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Abstract of Information....

131 Abstract of plea to Information..

136 1862. Captain Bullock May 1 Order for payment to C. R. Yonge as acting | 137 to Fraser,

assistant paymaster of the Alabama.
Trenholm &
Do... Mar. 17 Same subject....

June 2 Same subject....

137 Do June 24 Same subject..

137 Do July 21 Same subject...

137 Captain Bullock July 28 Instructs Mr. Yonge to join the Alabama as 137 to Mr. Yonge.

acting assistant paymaster. Do..... July 30 Appointment of Mr. Yonge as acting assist- 138

ant paymaster to the Alabama.
May 13 Abstract of the Queen's proclamation of 138

July 3 British foreign enlistment act....

April 20 United States foreign enlistment act... 144
Case of Moodie vs. the ship Alfred..

146 Case of the Santissima Trinidad and the St. 146

André, seized by the vessels Independen-
cia del Sud and the Altravida.

IN THE COURT OF EXCHEQUER. 1863. Nov. 3 Argument on application for leave to move 147

for new trial after the expiration of the

first four days of term.
Nov. 4 Motion to apply common law procedure acts 150

1852 and 1854, and the rules of pleading
and practice to the revenue side of the

Rule of court.....

152 Noy. 5 Motion for rule to show cause why there | 153

should not be a new trial. Rule Nisi....


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Nov. 10 | Application to the court to fix a day to move 178
to make rule for new trial herein absolute.

First day.
Nov. 17 Argument for motion to make the rule for 179

new trial absolute.

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Nov. 23 Argument concluded..

397 1864. Jan. 11 | Judgment on motion to make rule Nisi for 425

new trial absolute.

April 6

Decisions of the lords sitting on appeal.
The Lord Chancellor.
| Lord Crau worth...
| Lord St. Leonards.
Lord Wensleydale
Lord Chelmsford.
Lord Kingsdown.
Formal judgment of the House of Lords...
Writ of delivery of the Alexandra

451 454 457 463 466 469 470 470

PARLIAMENTARY AND JUDICIAL APPENDIX No. XVI. Debate in the House of Commons on the seizure of the steam-rame building for the southern


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Debates in the House of Lords relative to federal enlistment of British subjects.

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Debate in the House of Lords on the British and American claims.



House of Lords.. Feb. 16 4 The Earl of Carnarvon's speech...

Earl Russell's speech...

522 526


Debates in the House of Lords and the House of Commons in relation to the detention, by the

British authorities at Simon's Bay, Cape of Good Hope, of the Tuscaloosa, at that port.


House of Lords.. April 26 Lord Chelmsford's speech...

Earl Russell's speech...
Lord Kingsdown's speech..
The Lord Chancellor's speech
The Earl of Hardwick's speech..

530 535 537 539 540



House of Com- i April 28 Mr. Peacocke's speech...

The Solicitor General's speech.
Mr. Whiteside's speech..
Mr. J. J. Powell's speech...
Sir Janies Elphinstone's speech

540 545 550 554 556

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Debate in the House of Commons relative to the confederate ship Georgia.

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Proceedings of the Legislative Council at Melbourne relative to the seizure of the Shenandoah.

1865. LegislativeCoun- Feb. 22 Proceedings relative to the seizure of the 598 cil.

Shenandoah. | Lieut. Com man- | Jan. 25 Annomces the arrival of the Shenandoah at 598 der Waddell to

Port Phillip, and requests permission to
Governor Darl-

make repairs and receive supply of coal.

Desires to be allowed to land prisoners.
Mr. Francis to Jan. 26 Permission given to repair and coal, but de- 599
Lieut. Com-

sires to be informed of the nature of the
mander Wad-

repairs needed. Requests a list of the dell.

prisoners and any other information affect

ing them that can be given. Lient. Comman- | Jan. 28 States that he will report the nature of the 599 der Waddell to

repairs needed as soon as he shall have Mr. Francis.

receiveil the information from the parties

whom he has engaged to make the repairs. Messrs. Lang- Jan. 30 | Repairs will not be accomplished within ten 600 lands to Lieut.

days. Commander

Waddell. Mr. Francis to Jan. 30 Desires to be informed of the supplies needed | 600 Lieut. Com

for the immediate use of the Shenandoah, mander Wad

and states that a board has been appointed dell.

to examine and report on the nature of the

repairs needed. Do..... Jan. 31 ! Permission given to purchase a reasonable 600

quantity of supplies. Again request a list
of the prisoners on board the Shenandoah.

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1865. Lieut. Comman- Feb. 1 Gives list and particulars of the prisoners on 601 der Waddell to

board the Shenandoah. Complains of the Mr. Francis.

delay in making repairs. Mr. Francis to Feb. 1 States that from the report of the board ap- 601 Lieut. Coni

pointed to examine the Shenandoah, it is mander Wad

evident that the ship should be placed on

the patent slip for further examination
and repairs, and hopes that the necessary

arrangements will be promptly made..
Lieut. Comman- Feb. 1 ! Acknowledges the receipt of the above and 602
der Waddell to

transmits a second list of the prisoners.
Mr. Francis.
Mr. Francis to Feb. 7! Requests that a day be named for the depart- 602
Lieut. Com-

ure of the Shenandoah, and states that
mander Wad-

the use of appliances, the property of the

government, cannot be granted, nor any
assistance rendered by it, directly or indi-

rectly, toward effecting the repairs.
Lieut. Comman- Fel). 7 States that he cannot name a day for her 602
der Waddell to

departure antil the extent of her repairs Mr. Francis.

can be ascertained. Mr. Francis to Feb. 14 Again desires to know wlien the Shenandoah 602 Lieut. Com

will be in a condition to proceed to sea. mander Wad

dell. Lieut. Comman- Fel. 14 States that the ship will be ready for launch- 602 der Waddell to

ing on the 15th, and she will probably proMr. Francis.

ceed to sea on the 19th instant. Mr. Francis to Fely. 14 Complaining that the execution of a war- 603 Lieut. Com

rant for the arrest of a British subject who mander Wad

har enlisted on board the Shenandoah in

violation of the Queen's proclamation of
pentrality had been prevented, and stat-
ing that until such warrant can be exe-
cuted, the permission granted to the Shen-
andoah to repair and take supplies will

be suspended.
Lieut. Comman- Feb. 14 Denying that the execution of the warrant 603
der Waddell to

was interfered with, or that any one had
Mr. Francis.

enlisted since the arrival of the Shenan-
doah into port. Protesting against any
obstruction wbich would cause the deten-

tion of his ship in port.
Mr. Standish to Feb. 14 Directing that the lessee of the patent slip 604
Mr. Beaver.

desists from rendering any aid, assistance
to, or perform any work in respect to the
Shenandoah, and to prevent, at all risks,

the launch of the ship. Lieut. Comman- Feb. 15 Stating the ship has been seized to prevent 604 der Waddell to

her being launched, and requesting to be Mr. Francis.

informed if such proceeding has the ap

proval of the governor. Mr. Francis to Feb. 15 As the safety of the vessel may be endan- 604 Lieut. Com

gered by her present position on the slip, mander Wad

permission is given to launch the ship. dell. Do.. Feb. 15 States that orders were not issued to seize the 604

vessel, but that the police were instructed
not to permit any of her Majesty's subjects
to render any aid or assistance to, or per-
form any work in respect of the Shenan-
doah during the suspension of the permis-

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