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This when the various God had urg'd in vain, He strait assum'd his native form again; Such, and so bright an aspect now he bears, 114 As when thro' clouds th' emerging sun appears, And thence exerting his refulgent ray, Dispels the darkness, and reveals the day, Force he prepar'd, but check'd the rash design; For when, appearing in a form divine, The Nymph surveys him, and beholds the

grace Of charming features, and a youthful face! 121 In her soft breast consenting passions move, And the warm maid confess'd a mutual love.

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OMEN ben full of Ragerie,

Yet swinken nat sans secresię.
Thilke moral shall


From Schoole-boy's Tale of fayre Irelond:
Which to the Fennes hath him betake,
To filch the gray Ducke fro the Lake.
Right then, there passen by the Way
His Aunt, and eke her Daughters tway.
Ducke in his Trowses hath he hent,
Not to be spied of Ladies gent. .
“ But ho! our Nephew, (crieth one)
“ Ho! quoth another, Cozen John;
And stoppen, and lough, and callen out ---
This filly Clerk full low doth lout :


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