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Journal of Researches into the

Natural History and Geology of Narrative of the Surveying Voyages

the Countries visited during the of His Majesty's Ships Ad

Voyage of H.M. S. Beagle round venture and Beagle between the

the World, under the command years 1826 and 1836, describing

of Captain Fitzroy, R.N. Setheir examination of the South ern Shores of South America,

cond edition, corrected, with

additions. (Murray's Coloniad and the Beagle's circumnaviga

and Home Library.) London, tion of the globe. [With ap

1845, 8vo. pendices and addenda]. 3 vols.

This has been reprinted with a new London, 1839, 8vo.

title-page reading, “A Naturalist's. Vol. iii. is the “ Journal and Re Voyage Round the World, etc.” marks, 1832-1836," by Charles Dar.

The Zoology of the Voyage of win. The appendix to vol. ii, has a

H.M.S. Beagle, under the comdistinct title-page and pagination. Some copies of this work were issued mand of Captain R. Fitzroy, in 2 vols., the third being complete in during the years 1832-36. Edititself, and sold separately with the

ed and superintended by C. D. title “Journal of Researches into the Geology and Natural History of

Part i., Fossil Mammalia, by R. the various countries visited by Owen. (Part ii., Mammalia, H.M.S. Beagle, under the command described by G. R. Waterhouse, of Captain Fitzroy, R.N., from 1832 to 1836. By Charles Darwin, Esq.,”

with a notice of their habits etc.

and ranges by C. D. Part iii., 12

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Birds, described by J. Gonld, 1 A Monograph of the sub-class with a notice of their habits Cirripedia, with figures of all and ranges by C. D., with an the species. (Ray Society). 2 vols. anatomical appendix by T. C. London, 1851-54, 8vo. Eyton. Part iv., Fish, de- A Monograph of the Fossil Balascribed by L. Jenyns. Part v., nidæ and Verrucidæ of Great Reptiles, described by T. Bell.) | Britain. (Paleontographical 5 parts. London, 1840-39-43, 4o. Society.) London, 1854, 4to. The Structure and Distribution of On the Origin of Species by means Coral Reefs. Being the first

of Natural Selection, or the part of the Geology of the

preservation of favoured races in Voyage of the Beagle, under the

the struggle for life. By C. D. command of Captain Fitzroy,

London, 1859, 8vo. 1832 to 1836. London, 1842,

- Fifth thousand. London, 8vo.

1860, 8vo.

-Third edition, with additions Geological Observations on the

and corrections. London, 1861, Volcanic Islands, visited during the voyage of H.M.S. Beagle, -Fourth edition, with additions together with some brief notices

and corrections. London, 1866, on the Geology of Australia and

8vo. the Cape of Good Hope. Being -Fifth edition, with additions the second part of the Geology and corrections. London, 1869, of the Voyage of the Beagle, etc. 8vo. London, 1844, 8vo.

-Sixth edition, with additions Geological Observations on South and corrections. London, 1872,

America. Being the third part 8vo. of the Geology of the Voyage of On the Various Contrivances by the Beagle, under the command which British and Foreign of Captain Fitzroy, etc. London, Orchids are fertilised by Insects, 1846, 8vo.

and on the good effects of interThe Structure and Distribution of crossing. By C. D. With illus

Coral Reefs, by C. D. With trations. London, 1862, 8vo. three plates. Second edition, | - Second edition. With illus

revised. London, 1874, 8vo. trations. London, 1877, 8vo. Geological Observations on the

The Movements and Habits of Volcanic Islands and parts of

Climbing Plants. By C. D. South America, visited during [From the Journal of the the voyage of H.M.S. Beagle, Linnean Society. ] London, by C. D. Second edition, with 1865, 8vo. maps and illustrations. London, Second edition, revised. With 1876, 8vo.

illustrations. London, 1875, A Monograph on the Fossil Lepa 8vo.

didæ, or Pedunculated Cirri- The Variation of Animals and pedes of Great Britain. (Paloe Plants under domestication, by ontographical Society.) London, C. D. With illustrations. 1851, 4to.

2 vols. London, 1868, 8vo.

The Variation of Animals and / II. MISCELLANEOUS
Plants under domestication.

Second edition, revised. Fourth
thousand. With illustrations.

For private distribution. The 2 vols. London, 1875, 8vo.

following pages contain extracts - Second edition, revised. Fifth from letters addressed to Prothousand. With illustrations. fessor Henslow by C. Darwin,

2 vols. London, 1885, 8vo. Esq., printed for private distriThe Descent of Man, and Selection bution among the Members of

in relation to Sex. By C. D. the Cambridge Philosophical With illustrations. 2 vols. Society in consequence of the London, 1871, 8vo.

geological notices which they -Second edition, revised and contain, etc. (Cambridge, 1835.] augmented. Tenth thousand.

8vo. London, 1874, 8vo.

Note sur la découverte de quelques --Second edition, revised and

Ossemens Fossiles dans l'Amé. augmented. Seventeenth thou

rique du Sud. sand. London, 1883, 8vo.

Annal. Sci. Nat. 2nd Ser. (Zoology). The Expression of the Emotions in Tom. viž., 1837, pp. 319, 320. Man and Animals. By C. D. Notes upon the Rhea Americana. With photographic and other Zool. Soc. Proc., vol. V., 1837, pp. illustrations. London, 1872, |

35, 36. 8vo.

Remarks upon the Habits of the Insectivorous Plants. By C. D. Genera Geospiza, CamarhynWith illustrations. London,

chus, Cactornis, and Certhidea 1875, 8vo.

of Gould. The Effects of Cross and Self

Proc. Zool. Soc., 1837, p. 49. Fertilisation in the Vegetable

Sur trois Espèces du Genre Felis. Kingdom. By C. D. London,

L'Institut. Tom. vi., 1838, No.

235, pp. 210, 211. 1876, 8vo. The Different Forms of Flowers

On the formation of Mould (1837).

Geol. Soc. Proc., vol. ii., 1838, pp. on Plants of the same Species. 574-576; Geol. Soc. Trans., vol. v., By C. D. With illustrations. I 1840, pp. 505-510; Froriep, Notizen. London, 1877, 8vo.

Bd. vi., 1838, col. 180-183. The Power of Movement in Plants. | Observations of proofs of recent

By C. D., assisted by Francis elevation on the Coast of Chili, Darwin. . With illustrations. made during the survey of London, 1880, 8vo.

H.M.S. “Beagle,” commanded The Formation of Vegetable by Capt. Fitzroy (1837). Mould through the Action of

"Geol. Soc. Proo., vol ii., 1838, pp.

446-449. Worms, with observations on their habits. By C. D. With

A sketch of the deposits containillustrations. London, 1881, 8vo.

ing extinct Mammalia in the -Fifth thousand (corrected).

neighbourhood of the Plata London, 1881, 8vo.


'Geol. Soc. Proc., vol. ii., 1838, pp. -Sixth thousand (corrected). 542-544; Ann. Sci. Nat. Tom. vu., London, 1882, 8vo.

(Zool.) 1837, pp. 319, 320.

On certain areas of elevation and / On a remarkable bar of Sandstone

subsidence in the Pacific and off Pernambuco, on the coast Indian Oceans, as deduced from of Brazi!. the study of coral formations Phil. Mag., vol. xix., 1841, pp. (1837).

257-260. Geol. Soc. Proc., vol. ii., 1838, pp. Notes on the effects produced by 652-551; Froriep, Notizen. Bd. iv., the ancient glaciers of Caernar1833, col, 100-103.

vonshire, and on the Boulders Geological Notes made during a

transported by floating ice. survey of the East and West Edinb. New. Phil. Jour., vol. Coasts of South America in the xxxiii., 1842, pp. 352, 353. years 1832, 1833, 1834, and on the distribution of the erratic 1835; with an account of a boulders, and on the contemtransverse section of the Cor poraneous unstratified deposits dilleras of the Andes between | of South America (1841). Valparaiso and Mendoza.

Geol. Soc Proc., vol. iii., 1812, pp. Geol. Soc. Proc., vol. ii., 1838, pp. 425-430 ; Geol. Soc. Trans., vol. vi., 210-212,

1842, pp. 415-432. Origin of saliferous deposits. Salt | The structure and distribution of Lakes of Patagonia and La Plata. | Coral Reefs. Geol. Soc. Jour., vol. ii. (pt. 2),

Geog. Soc. Jour., vol xii., 1842, 1838, pp. 127, 128.

pp. 115-119; Poggendorff, Annal. On the connexion of certain Bd. Ixiv, 1845, pp. 563-613; Edinb.

New Phil. Jour., vol. xxxiv., 1843, volcanic phenomena, and on the

pp. 47-50. formation of mountain chains,

Observations on the structure and and the effects of continental

propagation of the genus Sagitta. elevations.

Ann. Nat. Hist. Tom. xii., 1844, Geol. Soc. Proc., vol. ii., 1838, pp.

pp. 1-6; Ann. Sc. Nat. (Zool.) Tom. 654-660; Geol. Soc. Trans., vol. v.,

i., 1844, pp. 360-365; Froriep, Notizen. 1840, pp. 601-632; Poggendorf,

Bd. xxx., 1844, col. 1-6.
Annal. Bd. lii., 1841, pp. 484-496.
Monographia Chalciditum, by

Brief descriptions of several TerFrancis Walker. (Vol. ii.,

restrial Planariæ and of some Species collected by C. Darwin.)

remarkable Marine species, with London, 1839, 8vo.

an account of their habits.

Ann. Nat. Hist., vol. xiv., 1844, Note on a rock seen on an iceberg

pp. 241-251. in 16° South Latitude.

An Account of the Fine Dust which Geog. Soc. Jour., vol. ix., 1839, pp. 528, 529.

often falls on vessels in the Ueber die Luftschifferei der Atiantic Ocean. Spinnen.

Geol. Soc. Jour., vol. ii., 1846, pp. *Froriep, N. Not. Bd. lxxvii., No.

26-30. 222, 1839, pp. 23, 24.

On the Geology of the Falkland Observations on the Parallel Islands.

Roads of Glen Roy, and of Geol. Soc. Jour., vol. ii., 1846, pp. other parts of Lochaber in Scot-|

267-274. land, with an attempt to prove On the Transportal of Erratic that they are of marine origin.

Boulders from a lower to a Phil. Trans., 1839, pp. 39-82; || higher level. Edinb. New Phil. Jour., vol. xxvii., Geol. Soc. Jour., vol. iv., 1848, pp. 1839, pp. 395-103.


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