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pay; at the end of the time, if he is not ready force as likely to produce a disturbance, but in with his money, there is a seizure of his property provincial towns a crusade has been opened and a public sale.” “ The chances are that against them. At Goica, the police began the Jules will appear then,” I remarked. “Trust campaign by an experiment on an old man of him for that,” growled Alphonse, and thereupon about eighty years of age, who was perforce spoilhe departed to make his toilet.

ed of his beard in the public market-place. The TRUST.

old man's cries speedily attracted numbers of fel

low-creedsmen anxious to rescue their Nestor. By that strange shadow on your brow

No better opportunity could have been desired. And in your darkened eyes,

As fast as the men arrived they were seized, forcI know that you are angry now

ed into chairs, and shaved in rather too hurried a Nay show not such surprise

manner to be pleasant. The lamentations of the Do you suppose that waltzing there,

helpless victims are described as most touching. I saw not how you frowned ? I watched your discontented air

THE RELIGIOUS ORDERS OF GERMANY.-The Each time the dance came round.

statistics of the religious orders of North GermaI would not break your gloomy mood,

ny have just been published in the North German But let you frown your fill

Gazette-Bismarck's official organ. In Prussia, For watchfulness in love is good,

according to these figures, there are ninety-seven But trust is better still.

orders of men and congregations, numbering in

the aggregate 1069 members. The Jesuits and Have I confessed my love to you,

the Redemptorists are the strongest orders, the And hearkened all you said,

former having eleven convents with 160 members, For you to doubt me, (as you do,

and the latter five convents with sixty-nine memo Although you shake your head,)

bers. Bavaria has seventy-one convents containBecause of each slight foppish thing

ing 1045 members, while the Grand Duchy of That gives me tender looks,

Hesse-Darmstadt has four convents with twenty. And turns the pages when I sing,

nine members. The female orders of Prussia Or finds my music-books?

number 626, with 5586 members. This is an inIn your too great solicitude,

crease of about 1800 since 1865. The Bavarian I say you treat me ill

nunneries are 188 in number, containing 2533 For watchfulness in love is good,

members. The superiors of the various male But trust is better still.

convents are mainly Italians, though a few are Nay, sir ; your brows must not be bent;

Don't try to frown me down.

BROWN WINDSOR SOAP.—The ordinary brown Ah! now I see that you relent;

Windsor soap of commerce is not, it is stated, I will not let you frown.

the purified soap, colored with caramel, which Have you forgotten that spring day made the title famous, but brown and imperfectly When in the lanes we strolled,

defæcated bone.grease, which retains its dark color And how the twilight passed away

and of which the bad odor is concealed by perBefore your tale was told ?

fume. A gentleman, writing, says the British Then trust me, as you said you would

Medical Journal, under the initials “W. W." Ah, yes, I know you will

gives the following account of its effects: “I For watchfulness in love is good,

have, while using such shaving-soap, thrice sufBut trust is better still.

fered from eczema of the face. On the first ocRough DEALING WITH THE JEWS IN POLAND, casion, I derived no benefit from treatment by the - The Imperial ukase prescribing a change of two most celebrated dermal surgeons in London ; costume to the Jews in Poland has not met with and at last the disease went away of itself, after a ready obedience. The long coats have indeed giving up shaving for a time. I had by me a been easily disposed of. Whenever the owners quantity of this brown soap, and, through inad. refused to shorten them, the police obligingly took vertence, took to using it again, for a time with. the task off their hands. The curls have under out effect; but when dry and hot weather came, gone similar treatment. But as the myrmidons of with it came a recurrence of the skin disease, the law are not as skillful in handling the needle as which also again, after some months of discom. the shears, the trousers have for the most part re- fort, went away. Curious to make sure whether mained as short as before. The provision excit- or not the soap were the real cause, I a third ing most resistance is that of ordering the chin to time employed the soap deliberately to see if the be shaved. Barbers' work seems a ticklish mat- eczema were due to it. I was in excellent health, ter for policemen to undertake; the Jews on the and in about three weeks I found the disease reother hand venerate their beards almost as a sa. established, so that I think the soap must be cred thing. They would as soon think of cutting viewed as found guilty. Good white unscented their throats as their beards. The Warsaw police curd-soap is now my resource, and with no ill efstill allow the latter, shunning an application of fects."


proportion. Had either this comet or Lexell's One little gray bird and a sunbeam

come as close to us as the moon it would scarcely Rocked on a leafless spray;

have exercised any appreciable influence on the The winds piped eerily up and down,

tides or any other phenomenon or condition which And it was the break o' day;

can be affected merely by the mass or gravitationAnd out of my narrow window

al power of a proximate body. Certainly the I looked with a hopeless sigh,

comet in either case could not have made us its “Oh, wide is the world and desolate,

prisoner and carried us away into infinite space, And the heavens are far and high !"

or led us inwards to make fuel for the sun, or to

be cindered by close contiguity to the luminary; The gray bird twittered and chirped and sang,

and this was of old one of the dreaded conKeeping her small heart warm, While wild and shrill the wind over hill

sequences of a cometary approach. But may not Went whistling up the storm ;

a comet itself be such a fiery furnace as to affect And ever the landscape darkened

us scorchingly, if it should but pass near us? We As the wan clouds skurried past,

are hardly prepared to answer the question, in Slipping the silver leash of the rain,

the present state of our knowledge. If only a At the shout of the summoning blast.

good comet would make its appearance, no doubt

some information would be speedily acquired conThe Morning hid her haggard face

cerning its thermal conditions, for in recent years Low under an ashen hood,

an instrument has been used for measuring the And the little gray bird, with a frightened cry, radiant heat of the moon and stars, which no one Fled into the tossing wood;

had thought of applying when last a bearded star But the sunbeam clung like a tender hand visited us. We allude to the thermo-electric pile, That is loth to lose its hold,

the thermometer, for such it is, so wonderfully When fate o'ershadows some well beloved, sensitive that it will detect differences of temperaAnd the summer is sere and old.

ture amounting only to a few millionths of a Fah

renheit degree. If another Donati would but exAnd clinging fast in gloom and blast,

hibit itself we should doubtless soon have grounds The glory grew and grew,

for fairly judging whether a comet be an accuTill the gaunt tree flashed in a robe of gold,

mulation of hot combusting matter, or merely a And the Morn laughed out anew : And a glad thought brightened the weary face

body of cool substance glowing by some such Behind the lattice pane

property as phosphorescence. This, however, From the sunbeam's lesson a doubting heart

we have learnt within the past four years, thanks

to the revelations of the spectroscope, that the Drew courage and hope again. E. A. B. light of several small comets which have appearComets.—But there are comets and comets, ed within this period has been identical with that and it may be urged that we can not conclude they emitted by the highly heated vapor of carbon. are all alike small and gravitationally powerless. This shows cometary matter, so far, to be largely Lexell's, however, was, to say the least, a fair carbonaceous. But how comes the carbon into sample. When it came nearest to us the meas- a state of apparently hot vapor ? Some comets, ured diameter of its sphere of nebulosity (for it it is true, have been known to approach the sun had no tail) was 59,000 miles, or five times the sufficiently near to acquire the fervent heat resize of the moon. Its nucleus, which was very quisite to vaporize carbon ; but this could hardly bright, had a tenth of this diameter, or nearly have been the case with the comets in question. 6000 miles. The memorable comet of 1858, The difficulty is removed if we assume that the known as Donati's, vast and brilliant as was its carbon exists in combination with some decom. vaporous surrounding, was corporeally smaller posing element, such as oxygen or hydrogen; in than Lexell's. Its solid (?) portion—its nucleus- this condition it is supposable that a moderate was measured, and found to be at most only 500 amount of solar heat would set up a combustion miles in diameter, or about one-sixteenth that of and satisfy the observed conditions. In the the earth. Its volume would thus comprise sixty- observations by Dr. Huggins, which revealed this five millions of cubic miles of matter, about one- carbon-vapor source of cometary light, the actual eightieth of the volume of the moon; and if the identity was established between it and the light comet was not composed of denser or heavier of an electric spark passing through olefiant gas. matter than our satellite, its mass or weight would It is open to conjecture whether electricity is in be one-eightieth of the moon's, and its gravi- any way concerned in producing the light in the tational effect, at the same distance, as small in case of the comet.- The Gentleman's Magazine. .

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