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The natives are Hottentots and Caffres. The former are an inoffensive race; but the latter are warlike.

Natal is another place to which English emigrate.

From Africa we get rice, cotton, maize, wheat, sugar, and tobacco. The wheat comes chiefly from Egypt.

In one part of Africa there is a dreadful king, who makes the women of his country fight, and, for no reason at all, has thousands of his countrymen killed at once, calling it “his custom.” They have not offended him in any way, but he thinks it will

please his gods of Africa are le is believed

The natives of Africa are not all heathens. In some parts a sort of Christianity is believed.

About the large New World of America I shall say nothing, because you will find the part with which English have to do described in the Sixth Standard. Our only possession in South America is a part of Guiana, of which Georgetown is the capital.

The continent is inhabited by many different races, and a large portion of the land is uncultivated.

In Peru (capital, Lima), are large mines of gold, silver, and quartzose.





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