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inches. Maximum length, breadth, and thickness combined is 36 inches. When sent in the form of a roll, the length (the maximum of which may not exceed 32 inches), plus twice the diameter may not exceed 40 inches.

(ii) Minimum dimensions. Envelopes must not measure less than 4 inches in length and 234 inches in width.

(4) Restrictions. Letters and letter packages shall not contain any documents having the character of actual personal correspondence addressed to persons other than the addressee or persons living with the addressee,

(5) Dutiable contents-(i) Mailability. Articles liable to customs duty (merchandise) may be forwarded in letters or letter packages, except to the following countries: Bolivia.

Brazil (see note). Ryukyu Islands.

Salyador, El.

Saudi Arabia. Estonia (see note). Spanish Guinea. Hungary (see note). Spanish West Africa. Italy (see note). Union of Soviet Japan.

Socialist Republics Latvia (see note). (see note). Lithuania (see

Venezuela. note).

NOTE: See individual country items in Directory of International Mail concerning conditions under which certain articles are permitted in letters and letter-packages.

(ii) Customs label to be attached. You must complete and fix to the address side of such article the green (customs) label, Form 2976, referred to in § 111.1 (e) (1). If you know that the contents of the package are not dutiable, you may, if you prefer, omit Form 2976. Acceptance for mailing will then be at your risk, and the Post Office Department will assume no responsibility for the treatment that may be given the article by the foreign customs authorities. Omission of this form may, however, result in delayed delivery and possible penalties against the addressee, regardless of whether the contents are

dutiable or not. Special restrictions exist with respect to certain countries.

(iii) Acceptance at sender's risk. A letter or package containing merchandise offered for mailing to one of the countries names in subdiv. (i) of this subparagraph may be accepted only on condition that the sender knows that

the contents are not dutiable in the country of destination, in which case Form 2976 may be omitted.

(6) Endorsement. Senders should add the words “Letter (lettre)" on the address side of letters and letter packages which, because of their size or manner of preparation, may be mistaken for matter of another class.

(b) Post cards—(1) Rates—(i) Surface. Canada and Mexico, 3 cents single; reply-paid, 3 cents each half. All other countries, 5 cents single; replypaid, 5 cents each half.

(ii) Airmail. Canada and Mexico, 5 cents single; reply-paid, 7 cents on message half, 3 cents on reply half. St. Pierre and Miquelon, 8 cents single; reply-paid, 8 cents on message half, 5 cents on reply half. All other countries, 10 cents single; reply-paid, letter rate (10, 15, or 25 cents) on message half and 5 cents on reply half. There is no provision whereby you may prepay the reply half for return to the United States by airmail. See § 121.3 (b) of this chapter regarding prepayment of foreign reply-paid cards to be transmitted to other countries by airmail.

(iii) Other rates. Letter rates (surface or air) or printed matter rates, according to the nature of the card, apply to all double cards without prepaid reply. The same rates apply to all cards exceeding the prescibed maximum dimensions. See paragraph (d) (4), (ii) (m) and (iii) (h) of this section regarding cards admitted as printed matter.

(2) Dimensions. Maximum dimensions, 6 by 494 inches. Minimum dimensions, 4 by 234 inches.

(3) Requirements-(i) Form. Post cards shall be made of cardboard that meets the material and color specifications in § 21.2 of this chapter or of paper strong enough to withstand handling. Government postal cards may be used, adding postage as required. Folded sheets of paper having the two inner faces glued completely one over the other, so that there is no danger of other articles slipping inside, are treated as post cards. No writing is allowed on the inside of the two halves which must be firmly glued together and conform to the dimensions prescribed in subparagraph (2) of this paragraph.

(ii) Preparation, addressing, and one part over the other, so that the fold mailing. Post cards shall be sent unen forms the upper edge, and they may not closed, without wrapper or envelope. be sealed in any manner. Prepare the The right half, at least, of the address card so that when it is folded the adside is reserved for the address of the dress of the addressee is on the part addressee and the notations or labels re bearing the words Carte postale avec lating to the service. The sender may réponse payee, and the address on the use the back and the left half of the reply part is folded on the inside. The address side. Postage must appear on sender may have printed on the back the address side, in the upper right of the reply half a questionnaire to be corner of the card, otherwise the card filled in by the addressee. The latter is treated as unprepaid.

may return the inquiry half attached to (iii) Attachments. You may not join

the reply-portion, in which case the ador attach samples of merchandise or

dress on the inquiry half is crossed out

and folded on the inside of the card. similar articles to post cards. However, illustrations, photographs, stamps of any (iv) Validity of postage. The prepaykind, labels and clippings of any kind, ment of the reply by means of postage of of paper or other very thin material, as the country which has issued the card well as address labels or slips to be folded is valid only if the two parts of the card back, may be glued thereto, on condition

with the reply paid have arrived joined that they do not alter the character of

together from the country of origin and the post cards and that they adhere com

if the reply half is sent from the country pletely to the card. These articles may

where it arrived by mail and is addressed be glued only on the back or left half of

to the country of origin. If these conthe address side of the card, except ad

ditions are not fulfilled, it is treated as dress labels or slips which may occupy

unprepaid. the entire address side. Stamps of any

(c) Commercial papers-(1) Rates. kind, likely to be confused with postage

Surface rate for commercial papers for stamps, may be placed only on the back.

all countries is 4 cents for the first 2 (4) Reply-paid cards-(i) Availabil

ounces and 2 cents for each additional 2 ity. Reply-paid postal cards, bearing

ounces or fraction of 2 ounces. Minithe required endorsements and im

mum charge is 10 cents. For airmail printed postage are, available at post

rates, see § 111.1 (a). offices. The domestic reply-paid postal

(2) Weight limit. Weight limit for card shall not be used in international

commercial papers is 4 pounds 6 ounces. mails, except that it may be used to Canada after adding the headings pre

(3) Dimensions-(i) Maximum di.scribed in subdivision (ii) of this sub

mensions. Length, breadth, and thickparagraph for private cards.

ness combined, 36 inches; greatest length

24 inches. When sent in the form of a (ii) Private cards. Double cards

roll, the length (the maximum of which which are privately prepared for use as

is 32 inches) plus twice the diameter is reply-paid cards shall have on the front

limited to 40 inches. in the French language, as the heading of the first or message part, the

(ii) Minimum dimensions. Envelopes words Carte postale avec réponse payee

must not measure less than 4 inches in (post card with reply paid), and the

length and 234 inches in width. words Carte postale réponse (reply post (4) Description. The following are card) as the heading on the second or considered commercial papers, provided reply part. Each of the two parts must they do not have the character of actual fulfill the other conditions laid down for and personal correspondence: a single card. Prepayment of the two

(i) All papers and documents, wholly halves shall be by means of United States

or partly written or drawn, such as outpostage stamps (3 cents for Canada and

of-date articles of correspondence Mexico and 5 cents for other countries)

(opened letters and post cards, even affixed to each half.

though they bear canceled postage (iii) Preparation and mailing. The stamps or postage paid impressions two parts of a reply-paid card are folded which have served to pay the original

England (see Great Britain and Northern

Ireland). Eritrea. Estonia. Ethiopia (Abyssinia). Fakaofo (see Western Samoa (British]). Falkland Islands. Fanning Island (see Gilbert and Ellice

Islands Colony). Faroe Islands. Federation of Malaya (see Malaya). Fernando Po Island (see Spanish Guinea). Fezzon (see Libya). Fiji Islands. Finland. Formosa (Taiwan) (see China). France. French Equatorial Africa. French Guiana. French Guinea (see Guinea). French Morocco (see Morocco). French Oceania. French Somaliland. French Sudan. French Togoland. French West Africa (see Dahomey, French

Guinea, French Sudan, Ivory Coast, Mauri

tania, Niger, Senegal, or Upper Volta). French West Indies (see Guadeloupe or Mar

tinique). Friendly Islands (see Tonga Islands). Futuna and Alofi Islands (see New Cale

Gabon (see French Equatorial Africa).
Gambier (see French Oceania).
Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony.
Goa (see Portuguese India).
Gold Coast Colony (see Ghana).
Gozo Island (see Malta).
Grand Comoro (see Madagascar).
Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
Grenada (see Windward Islands).
Grenadines (see Windward Islands).
Guernsey (Channel Islands) (same

Great Britain).
Guiana (British).
Guiana (French).
Guiana (Netherlands) (see Surinam).
Guinea, New (Territory of).
Guinea (Portuguese) (see Portuguese West

Guinea (Spanish) (see Spanish Guinea).
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (see Jor-

dan, Hashemite Kingdom).
Hervey (Cook Islands) (see New Zealand).
Hivaoa (see French Oceania).
Holland (see Netherlands).
Honduras (British).
Honduras, Republic of.
Hong Kong.

Huahine (see French Oceania).
Huan Islands (see New Caledonia).
Ifni, Territory of (see Spanish West Africa).
India, Portuguese.
Indo-China (see Cambodia, Laos and Viet-

Ireland (Eire).
Ireland (Northern) (see Great Britain and

Northern Ireland). Isle of Pines (see New Caledonia). Isle of Pines, West Indies (see Cuba). Israel, State of. Italy. Ivory Coast. Jamaica. Japan. Jersey (Channel Islands) (same as Great

Johore (see Malaya).
Jordan (Hashemite Kingdom).
Jugoslavia (see Yugoslavia).
Kalymnos (see Greece).
Kamaran (see Aden).
Karpathos (see Greece).
Kassos (see Greece).
Kastellorizon (see Greece).
Kedah (see Malaya).
Keeling Islands (see Malaya).
Kelantan (see Malaya).
Kenya and Uganda.
Korea (Republic of).
Kos (see Greece).
Kowloon (see Hong Kong).
Kuchinoshima (see Ryukyu Islands).
Kuwait (see Persian Gulf Ports).
Labrador (see Canada).
Latakia (see Syria).
Lebanon, Republic of.
Leeward Islands (French) (see French

Leeward Islands.
Leipsos (see Greece).
Leros (see Greece).
Les Saintes Island (see Guadeloupe).
Libya, United Kingdom of.
Liechtenstein (see Switzerland).
Lord Howe Island (see Australia).
Loyalty Islands (see New Caledonia).
Luxembourg (Grand Duchy).

Macau (same as Macao).
Madagascar and dependencies.
Madeira Islands.
Malacca (see Malaya).
Mangaia (Cook Islands) (see New Zealand).
Manahiki (see New Zealand).
Manual (Cook Islands) (see New Zealand).


Marie Galante (see Guadeloupe).
Marquesas Islands (see French Oceania).
Mauke (Cook Islands) (see New Zealand).
Mauritius and dependencies.
Mayotte (see Madagascar and dependencies).
Melilla (see Spain).
Miquelon (see St. Pierre and Miquelon).
Mitiaro (Cook Islands) (see New Zealand).
Mohell (see Madagascar and dependencies).
Monaco (see France).
Montserrat (see Leeward Islands).
Moorea (see French Oceania).
Moyen (Middle) Congo (see French Equa-

torial Africa).
Mozambique (see Portguese East Africa).
Muscat (see Persian Gulf Ports).
Nansei (see Japan).
Natal, Province (see Union of South Africa).
Nauru Island.
Negri Sembilan (see Malaya).
Nepal (see India).
Netherlands New Guinea.
Netherlands Antilles.
Nevis (see Leeward Islands).
New Britain (see New Guinea, Mandated

Territory). New Caledonia and dependenices. Newfoundland (see Canada). New Guinea (Territory of). New Guinea (Netherlands) (see Netherlands

New Guinea). New Hanover (see New Guinea, Mandated

Territory). New Hebrides. New Ireland (see New Guinea, Mandated

Territory). New South Wales (see Australia). New Zealand. Nicaragua. Niger. Nigeria. Nissiros (see Greece). Niue (see New Zealand). Norfolk Island (see Australlia). North Borneo (State of). Northern Ireland (see Great Britain and

Northern Ireland). Northern Rhodesia (see Rhodesia and Nyasa

land). Northern Territories (see Ghana) Norway. Nossi-be (see Madagascar and dependencies). Nukahiva (see French Oceania). Nukunonu (see Western Samoa (British]). Nyasaland (see Rhodesia and Nyasaland). Oceania (see French Oceania). Ocean Island (see Gilbert and Ellice Islands

Colony). Okinawa (see Ryukyu Islands). Orange Free State (see Union of South

Oubangul-Chari (see French Equatorial

Panhang (see Malaya).

Palestine (Arab controlled):

Central (see Jordan).

Western (Gaza and Khan Yunis). Palmerston (Avarua) (see New Zealand). Panama, Republic of. Papua (Territory of). Paraguay. Parry (Cook Islands) (see New Zealand). Pasni (Baluchistan) (see Pakistan). Patmos (see Greece). Pemba (see Zanzibar and Pemba). Penang (see Malaya). Penon de Velez de la Gomera (see Spain). Penrhyn (Tongareva) (see New Zealand). Perak (see Malaya). Perim (see Aden). Perlis (see Malaya). Persla (see Iran). Persian Gulf Ports. Peru. Petite Terre (see Guadeloupe). Philippines, Republic of the. Pitcairn Island. Poland. Portugal. Portuguese East Africa (Mozambique). Portuguese Guinea (see Portuguese West Africa). Portuguese India. Portuguese Timor. Portuguese West Africa. Prince Island (see Portuguese West Africa). Province Wellesley (see Malaya). Pukapuka (see New Zealand). Qatar (see Persian Gulf Ports). Queensland (see Australia). Raiatea (see French Oceania). Rakaanga (see New Zealand). Rapa (see French Oceania). Rarotonga (Cook Islands) (see New Zea

land). Redonda (see Leeward Islands). Republic of the Philippines (see Philip

pines). Reunion (Bourbon) Island. Rhodesia and Nyasaland, Federation of. Rio de Oro (see Spanish West Africa). Rio Muni (see Spanish Guinea). Rodos (see Greece). Rodrigues (see Mauritius and dependencies). Rumania. Ryukyu Islands. Saar Territory (see France). Saba (see Netherlands West Indies). Sahara, Spanish (see Spanish West Africa). St. Bartholomew (see Guadeloupe). St. Christopher (see Leeward Islands). St. Eustatius (see Netherlands West Indies). St. Helena. St. Kitts (see Leeward Islands). St. Lucia (see Windward Islands). St. Martin (Netherlands part) (see Nether

lands West Indies).
St. Martin (French part) (see Guadeloupe).
St. Pierre and Miquelon.
St. Thomas Island (see Portuguese West

St. Vincent (see Windward Islands).
Ste. Marie de Madagascar (see Madagascar).
Salvador (El).


Samoa, Western (British) (see Western

Samoa). San Marino (Republic of) (see Italy). Santa Cruz Islands. Sarawak. Sark (Channel Island) (same Great

Britain). Saudi Arabia (Kingdom of). Savage Island (Niue) (see New Zealand). Savaii Island (see Western Samoa (British)). Scotland (see Great Britain and Northern

Ireland). Sekia el Hamra (see Spanish West Africa). Selangor (see Malaya). Senegal. Seychelles. Sharja (see Persian Gulf Ports). Shikoku (see Japan). Siam (see Thailand). Sierra Leone. Singapore (see Malaya). Society Islands (see French Oceania). Solomon Island (except Bougainville and

Buka). Solomon Islands (Bougainville and Buka

only) (see New Guinea Mandated Terri

tory). Somalia. Somaliland (French). Somaliland Protectorate. South Africa (see Union of South Africa). South Australia (see Australia). South Georgia (see Falkland Islands). Southern Protectorate of Morocco (see Mo

rocco). Southern Rhodesia (see Rhodesia and Nyasa

land). South-West Africa (including Walvis Bay). Spain. Spanish Guinea. Spanish Morocco (see Morocco). Spanish Sahara (see Spanish West Africa). Spanish West Africa. Spitzbergen (see Norway), Sudan. Sudan (French). Surinam. Suwarrow Islands (see New Zealand). Swaziland (see Union of South Africa). Sweden. Switzerland. Symi (see Greece). Syria Republic of Tahaa (see French Oceania). Tahiti (see French Oceania). Taiwan (Formosa) (see China). Tanganyika Territory. Tasmania (see Australla). Tchad (see French Equatorial Alrica). Territory of Ifni (see Spanish West Africa). Thailand (formerly Slam). Thursday Island (see Australia). Tibet (see China). Tilos (see Greece). Timor (Netherlands) (see Indonesia). Timor (Portuguese). Tobago (see Trinidad and Tobago). Togoland (British) (see Ghana). Togoland (French) (see French Togoland).

Tokelau (Union) Group (see Western Samoa,

British). Tonga (Friendly) Islands. Tongareva (see New Zealand). Tonkin (see Viet-Nam). Torres Island (see New Hebrides). Trans-Jordan (see Jordan (Hashemite King

dom)). Transvaal (see Union of South Africa). Trengganu (see Malaya). Trinidad and Tobago. Tripolitania (see Libya). Tristan da Cunha. Tuamotou (see French Oceania). Tubual (see French Oceania). Tunisia. Turkey. Turks Island. Uganda (see Kenya and Uganda). Umm Said (see Persian Gulf Ports). Union Group (see Western Samoa, British). Union of South Africa. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Upolu Island (see Western Samoa (British)). Upper Volta. Uruguay. Vatican City State. Venezuela (Republic of). Victoria (see Australia). Viet-Nam. Virgin Islands (British) (see Leeward Is.

lands). Wales (see Great Britain and Northern Ire

Wallis Islands (see New Caledonia).
Walvis Bay (see South-West Africa).
Washington Island (see Gilbert and Ellice

Islands Colony).
Wellesley, Province (see Malaya).
Western Australia (see Australia).
Western Samoa (British).
Windward Islands.
Zafarani Islands (see Spain).
Zanzibar and Pemba.
Zululand (see Union of South Africa).

(b) Preparing, addressing, and mailing-(1) Preparing. Prepare the articles securely, especially if they are for distant countries. International mail is handled more often and subjected to greater pressure and friction than domestic mail, hence it must be enclosed in strong envelopes or other wrappings.

(2) Addressing. (i) Address mail articles in legible roman letters placed on the right-hand side of the article, lengthwise, in such a way as to leave space for service labels and notations (postmarks, etc.).

(ii) Write the name and address of the recipient precisely and completely, with the names of the locality and country of destination in capital letters. Give the house number and street ad

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