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WHEREAS it is necessary, in order to fit ourselves for the varied duties of life, to cultivate a correct mode of speaking, and to qualify ourselves, by practice, to express our opinions in public, in a correct manner; and, whereas the extension of our information upon all subjects calculated to improve the mind, is highly commendable, and, as experience has abundantly proved that these ends can in no other way be so speedily accomplished as by forming a Club for such a purpose; therefore, we, the undersigned, have organized a Club, and have adopted for our government the following Constitution, By-Laws, Rules and Regutions.

* We give, as before said, literal copies of these constitutions and by-laws: not feeling at liberty to alter either their language or their provisions, however much we might wish them, in some particulars, to be otherwise.

C 0 N S T IT UT I 0 N.

ARTICLE I. N A M E. This Club shall be known as the YoUNG MEN's AMERICAN SOCIAL and DEBATING CLUB of the City of New-York. ARTICLE II. O B J E C T S . The objects of this Club shall be the improvement of all connected with it, in debating, social advancement, and general literature. All questions bordering on immorality, or sectarian, shall be excluded.

M E M B E R S H II’.

Clause 1.—None other than Americans, over the age of fifteen, and under the age of twenty-five, are eligible for membership.

Clause 2.—Persons of any age may be elected Honorary Members of this Club, by a unanimous ballot; but they shall not be entitled to hold office, nor to vote.

ARTICLE IV. O FIFI C E R S . The officers of this Club shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, all of whom shall be voted for, separately, by ballot.


It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the Club, and enforce a rigid observance of the Constitution, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations of the Club; appoint all Committees, unless otherwise ordered: see that the officers perform their respective duties; inspect and announce the result of all ballotings, or other votes; in all cases of balloting he shall be permitted to vote; in other cases he shall not vote, except in case of a tie, when he shall give the casting vote; in balloting, if there should be a tie twice in succession, he shall then give the casting vote except in case of election of officers; he shall neither make nor second any motion, neither shall he take part in any debate while in the chair; to draw upon the Treasurer for all sums that may have been voted for; and to have a general superintendence of the business of the Club.

ARTICLE VI. DU TIES OF VI C E - P R E SID E N T. It shall be the duty of the Vice-President to preside

in the absence of the President, and perform the duties of that officer.

ARTICLE VII. DU TIES OF SE. C. R.E.T A. R.Y. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep the minutes of the Club, notify candidates of their election, register the names of the members, issue all notices required, and perform such other duties pertaining to his office as may be required of him by the Club. At the first meeting in every month, he shall present a written report of the state of the Club; and its doings during the past month.

D U TIES OF TR, E A S U. R. E. R. .

It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to take care of all moneys and property belonging to the Club, and keep a written account of all moneys received or expended; and, at the first meeting in every month,

present a written report of the financial condition of the Club.

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Clause 1–All the officers of this Club shall be elected by ballot to serve a term of four months.

Clause 2. —They shall be elected at the first regular meeting in January, May and September, and installed on the first regular meeting succeeding their election.

Clause 3.—No person can be elected to an office, until he has been a member of this Club one month.

Clause 4.—A majority of all legal votes cast shall be necessary to a choice.

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Clause 1–Should any officer or member of a committee neglect or be found incompetent to discharge the duties of his office, he may be removed by a vote of

three fourths of the members present. Clause 2. All places of absentees in committees may

be filled by said committees.

A R TI C L E XI. A M E N D M E N T S . No addition, alteration or amendment can be made to this Constitution—neither can any part of it be repealed, without a two-third vote of the Club, and one month's previous notice.

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SEC. 1–This Club shall assemble on the first and third Wednesdays of each month, unless otherwise Ordered, for the promotion of its objects, and the transaction of its business.

SEC. 2–This club shall meet annually on the 22d of February, to celebrate the birth-day of the Father of our Country, at such place as the Club may direct.

SEC. 3.−Special meetings may be called by the President, at the written request of five members.

SEC. 4.—The hour of meeting from the first Wednesday in April to the first Wednesday in September, shall be at eight o'clock P. M., and from the first Wednesday in September to the first Wednesday in April, at 74 o'clock P. M.

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