W. C. Privy's Original Bathroom Companion, Number 2

Erin Barrett, Jack Mingo
Macmillan, 2003 M12 18 - 480 páginas
Number 2 in the W.C. Privy series, this bathroom companion is chock full of jokes, stories, historical factoids, quizzes, trivia, and pop culture fun. An ecletic reading array, the book includes:

*Rules and Histories of Laughably Obscure Sports
*The Night They Invented Champagne--the Accidental History of Bubbly Wine
*I Was There! Eyewitness Accounts of Pompeii, the Chicago Fire, the Defeat of Custer, the San Francisco Earthquake
*How to Escape Killer Bees
*How to Build a Log Cabin
*Before They Were Stars: Actors, Writers, Politicians and Rockers

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Acerca del autor (2003)

In 1903, W.C. Privy published The Original Bathroom Companion, making him the foreflusher of bathroom reading as we know it. Composed of jokes, stories, sayings, facts, and other quick-read articles, the Companion made a big splash in the smallest room of the house. In his honor, Americans began calling the bathroom a "privy," while British fans adopted the term "W.C."

Thanks to a dissolute Privy descendant, Jack Mingo and Erin Barrett have obtained the rights to Privy's legacy and have created a modern new edition of the bathroom companion. Particularly well-suited for this task, Barrett and Mingo have written two dozen entertaining books including Just Curious, Jeeves, Doctors Killed George Washington, Dracula Was a Lawyer, Al Capone Was a Golfer, The Whole Pop Catalogue, and How the Cadillac Got Its Fins. Barrett and Mingo's column of fun facts can be read daily in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

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