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Why should not divers studies, at divers hours, delight, when the
variety is able alone to refresh and repair us?
BEN Jonson's Discoveries.

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C. Baldwin, Printer, New Bridge-street, London.


Bagne, lake and glaciers, 445.

Baillie, Miss, her De Montfort, 646.

Barton, B. verses on Bloomfield's death,

L. H. 347. -

Beddoes' Bride's Tragedy, 647.

Beckford, Mr. strictures on his taste in

painting, 359.

Bible, the, from Irving's Orations, 189.

Biography: Dr. Johnson, 57, 169—Brede-

rode, Dutch poet, 141--Walking Stewart,

253–Charles, Duke of Orleans, 304–

Schiller, 381—François Villon, 436–
Guittone d'Arezzo, 501—Thomas Hob-
son, 589—William Hobson, 590–Phi-
lip, Earl of Arundel, 605–Justus Lans-
pergius, 608.

Blenheim, 510.

Bloomfield, R. verses on his death, 347

(L. H.)

Blue Mountains, New South Wales, excur-
sion across, 461.
Books, new, 110, 229,342, 454, 566,674.
preparing for publication, 109,228,
341, 453, 565,673.

Booth, Mr. controversy with Malthus, 586
Botany: plants in New South Wales, 461,
464, 468, 473.
Bozzari, Marco, Modern Greek Ode on,
Brazilian diamond, matrix of, 444.
Brederode, Gerbrand, Dutch poet, 141.
Bride's Tragedy, remarkson, 247.
Bridges, economical, 217.
Byron, Lord, his Sardanapalus, 135,
Doge of Venice, 138, censure on, 535–
his plagiarisms and imitations, 597.

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Ice-caves at the source of the Jumna, 555.

Imitations, poetical, 597.
Implicit, on the meaning of the word, 404.
Instrument for finding the Latitude, 556.

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Mortar, 444. -

Music, Australian, 465.

Music: Rossini's ‘Ricciardo e Zoraide.”
Juvenile performers, Beethoven, 77–
Royal Academy of Music, Cymmro-
dorion, 78–Concerts, Provincial Mu-
sical Meetings, 79–New Publications,
80—King's Theatre, ‘Matilda e Cor-
radino,” 205—Concerts, New Publica-
tions, Nathan's Essay on the History and
Theory of Music, 208–Catalani, 315
—Operation of detrimental causes on the
Art, its extension in England, Concerts,
318–Encouragement of English Music,
stagnation of o Opera, 319—State of
musical composition, New Music, 320-
Gloucester Music Meeting, Catalani,
430–Continental Singers, Bath Thea-
tre, New Music, 431—York, Birming-
ham, and Liverpool Festivals, 545–
their Receipts, Concerts at Norwich, 547
—Miss Paton, New Music, 548—Music
enjoyed by a small portion of the pub-
lic, 654—causes of this inquired into,
and a remedy proposed, 655–New Mu-
sic, 656.

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