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Scribes (Greek), divided into the taxu-

γράφοι and καλλιγράφοι, 338.
Sculpture, English neglect of, 6.
Seal, its habits, 52.
Servia, its extensive sovereignty in the

fourteenth century, 180—its practical
independence secured in 1826, 181–
geographical description, ib.-strength
as a military position, 182 — three
periods in Servian history, ib.-fall of
the feudal monarchy, 183 -- oppres-
sion by the pashas, 185-association
of Heyducs, ib.-George Petrovitsch,
liberator of Servia, 186 — Prince
Milosch, 187—primitive condition of
the country, 189-English commerce,
192—sketch of Servian character, 193
description of the administration of
the sacrament, 198_army and mi-
litia, 199-placed under the guarantee
of Europe, 200 - its true policy,

of his publications, ib.—persecuted
for his Greek and Latin Bibles, 331-
Robert's flight to Geneva, 333-open
profession of Protestantism, ib.
Henry Stephens (son of Robert) 340
-assisted by Danæus in his Greek
studies, ib.-Henry's two characters
not irreconcilable, 344-account of
his prodigious labours for thirty years,
345—fits of melancholy, ib.-his three
hundred Latin versions of one epi.
gram, 346-reduced to indigence, 347
-his Greek Thesaurus, 349—Scapu-
la's plagiarism, ib.-nominally pen-
sioned by Henry III. of France, 351

- gloom and wandering life, 352—
riches of his library of MSS., 353—
begging appeal to the Bishop of
Würzburg, ib.-death at Lyons, 354
- three classes of his memorable
books, 356—his intimate familiarity
with Greek idiom, ib.-H. Stephens,

a critic, garrulous, irrelevant,
anile, ib.
Subscription to formularies of Faith as

a qualification for degrees, 447–
summary of arguments against Sub-
scription, 449-proposed diminution
of declarations binding on the clergy,
451-stringency of Subscription de-
stroys its efficiency, 452—Subscrip-
tion not required before the Re-
formation, ib.-essential under the
circumstances of the Reforma-
tion, ib. -- requirement of Subscrip-
tion for the of the
ritual, 455 — Subscription to the
three Articles embodied in the
30th Canon, 456--Archbishop Whit-
gift's Articles confirmed by Royal
Letters Patent, 459 — what those
Articles declare, ib.—the Act of Uni-
formity, 460-stringency of lay de-
vising, 461-different Subscriptions
in England and Ireland, ib.-Sub-
scription not an injury to men of
high endowments, 463 — real ob-
jection to Subscription, 465–-damua-
tory clauses in the Athanasian Creed,
466 — some limit to freedom of
opinion necessary, 468-reasonable
- system of Subscription a proof and a
preservation of liberty, 469_Supreme
Court of Ecclesiastical Appeal, ib.
particulars of appeals in spiritual

Shakespeare's (R.) rescue of captives

from Akbar Khan, 485.
Ships and guns, first quality of a good

sea-going man-of-war, 422—unsatis-
factory state of the navy, 423 —
neglect of completion of docks and
arsenals, 424-constitution of the Ad-
miralty and examination of the sys.

tem, 425,
Slave-trade, inefficient measures for its

suppression, 424.
Slavonic race, early history of the, 179

-numerous Sanscrit words in their

language, 180.
Smith's (R. Payne) Syriac lexicon, 155

- translation of the history of John
of Ephesus, 164_unfairly treated by
Dr. Schönfelder, 164-translation of
the commentary of Cyril of Alex-

andria, 169.
Smith's (Dr. William) grammars, 416.
Spenser, peculiarity of the fifth lines of

his stanzas, 97.
Sponge-fisheries, 43.
Stanley's (Dr.) letter to the Bishop of

London on subscription, 446.
Starkie's Law of Libel and Slander,

519-justification of the distinction

between Libel and Slander, 533.
Stephenses (printers), dissertation by

Almeloveen on the Estienne family,
324–Maittaire's 'Annales de l'Im-
primerie des Estienne,' 325-origin of
the family, 326—Henry Stephens, the
founder of his dynasty of letters, ib.
Robert, son of Henry, at once printer,
corrector, publisher, author, 327–
author of the Linguæ Latinæ The-
saurus,' 328-the whole number (527)

causes, 474.
Suffrage (universal) suited only to a

limited population, 149.
Synodites and Monophysites, 159.
Syriac literature, manuscripts in the

British Museum, 151-Dr. Cureton's



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and Dr. W. Wright's labours on -interview with the Emir at Samar-
them, 153—history of Syriac litera- cand, 502-reduced to destitution, 508
ture, 154—the Nitrian MSS., 1554 -appeal to the Prince of Herat, ib.
Analecta Syriaca, 174 - Colophons ---accused of being an Englishman in
added to Syriac MSS., 176-Syriac disguise, 509-return to Tehran, 510
the nearest representative of the -notices of the political state of Tur-
dialect of Palestine in the time of our kistan, 511.
Saviour, 178. See Cureton, Payne

Smith, Land, Lagarde, Cowper.

Wellesley's (Dr.) Anthologia Polyglotta,

Templeneuve, horrors of the battlefield

Whewell (Dr.) on Aristotle's Zoological
of, 123.

system, 39.
Textus receptus (of the Bible) fluctua-

Whitgift's (Archbishop) three Articles,
tion of the term, 335.

Theocritus, epigrams of, 214.

Wilson (Sir Robert), memoirs of, 115–
Theodora (the Empress) the most

engaged in a sanguinary pursuit of
shameless and abandoned of women,

French cavalry, 119-account of the

campaign of 1794 under the Duke of
Titian's Assumption of the Virgin, dis-

York, 120-joins Sir David Baird's
covery of, 305.

expedition to the Cape of Good
Turaman languages, 490.

Hope, 127 – diplomatically attached
Turk's blood, a Servian wine, custom

to the Russian army, 128-descrip-
respecting, 190.

tion of the battle of Friedland, 132
Turkish dialects, wide diffusion of,

friendly relations with the Em-

peror Alexander, 134-raises a Portu.
Government, its changed attitude

guese legion, 136_attached to Mr.

Liston's mission to the Porte, ib.-
towards its Christian subjects, 201.
Turkistan, Chinese, Russian, and Inde-

active part in the battles of Smolensko,
pendent, geography of, 4794-routes

138-charges against Prince Kutusoff,
to, 480—English missions to, 485—

ib.--account of the retreat from Mos-
Russian tenure of, 516.

cow, 142-at the battle of Lutzen,

145 his
Turkomans, sale of human beings a

reputation among the
passion with, 481.

French, ib. - an object of political

mistrust with the Home authorities,
Turnbull v. Bird, libel case of, 535.


Wing-shell and pinnotheres, story of

their partnership, 44.
Uzbeks walled in alive by Russian and Wolff's (Dr.) journey to Bokhara in
English conquest, 482.

Dervish's full uniform, 484 — his
Vámbéry's travels in Central Asia, second journey, 486.

476 - seeking martyrdom in the Worsley's translation of the Odyssey,
sacred cause of etymology, 489– 101.
arrival at Tehran, 492—joins a gang Wright's (Dr. W.) labours on Syrian
of Toork pilgrims as Reshid Effendi, MSS., 153.
493-practises as a Dervish, 495–

sojourn in Hyrcania, ib.-reception
in Khiva, 497—theological examina- Zoology, comparison of Aristotle's with
tion before the doctors of Islam, 501 modern systems.




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