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if they are pure and unadulterated, no harm need be dreaded by their use; they will only injure by abuse. Consequently whatever the palate approves, eat and drink always in moderation, but never in excess; keeping in mind that the first process of digestion is performed in the mouth, the second in the stomach ; and that, in order that the stomach may be able to do its work properly, it is requisite the first process should be well performed ; this consists in masticating or chewing the solid food, so as to break down and separate the fibres and small substances of meat and vegetable, mixing them well, and blending the whole together before they are swallowed; and it is particularly urged upon all to take plenty of time to their meals and never eat in haste. If you conform to this short and simple, but comprehensive advice, and find that there are various things which others eat and drink with pleasure and without inconvenience, and which would be pleasant to yourself only that they disagree, you may at once conclude that the fault is in the stomach, that it does not possess the power which it ought to do, that it wants assistance, and the sooner that assistance is afforded the better. A very short trial of medi. cine will best prove how soon it will put the stomachina condition to perform with ease all the work which nature intended for it. 4. By its use you will soon be able to enjoy, in moderation, whatever is agreeable to the taste, and unable to name one individual article of food which disagrees with or sits unpleasantly on the stomach. Never forget that a small meal well digested affords more nourishment to the system than a large one, even of the same food when digested imperfectly. Let the dish be ever so delicious, ever so enticing, a variety offered, the bottle ever so enchanting, never forget that temperance tends to preserve health, and that health is the soul of enjoyment. But should an impropriety be at any time, or ever so


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becomes overloaded or disordered, render it immediate aid by taking a dose of Norton's Camomile Pills, which will so promptly assist in carrying off the burden thus imposed upon it that all will soon be right again. It is most certainly true that every person in his lifetime consumes aquantity of noxious matter, which if taken at one meal would be fatal; it is these small quantities of noxious matter, which are introduced into our food, either by acci. dent or wilful adulteration, which we find so often upset the stomach, and not unfrequently lay the foundation of illness, and perhaps final ruination to health. To preserve the constitutionait should be our constant care, if possible, to counteract the effect of these small quantities of unwholesome matter; and whenever, in that way, an enemy to the constitution finds its way into the stomach, a friend should immediately be sent after it, which would prevent its mischievous effects, and expel it altogether; no better friens! can be found—no, none which will perform the task with greater certainty, than NORTON'S CAMOMILE PILLS, And let it be observed that the longer this medicine is taken the less it will be wanted, and it can in no case become habitual, as its entire action is to give energy and force to the stomach, which is the spring of life, the source from which the whole frame draws its succour and support. After an excess of eating or drinking, and upon every occasion of the general health being at all disturbed, these PILLs should be immediately taken, as they will stop and eradicate disease at its commencement. Indeed, it is most confidently asserted, that by the timely use of this medicine only, and a common degree of caution, any person may enjoy all the comfort within his reach, may pass through life without an illness, and with the certainty of attaining a healthy OLD AGE. On account of their volatile properties, they must be kept in bottles; and if closely corked

their qualities are neither impaired by time nor injured by any change of climate what

ever. Price 13}d. and 2s 9d. each, with full directions. The large bottle contains the

uantity of three small ones, or PILLS equal to

often committed, by which the stomach


Sold by nearly all respectable Medicine Vendors. for “NORTON'S PILLS,” and do not be persuaded to purchase an

ourteen ounces of CAMOMILE FLOWERS.

Be particular to ask



Is strongly recommended for Softening, Improving, Beautifying, and § s Preserving the SKIN, and giving it a bloomixg and charming appear- S


ance. It will completely remove Tan, Sunburn, Redness, &c., and by

its Balsamic and Healing qualities render the skin soft, pliable, and free from dryness, &c., clear it from every humour, pimple, or eruption; and by continuing its use only a short time, the skin will become and continue soft and smooth, and the complexion perfectly clear and beautiful.

--- |

Sold in Bottles, price 2s 9d., by all Medicine No Vendors and Perfumers. - N



THE value of this Medicine has been largely tested in all parts of the so world and by all grades of society for upwards of fifty years.

Its extensive sale has induced SPURIOUS IMITATIONS, some of which, in outward appearance, so closely resemble the Original as easily to deceive even careful observers. The Proprietor therefore feels it due || to the Public to give a SPECIAL CAUTION against the purchase of || such imitations.

All purchasers are therefore requested carefully to observe that the words “JOHN STEEDMAN, Chemist, Walworth, Surrey,” are engraved so on the Government Stamp affixed to each Packet, IN WHITE LETTERS o ON A RED GROUND, without which none are genuine. The true § i. STEEDMAN is spelt with two EEs. - o

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Prepared only at Walworth, Surrey, and | *:::: Sold by all Chemists & Medicine Vendors te in packets 1s. 1] d. and 2s 9d, each.

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In consequence of complaints from ladies, naval and military officers, the o and the public, see the general label has the words, “Prepared by the Daughter of the late John Bond.” Address, 75, SouTHGATR RoAD, LonDoN, N. Contractor to the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty. Proprietor of Bond's School Board Marking Ink. of Phoenix Ink no way related or connected.


is a Certain Cure for all Disorders of the LIVER, STOMACH, KIDNEYS AND BOWELS. A Great PURIFIER of the BLOOD; a Powerful Invigorator of the System, in cases of WEAKNESS AND DEBILITY, and is unequalled in Complaints incidental to Females.

- INTursery "Tales for Clail cirera.

A New Series of Nursery Stories for Children is now publishing, entitled “Ikow Boll.s Norsery TA1.7s." the size of which is crown 4to. Each Story contains Erght ColourED ILLustrations, by Messrs. Leighton Brothers, London;, is printed, on paner of good quality, and sewn in a coloured wrapper. The following is the order of publication, and the price is Fouritpexce.

Little IRed Riding Hood IRobin Ilood Alphabet Dick Turpin

J}lue Ibenrd Alphabet of Flowers Children in the Wood

Johnny Gilpin Aladdin. or, the Wonderful Ten Little Niggers • Alnhubet of Common Objects Lamp Goody Two Shoes and Riquet

Villentine and Orson IRobinson ('rusco with the Tuft

*** Others are in the Press, and will shortly be announced, London : J. I)1cks, 313, Strand.



Are WARRANTED not to contain a single particle of MERCURY or an
other MINERAL SUBSTANCE, but to consist entirely of Medicinal Mat
They have been used by the Public for FORTY Years, ...
And have proved their value in thousands of instances in diseases of the HEAD, CHES

Also, in ULCERS, SORES, and RHEUMATISM; and in all SKIN COMPLAINTS - are one of the


Prepared and sold wholesale and retail in boxes, price 74d., 1s. 14d., and 2s. 9d., by G. WHELPTON & SON, 3, Crane Court, Fleet Street, London, and sent free to any part of the United Kingdom, on receipt of 8, 14, or 33 stamps.

Sold by all Chemists and Medicine Wendors at Home and Abroad.


FRY's CoCoA.

The Cocoa grown in Caracas, in South America, has long been celebrated in the manufacture of the finest Chocolates of Europe, and it has been adopted by J. S. Fry & tho, manufacture of their Caracas Cocoa and Chocolate. Other choice growths of Cocoa are combined with it, producing a really delicious and refreshing drink.

FRY'S CARACAS COCOA is sold in packets lined with tinfoil, -lb. and 3-lb. each, at 1s. 4d. per lb. Purchasers should ask specially for “Fry's Caracas Cocoa,” to distinguish it from other Cocoas manuufactured by the firm.


for Eating, in Cakes, Drops, Sticks, &c., and FRY'S i CHO.COLATE CREAMS, are delicious Sweetmeats. .



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