Biographical Anecdotes of the Founders of the French Republic, and of Other Eminent Characters, who Have Distinguished Themselves During the Progress of the Revolution, Volumen1

R. Phillips., 1799

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Página 215 - They pierce my thickets, through my grot they glide. By land, by water, they renew the charge; They stop the chariot, and they board the barge.
Página 216 - A maudlin poetess, a rhyming peer, A clerk foredoom'd his father's soul to cross, Who pens a stanza, when he should engross ? Is there, who, lock'd from ink and paper, scrawls With desp'rate charcoal round his darken'd walls ? All fly to Twit'nam, and in humble strain Apply to me, to keep them mad or vain.
Página 186 - Raniolini. His father, who was alfo a native of Ajaccio, was bred to the civil law, at Rome, and took part with the celebrated Paoli, in the ever-memorable...
Página 279 - ... and natural philofophy. From his youth, he felt an invincible inclination to court the mules, and in the year 1786 he...
Página 188 - ... and from the lives of Plutarch, a volume of which he always carried in his pocket, he learned, at an early age, to copy the manners, and emulate the( actions, of antiquity.
Página 174 - I would have gone to China for a man endowed with the tenth part of thy light ! Oh, grint me to lee thee, to be lultrated and initiated by thee!
Página 192 - That deputy had been alfo bred a military man, and was employed by his colleagues on all great emergencies. One of thefe foon occurred ; this was the commotion among the feftions of Paris, known by the name of the Infiirrettt'jttofVindemain.
Página 191 - Engiiih ; for, in the courfe ofthat year, he appeared with a fmall armament before Ajaccio, the town and citadel of which he fummoned, in the name of the Republic ; but he met with a formidable enemy in his own coufin, the brave Captain...
Página 190 - ... againft the decree declaring the General an enemy to the commonwealth. Indeed, he was fuppofed to be fo intimately conneftcd with him, that a warrant was actually uTued by Lacombe de St.
Página 210 - Sofpeljo, that he firft developed his military talents, and it was entirely owing to him, that Saorgio, in the campaign of 1794. yielded to the republican arms. For this fervice, he was re.warded with the rank of general of divifion.

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