to St. Joseph's Hospital ; Surgeon to the Maternity Hospital, etc. ; Editor " Cyclopaedia of Diseases of Children.

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