373 a Proof Set in Stone

Lexis Hannah Publishers, 2001

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The author goes to great lengths to show some of the fine detail revealed in the universal language of mathematics. The astonishing fact that the same mathematical language is found in all aspects of the creation and the world around us indicates a strong connection not with a man made religion but with a creature which exists that is outside of time.
The parallels with the Gospel in the sky by Bullinger, the Great prymid that Enoch built to prove the flood occurred and its again perfect mathematics having two Chambers called King and Queen set it apart as not being a burial prymid as the Egyptians used them for.
Fascinating discovery which one could spend a lifetime researching and no atheist has proven that for example the works of Shakespeare or the Koran have similarly extensive mathematical signature as do the Hebrew old testament and the Greek New Testament.
A friend has discovered and is writing a book on an English text that exhibits this same mathematics.

Crítica de los usuarios - Marcar como inadecuado

The only thing this proves is just how far religious people will go to defend their faith.

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