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[March 4, 1791.

From Virginia–RICHARD H. LEE.

The other message is subjoined. From North Carolina-SAMUEL JOHNSTON

United STATES, 4th March, 1791. and BENJAMIN HAWKINS.

Gentlemen of the Senate: From South Carolina-PIERCE BUTLER and Pursuant to the powers vested in me by the act Ralph IZARD.

entitled “ An act repealing, after the last day of From Georgia-James GUNN.

June next, the duties heretofore laid upon distilled The terms for which the following Senators spirits imported from abroad, and laying others in were at first appointed having expired on the their stead, and also upon spirits distilled within the 3d instant, in consequence of the classing, con- United States, and for appropriating the same;" I formably to the Constitution, agreed to on the have thought fit to divide the United States into the 15th May, 1789, and 27th June, 1790, which following districts, namely: classing appears at large on the Journal of the The District of New Hampshire, to consist of the Legislative proceedings of the Senate of the State of New Hampshire. last mentioned dates; and they being re-ap | The District of Massachusetts, to consist of the pointed by the States respectively annexed to State of Massachusetts. their names:

The District of Rhode Island and Providence THEODORE Foster, from the State of Rhode Plantations, to consist of the State of Rhode Island Island.

and Providence Plantations. OLIVER Ellsworth, from the State of Con- The District of Connecticut, to consist of the necticut.

State of Connecticut. George Read, from the State of Delaware. The District of Vermont, to consist of the State CHARLES CARROLL, from the State of Mary

of Vermont.

The District of New York, to consist of the State land; and James Monroe, from the State of Virginia,

Virginis of New York. appeared in Senate, were respectively qualified,

di The District of New Jersey, to consist of the State

of New Jersey. and took their seats. Mr. CARROLL, a senator from the State of

· The District of Pennsylvania, to consist of the

State of Pennsylvania. Maryland, having omitted to procure.certified

The District of Delaware, to consist of the State credentials, was, on his own declaration, and

of Delaware. the testimony of his colleague, Mr. HENRY,

| qualified, and took his seat, engaging forth with

The District of Maryland, to consist of the State

of Maryland. to return his credentials, formally authenticated. The Secretary of the Senate read the record

The District of Virginia, to consist of the State of

Virginia. of the Senate, in their Executive capacity, of

The District of North Carolina, to consist of the March 3d, 1791.

State of North Carolina. dered, That the Secretary of the Senate The District of South Carolina, to consist of the wait on the President of the United States, | State of South Carolina: and

Id acquaint him that a quorum of the Senate The District of Georgia, to consist of the State of is assembled, agreeably to his summons of the Georgia. 2d instant, and that they are ready to receive

And I hereby nominate, as Supervisors of the his communications.

said districts, respectively, the following persons, viz. , The Secretary of the Senate having commu- For the District of New Hampshire, Joshua Wentnicated the message, two written messages / worth. from the President of the United States were For the District of Massachusetts, Nathaniel Gordelivered to the Vice President.

ham. The first message is as follows:

For the District of Rhode Island and Providence UNITED STATES, March 4, 1791.

Plantations, John S. Dexter. Gentlemen of the Senate:

For the District of Connecticut, John Chester. The act for the admission of the State of Vermont

For the District of Vermont, Noah Smith. into this Union, having fixed on this as the day of its

For the District of New York, William S. Smith. admission, it was thought that this would also be the

For the District of New Jersey, Aaron Dunham. first day on which any officer of the Union might

For the District of Pennsylvania, George Clymer. legally perform any act of authority relating to that

For the District of Delaware, Henry Latimer. State. I therefore required your attendance to re

For the District of Maryland, George Gale. ceive nominations of the several officers necessary to

For the District of Virginia, Edward Carrington. put the Federal Government into motion in that

For the District of North Carolina, William Polk. State.

For the District of South Carolina, Daniel Stevens. For this purpose I nominate

For the District of Georgia, John Matthews. Nathaniel Chipman, to be Judge of the District

GEO. WASHINGTON. of Vermont. Stephen Jacobs, to be Attorney for the United

Ordered, That the rule be so far dispensed States, in the District of Vermont.

with, as that the Senate proceed at this time to Lewis R. Morris, to be Marshal of the District of the consideration of the message of the PresiVermont; and

dent of the United States, and the nominations Stephen Keyes, to be Collector of the port of therein contained, of Nathaniel Chipinan, to Allburg, in the State of Vermont.

be Judge of the District of Vermont; Stephen GEO. WASHINGTON. (Jacobs, to be Attorney for the United States,

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