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The Fourth Reader of this series is intended for pupils of the fourth and fifth years in school. The earlier Readers have recognized and emphasized the varied instincts, interests, and activities of the child, as for example the love of play and games; of animals and of nature; of doing, seeing, imagining, imitating, constructing, and inventing.

While there is no hard and fast line separating one phase of development from another, yet at the stage represented by this Reader the pupil appreciates and craves entirely new classes of literature.

In the wider range of selections found in this Reader may be named biography, travel, and manners and customs of other peoples. The study of the imaginative also appears and a few choice selections from the great myths are included.

The list of authors contains the names of classic writers long familiar in standard literature, and the names of many others who have, in more recent years, won the hearts of the great reading public—both children and grown people-by their charming descriptions of nature and of the life of the present day.

Children of this grade who have been well trained should read with ease most subject matter within the range of their experience. Therefore, while careful attention has been given to the mechanical features -such as the listing of difficult words, emphasized in former volumesthe authors have chosen freely selections containing increasingly difficult discourse, and they hope that the volume will be found to contain material promoting intellectual growth and at the same time having real interest and charm for every reader.

For the use of copyright material in this Reader the authors take pleasure in acknowledging their indebtedness to the following: Messrs.

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