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First Session.

| Ships or vessels, a bill from the House to provide for

unlading vessels in cases of obstructions by
Seat of Government, a memorial from New Jersey,

ice, 1784; bill passed, 1785.
in favor of establishing it on the Delaware, Spirits, the memorial of the college of physicians

praying that such heavy duties may be im.
a draught of ten miles square, including Lan-

posed on them as shall restrain their intem.
caster, presented, and several other places

perate use; ordered to lie on the table,
nominated, as proper places for the seat of
Government, 73.

Do. of the inhabitants of Lancaster against
resolution introduced from Legislature of

the excise on spirits, 1794..
Pennsylvania, offering public buildings to a bill from the House repealing the duty on
Congress, 85.

spirits, 1791; committed; amendments pro.
a bill to establish the seat of Government, 87:

posed, 1797; passed, 1800.
passed, 91. The Senate, in considering an
amendment to the bill proposed by the T.

First Session.
House, postponed the further consideration
of it till the next session, 95.

Territory northwest of the Ohio, a bill from the
Senators divided into three classes, agreeably to the

House for the government of, 52; passed,

directions of the constitution, 37.
Session of the Senate opened, 16.

Thanksgiving, a resolution from the House appointe

ing a joint committee to request the Presi.
Second Session.

dent to recommend to the people a day of

public thanksgiving and prayer, 90; agreed
Seamen, a bill from the House, for the government

to, 92.
and regulation of seamen in the merchant Titles—what titles to be used, 24; report on the
service, 1031; bill passed, 1042.

subject, 31; report disagreed to; it was
Seat of Government, a bill introduced to determine

finally agreed that no titles should be used,
the permanent seat of Government, 1017;
report of a committee on the bill, 1022; re. Tonnage, a bill from the House imposing duties on
port rejected. The bill was taken up and

tonnage, 43; passed, 47.
considered, but no question taken on its Treasury, a bill for establishing the Department of,
passage; consideration resumed, and bill

49; passed, 56.
amended, 1032; consideration resumed, Troops of the United States, a statement of, in a
1035, and the bill ordered to a third reading;

message from the President, 62.
read a third time and passed, 1040.

a bill to recognize and adopt to the constitu.
Senate formed, a quorum of members being present,

tion of the United States, the troops raised

under the resolves of Congress, 87; passed,
doors proposed to be opened-See doors of

the Senate.

Second Session.
Soldiers and seamen, a bill from the House, for the Territory south of the Ohio, a bill for the govern.
relief of disabled soldiers and seamen lately

ment thereof, 999; passed, 1000.
in the service of the United States, 1061; Tonnage, a bill from the House, imposing duties on
bill passed, 1065.

the tonnage of vessels, 1029; bill passed,
South Carolina, a message from the President in-

formed Congress that this State has adopt. Treasurer of the United States, a statement of his
ed all the amendments to the constitution

accounts, 1031; another statement, 1061.
proposed to them, 997.

Treaties, a resolution from the House, that all trea.
and Georgia, a bill for altering the times of

ties entered into be published with the acts
holding their courts, 1067; bill passed, 1069.

of Congress, 1018; concurred in, 1019.
Sterling, Lord, the petition of his widow, praying

for adjustment of his claim, 1028.
a bill from the House for discharging the

Third Session.
above claim, 1064; bill passed, 1067. Treasury Department, a proposition offered propos.
Steuben, Baron, a bill from the House finally adjust.

ing to advance ihe salaries of the several
ing and satisfying his claims, 1008; bill

officers twenty-five per cent. on their pre.
passed, 1016.

sent allowance, for one year; referred to

the committee to whom was referred a mo-
Third Session.

tion to increase the compensation of the at.

torney general, 1809.
Sandy Hook, an act of the State of New Jersey vest a bill from the House, supplemental to the
ing in the United States the jurisdiction of

act establishing the Treasury Department,
a lot of land on which a light-house, and

1812; passed, 1815.
other buildings are erected; ordered to lie
on the table, 1789.

Second Session.
Seat of Government, a bill to amend an act for es.
tablishing the seat of Government intro

Useful arts, a bill from the House, to promote the

progress of the useful arts, 990; passed
duced, 1802; passed, 1813.
Secretary of the Treasury called upon for a state-

with amendments, 996.
ment of the exports of the United States for

First Session.
the present year, 1801.
Senate, a motion to open the doors of See doors of Vessels, a bill from the House for registering and
the Senate.

clearing, &c., 59; passed, 73.

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Vessels, a bill to explain and amend the above, 87; Yeas and Nays, on the question of receding from at
passed, 93.

amendment to, 37.

a motion to amend one of the proposed
Second Session.

amendments to the constitution, 76.
Vessels not to clear out without proper manifests—

adhering to an amendment to the bill for al-
See collectors.

lowing compensation to the members of
Virginia and North Carolina, resolutions from the

both Houses, 77.
House, requesting the President of the

striking out the words “in the State of Penn-

sylvania,” from the bill establishing the seat
United States to cause to be transmitted to
the Executives of those States, lists of the

of Government, 89.
officers, &c., entitled to arrears of pay; to

other questions in relation to said bill, 88.
cause the necessary steps for paying the

passage of the bill to establish the seat of
same, &c., 1012; amended and agreed to,

-Government, 91.
Virginia line, a bill from the House, to enable the

Second Session.
officers and soldiers of, to obtain titles
to lands lying northwest of the river Ohio,

| Yeas and Nays, on the bill to prevent goods being
1053; passed, 1066.

brought from Rhode Island into the United

States, 1012.

on the report of a committee in favor of the
Third Session.

claims of Baron Steuben, 1015.
Vermont, a proposition for admitting this State into a resolution providing that Congress shall hold
the Union, 1798, and a bill for this purpose

their next session in Philadelphia, 1022.
introduced; bill passed, 1799.

some other questions in relation to the remov-
a bill for giving effect to the laws of the U.

al of the seat of Government, 1022, 1023,
States therein, 1805; passed, 1807.

1026, 1032, 1033, 1034, 1035, 1036, 1038,
Virginia, resolutions of the General Assembly on the

1039, 1040.
claims of sundry individuals, referred, 1800; the bill making provision for the payment of
a report on the subject of bounty lands and

the public debt, 1028, 1047, 1049, 1050,
the claims of individuals made and agreed

1051, 1052, 1053, 1054, 1058, 1059, 1060,
to, 1822.

First Session.

the bill to authorize the purchase of land at

West Point, 1030, 1031.
War, a bill for establishing the Department of, 49;

on the Creek treaty, 1070, 1074.
passed, 57.
Washington, George, elected President of the United
States, 17.

Third Session.

Yeas and Nays, on a resolution declaring it to be in-
Third Session.

expedient to alter the act of last session for
Wabash and Miami Indians, a committee appointed

paying the public debt, 1781.
to communicate with the President on the

on limiting the term of incorporation of the
proper means to be used to bring about a

national bank, 1788.
peace with them, 1816.

other questions on the bank bill, 1794.
Weights and measures, uniformity of, the subject re-

on the bill to amend the act for establishing
ferred to a committee, 1782; report and

the seat of Government, 1812.

on the bill supplementary to the act incor.
subject postponed, 1816.

porating the Bank of the United States,

First Session.

on the bill in addition to an act establishing
Yeas and Nays, on the passage of the bill to establish

the salaries of the executive officers of
the judicial courts of the United States, 51.

Government, 1822.




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First Session.

firmed by the States, 1676; discussed, 1682;

report made, 1756.
Accounts, a bill for settling the accounts between

Answer to the President's speech, 1083.
the United States and the several States,

Appropriations, a bill making appropriations for the
introduced, 667; referred to a select com-

service of the 1790, was introduced, 1465;
mittee, 691; reported with amendments,

bill committed, 1466; ordered to be en-
twice read and ordered to be engrossed,

grossed and passed, 1500.
696; bill passed, 697.

Authors and proprietors of books, a bill for securing
Acts, records, &c.; a bill to provide for the safe

to them an exclusive right to them, 1141,
keeping of, reported, 700; taken up, 815;

passed, 1143.
passed, 816.
Acts of Congress-See appendix.
Adjournment, a resolution for appointing a joint

Third Session.
committee to determine when it will be | Acts of Congress-See appendix.
proper that an adjournment of the session Address to the President, in answer to his speech.
shall take place, 70°; agreed to; the com:

reported, 1837; discussed, 1839; agreed
mittee report, 716; report taken up, 809;

to, 1843.
agreed to, 812; order rescinded, and the

Algiers, a report from the Secretary of State relative
26th instead of the 22d September, agreed

to prisoners at Algiers, 1886.
upon, 946.
Amendments proposed to the constitution, 440; re-

Amendments to the constitution, proposed to the

Legislatures of the several States, 2028;
ferred to a select committee, 690; report

deferred till next session.
of the committee laid on the table, 699;

Appropriation bill reported for the year 1791, 1935;
taken- up, 730; agreed to, 809. See the

ordered to be engrossed, 1940; bill passed,
appendix to learn how they have been

adopted by the States.

Appendix, containing sundry reports and documents,
Appropriations, a bill making appropriations for the

and the acts passed at each session, at the
service of the present year introduced,

close of the volume.
938; ordered to be engrossed, 947; passed,


First Session.
Second Session.

Bankruptcy, a committee appointed to report a bill
Accounts, a bill presented to increase the salaries of...

to establish a uniform system of, 433.
the clerks in the office of the commission. Beckley, John, appointed clerk, 100.
ers for settling the accounts between the
United States and the individual States,

. Second Session.
1465; bill ordered to be engrossed, 1466; Bailey, Francis, a bill granting him the exclusive
passed, 1470.

privilege of using and vending the matrices
Accounts between the United States and individual

of certain types, &c., 1427; bill passed,
States, the commissioners for settling them

laid their accounts before the House, 1602. Bankruptcy, a motion to appoint a committee to
a bill to provide for the settlement of the ac.

bring in a bill for establishing a system of,
counts between the United States and the

laid on the table, 1143
several States, presented, 1675; consider-

petition of sundry persons confined in the
ed, 1685; bill passed, 1702.

jail of New York' for a general bankrupt
a bill for appointing two additional commis-

law; laid on the table, 1716.
sioners, reported and passed, 1760,

Beverly cotton manufactory, a petition praying for
Acts, records, &c., a bill for authenticating them in

the patronage of Government; referred,
the several States, 1601; bill ordered to

1574; report on committed, 1585.
be engrossed; 1603; and passed.

Bland, Theodoric, (one of the members from Vir.
Acts of Congress-See appendix.

ginia,) his death announced, 1685.
Adjournment, a resolution for fixing the time, 1699;
proposition laid on the table, 1710; agreed

Third Session.
io, 1739. .
Algerine prisoners, a petition from sundry citizens Bank of the United States, a bill from the Senate
in slavery, praying for the interposition of

establishing this institution, 1922; the House
Congress, referred, 1626.

went into a committee and reported the
Amendments to the constitution, proposed by North

bill without amendment, 1935, bill passed,
Carolina, 1531.

Amendments proposed to the constitution, a com-

a bill supplementary to the above, taken up,
mittee appointed to report such as are con

2020; bill passed, 2021.

Barry, Joshua, a report in favor of allowing his Crimes against the United States, a bill for the pun-
claim, 1921; a bill reported in his favor,

ishment of, 1142; taken up, 1572, passed,
2017; rejected, 2020.

1574. .
Bible, a memorial from the Baptist association of

Third Session.
Connecticut requesting Congress to pre-
vent incorrectness in future editions of the Chaplain, Rev. Mr. Blair elected, 242.
Bible, 1921.

China, a memorial from the merchants of Philadel-

phia, praying an additional duty on all
First Session.

goods imported from thence in foreign

bottoms, 1922.
Chaplain elected--See Rev. Mr. Lynn.

Churchman, John, his petition praying encourage.
Churcbman, John, his memorial in relation to mag-

ment to a voyage to Baffin's bay, for the
netic variations, 149.

purpose of making magnetical experiments;
City Hall offered to Congress by the corporation and

ordered to lie on the table; a report there.
accepted, 102.

on, 1893; part of the report negatived,
Clerk appointed, 100.

19:34; a bill directed to be brought in for
Collection of duties on imports, a bill for the--See

another part.

Clerks, marshals, and jurors, a bill for compensating
Commencement of the first session of Congress, 100.

them, 2014; bül passed, 2025.
Compensation to the President, Vice-President, and

Congress, a bill for altering the time of meeting was
members of the two Houses, a bill report.

rejected, 1875.
ed for fixing, 433–See President and mem-

bill for do. read twice and ordered to be en.
bers of Congress.

grossed, 2006; passed, 2014; rejected by
Congress, a bill introduced for altering the time of

the Senate, 2021. .
the annual meeting; ordered to be engross-

a new bill reported and passed, 2022.
ed and passed, 947.

Consuls and vice-consuls, a bill from the Senate con-
Constitution-See proposed amendments to it.

cerning them, 1933; the Senate disagree.
Crimes against the United States, a bill from the

ing to an amendment of the House, and re-
Senate for the punishment of, 866; not

fusing to recede, the House insisted, and

the bill was lost, 2027.
Second Session.

Consular convention with France-See France.
Census, a bill presented providing for the enumera. D.

First Session.
tion of the inhabitants of the United States,
1098; considered and recommitted, 1118;

d recommitted. U8 Day of thanksgiving, a resolution proposing the ap.
ordered to be engrossed, 1147; passed,

pointment of a joint committee to wait on

the President to request he would appoint
Cession of Western lands, the act of North Carolina

a day for this purpose; agreed to.
ceding to the United States certain western

Debates of the House, a resolution introduced, com-
lands, referred, 1143.

. plaining of the manner in which the debates

had been taken, which was discussed, and
a bill received from the Senate to accept the
cession of the above lands, 1464; bill com-

then withdrawn, 952.

s on
mitted, 1465; considered in Committee of Duties on imports, a resolution proposing dut
the whole, amended, and ordered to be en-

sundry articles, 106; passed, 381.
grossed, 1528, and passed.

bill for do. introduced, 258.
Chaplain, Rev. Wm. Lynn appointed, 1079.

tonnage of vessels, a proposition for laying,
Collection of duties, a bill further to suspend part of

183; agreed to, 302.
the act to regulate the collection of duties,

a bill for laying duties on tonnage introduced,
1571; passed, 1572.

425; passed, 432.
a bill to regulate the collection of duties, 1738;

a bill for collecting the duties on imports,
passed, 1741.

302; taken up, 381; resumed, 468; recom-

Congress, a resolution proposing that Congress hold
its next session in Philadelphia, 1676; agreed

a new bill for collecting duties, in lieu of the
to, 1682.

above reported, 635; passed, 867.
Consuls and vice-consuls, a report on what fees

a bill for suspending the operation of part of
shall be allowed them, 1714; agreed to,

an act for imposing duties on tonnage, 923;

passed, 924.
an amendatory bill for establishing their fees

a bill to amend part of the tonnage act re-
and perquisites, presented, 1740; passed,

ported, 928; ordered to be engrossed, 933;

passed, 937.
Continental establishment, a memorial of the officers
of the South Carolina line on that establish-

Second Session.
ment, praying that a provision may be made Debt of the United States, a bill making provision
for their pay, &c., 1464; report from the

for the, presented, 1605; considered, 1638;
Secretary of the Treasury, 1514.

passed, 1685.
Copperas, vitriol, &c., a petition from the manufac a plan reported making provision for the pay-
turers of in New Jersey, for additional du-

ment of the interest on the debts of the
ties on the articles imported.

United States; committed, 1711; agreed to,
Copy-rights secured-See authors, &c.

Cordage, a petition from the manufacturers of, in a bill making further provision for the pay-
Philadelphia, praying for an additional duty

ment of, presented, 1738; considered, 1740;
on the imported article, 1602.

passed, 1741.

Debts of Georgia, a bill reported to make further | Executive officers, a bill in addition to an act for es.
provision for the debts of the United States,

tablishing the salaries of the executive offi.
so far as respects the debts of Georgia,

cers of the Government, &c., 2024; bill
1759; rejected, 1760.

passed, 2026.
Delaware, State of, the President informs the House
that this State has ratified all the amend. F.

First Session.
ments to the constitution proposed by Con-
gress, except the first, 1465.

Foreign affairs, a bill reported to establish a depart-
Derby, Elias Hasket, the petition of, praying relief

ment of, 434; taken up, 473; ordered to
in the payment of duties on a case of teas,

be engrossed, 608; passed, 614.
referred, 1703; report thereon adopted,

Second Session.
Duties, a bill repealing the duties on wines imported,
and laying others in their stead, presented,

Fines, forfeitures, &c., a bill reported for the remis-
1619; Committee of the Whole discharged

sion or mitigation of, 1118; an amendatory
from the consideration of this bill, and the

bill reported, 1459; bill considered and or-
subject referred to a select committee, 1677;

dered to be engrossed, 1464; bill passed,
bill committed, 1689; finally negatived, 1700.


Fitch, John, petition praying for an exclusive privi-
Third Session.

lege to use steam for purposes of naviga-

tion, 1714.
Debt, a bill from the Senate supplementary to an act Foreign intercourse, a bill brought in for compensat-
making further provision for the payment

ing persons employed in the intercourse
of the debts of the United States, 1859;

between the United States and foreign na.
passed, 1863.

tions, 1113; taken up, 1118; debated and
a report from the commissioners of the debt

ordered to be engrossed, 1130; bill recom-
purchased, 1867

mitted, 1526; an amendatory bill reported
a bill directing the mode in which lost evi. - by the committee, 1547; passed, 1602.
,dences of debt may be renewed, 1880; Forfeitures and penalties, a bill to provide for miti- -
considered and recommitted, 1901; an

gating or remitting the forfeitures and pen-
amendatory bill reported, 1932.

alties accruing under the revenue laws,
a bill making further provision for payment of

1599; passed, 1601.
the debts of the United States, 2019; passed, Franklin, Benjamin, his death announced, and an

order made for a token of mourning, 1586.
resolution passed that it is inexpedient to alter
the system adopted, 2023.

Third Session.
a bill supplementary to the act making pro-

vision for the public debt, 2023; bill passed, Fisheries, a report from the Secretary of State on

this subject, 1960.
Duties, a bill repealing, after a certain time, the act Foreign officers, a bill to provide for the payment of
imposing duties on spirits imported, &c.,

the interest on debts due to them in Paris,
1885; bill ordered to be engrossed, 1932;

1921; bill passed, 2014; rejected by the
bill passed, 1933.

Senate, 2022.
Duty on teas, a bill making further provision for the France, a bill for carrying into effect the consular
collection of duties on teas, 2020; bill pass-

convention between his most Christian Ma-
ed, 2027.

jesty and the United States, read tbreo

times and passed, 2031; postponed by the
First Session.

Senate till next session.
Election contested-See Smith, William. i

Franklin, Benjamin, a letter from the President of
Do. - See New Jersey.

the Commonalty of Paris, with sundry co.
Enrolment, joint rules for enrolment adopted, 697.

pies of a Civic Eulogium on our Franklin,

pronounced by M. Fauchet, at Paris, on
Executive officers, a bill reported establishing the
salaries of, 808; taken up, 815; ordered to

the 21st of July last, 1837; a translated
a third reading and passed, 826.

copy of the above letter, 1838.

resolution proposing that the Speaker com-
Second Session.

municate to the President and Commonalty

of Paris the sense of the House on account
Executive officers, a bill supplementary to the act

of the above eulogium, 1844.
for establishing the salaries of, presented, message from the President, with a letter to
read and committed, 1579; passed, 1602.

him from the National Assembly of France,

and a decree of that body on the death of
Third Session.

Dr. Franklin-See appendix.

a resolution from the Senate expressing the
Electors of President, a committee appointed to

sensibility of Congress to the tribute paid
bring in a bill for determining the time

to the memory of the late Dr. Franklin,
when the electors shall, in the year 1793,

was concurred with, 2021.
and every four years thereafter, be chosen,
&c., 1837; bill brought in, 1860; discussed;

First session.
committee reported the bill as amended,
1918; laid on the table.

Georgetown, a memorial from the citizens of, making
Excise laws, a memorial from Philadelphia against

an offer to put themselves and fortunes un-
them, 1923.

der the jurisdiction of Congress, 921.

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