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OTHERS! The belief that this collection

of Songs and $ HYMNS will,

by the Divine blessing, aid you in the pleasing, yet deeply responsible duty of training up your “LITTLE ONES”

for both worlds, has led to its

pe publication. Originally, it was contemplated to insert one of these pieces monthly in the “ Band of Hope Review,” and in the course of a few years to issue them in a collective form. Several friends,

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however, were very importunate for their immediate publication, under the conviction that they would have a mission for good, and would be welcomed in many homes. I have, therefore, been prevailed upon not to withhold them longer.

It was intended to complete the work in seven or eight numbers, but being urgently requested to extend it further, and having ample materials for so doing, I purpose, if spared, issuing a second Vol. in the course of 1859.

That these pages may be the means, under God’s blessing, of promoting the welfare of the rising race, is the earnest prayer of

THE COMPILER. Barnsbury Square, London.

December, 1858.

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