Reports of Cases at Law and in Equity, Argued and Adjudged in the Supreme Court of Alabama, Volumen9


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Página 14 - ... for the loan or forbearance of any money, goods or things in action, than is above prescribed.
Página 19 - The rules already considered suppose, that the performance of the contract is to be in the place, where it is made, either expressly or by tacit implication. .But where the contract is either expressly or tacitly to be performed in any other place, there the general rule is, in conformity to the presumed intention of the parties, that the contract, as to its validity, nature, obligation, and interpretation, is to be governed by the law of the place of performance.
Página 598 - Mississippi, and the navigable waters leading into the same, shall be common highways, and forever free as well to the inhabitants of said State, as to all other citizens of the United States, without any tax, duty, impost, or toll therefor, imposed by the said State of Iowa.
Página 600 - That the inhabitants of the eastern division of the territory northwest of the river Ohio, be, and they are hereby authorized to form for themselves a constitution and state government, and to assume such name as they shall deem proper, and the said state, when formed, shall be admitted into the Union, upon the same footing with the original states, in all respects whatever.
Página 385 - The supreme court, except as otherwise provided in this constitution, shall have appellate jurisdiction only, which shall be co-extensive with the state, and shall have a general superintending control over all inferior courts, under such regulations and limitations as may be prescribed by law.
Página 56 - And the said records and exemplifications, so authenticated, shall have such faith and credit given to them in every court and office within the United States as they have by law or usage in the courts or offices of the State, Territory, or country, as aforesaid, from which they are taken.
Página 589 - An act to enable the people of the Alabama territory to form a constitution and state government, and for the admission of such state into the union on an equal footing with the original states...
Página 50 - In witness whereof the said parties have hereunto set their hands and affixed their seals the day and year first above written, The word "recorded
Página 268 - Where a law Is plain and unambiguous, whether it be expressed in general or limited terms, the legislature should be Intended to mean what they have plainly expressed, and consequently no room Is left for construction.
Página 500 - ... to take the share of their deceased parent in equal parts among them; and where there shall be no children or descendants then in equal parts to the next of kin in equal degree; and among collaterals, the children of a deceased brother or sister of the intestate shall have in equal parts among them their deceased...

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