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I lived my entire childhood in Saudi Arabia. Later, I lived 5 years in Ecuador, during the time that Perkins writes about. I saw the manipulations and events happen. I worked for another clandestine branch of the U.S. government for five years, and saw, became part of, and helped with events that were meant to, and succeeded in the process described by John Perkins. Reading this book, realizing the authenticity of it, I again felt that I was witnessing events that I already knew about.
In my opinion, no international spy novel even comes close to the excitement I felt on reading about the real thing.

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Truth is hard to accept
Great book, finaly one of them come to his senses and tells it as it is. Thanks! Enfin quelqu'un qui n'a pas peur de faire face a la vérité et a la partage.

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A class act.
One of a kind confession
One that has come just at the right time as the public is now becoming more aware of the American atrocities .. or rather the American elites' 

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Confessions of an economic hitman
Nothing but the truth

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the best book i ever read the best of the best thank you so much Mr John Perkins

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Necessary reading for anyone wanting to transform the world politically. One realizes what an uphill battle it will be to change what has already been done in "our name." Capitalism must become sustainable and more compassionate or the world is doomed to face 9/11 after 9/11.

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This book is written with an amazing amount of love for all the people around the world.
Unlike the news channels in America, which only offer a one-sided, ethnocentric point of view of what's
happening in the world, John Perkins gives us truth.
Though the truth can be scary, it is beautiful in this book.
America has so many people who want to know the truth, who want to believe that their country offers "Justice & Liberty For All." They, therfore, do believe just that.
Love can be Blind.
I was riding on public transit yesterday in one of the most beautful cities, Vancouver, where I moved to once I tried living in every major US city first.... The person driivng the bus said, "You know what, buddy, there just aren't alot of good people out there. They are very, very few."
A heaviness fell over everyone on the bus. The implications of his words were felt in every seam, cell, and mood of everyone on the bus. Everyone, literally, looked down at their feet.
I immediately started repeating the world's simplest mantra to myself, "Love, love, love, love," over and over. The young man across from me kept looking at me smiling. When I gently informed the lady across me that her lettuce was three fourths of an inch away from being on the floor of the bus, outside of her grocery bag, this young man, one again, looked at me and smiled big.
As I exited the bus, I looked at the man and said, "...and, Driver, the people who are good, are so good, they make up for all the rest."
He stammered a bit, with a look of quandary, and then funnily enough, an expression of acceptance, and said, "Oh. Thank you."
Lightly smiling, I climbed off the bus, on my way to my little oasis where I write my heart out...where I sit now.
Better be off to working on my second novel.....
Because of John Perkins, and all the good work he does, the world does have potential to be Great.
Thank you for enlightening us, John.
Your bravery inspired me to think outside of the box, and my first novel, "Caped In Mission."
-Bliss & Bless,

Great and Compelling Story

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I couldnt believe this is a true story but talking with my Economics professorhe reassured me that it was so. After I finished it I gave it to my brother and he loved it. Great story and I am glad the author decided to tell it. Read full review

Review: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

User Review  - Andre Panggabean - Goodreads

A friend of mine told me that he resent big corporations. After reading this book, I can understand his sentiment. Read full review

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